A Touchy Subject

Friday 5 December 2003

In the news lately: big guy unconscious at restaurant, paramedics arrive, big guy wakes up and begins acting strangely, paramedics call cops, big guy attacks cops, cops try to subdue him, he fights, finally gets subdued, later dies. Since he was a certain color, a lot of people are upset and cite racism and police brutality. More at the CNN article.

These claims are stupid and here's why.

Theoretical example: In some given city and year, ten (10) people are killed by police while resisting arrest. Nine (9) were green and one (1) was blue. Further research reveals that of all such crimes committed in the first place, 90% were committed by green people and 10% were committed by blue people. Conclusion: nothing is out of line here, the green people are not being discriminated against.

Legitimate problems to look into: 1) why the police killed ten people of any color, 2) why 90% of arrest-able crimes were committed by green people.

I don't have the answers. And I'm not a racist. I'm just here to tell you that playing the race card EVERY SINGLE TIME is wrong...morally wrong, logically wrong, and should be legally wrong.

And by the way, speaking of racism, read the article and learn exactly what the guy said to the police before he attacked them. I think it's pretty clear who the racist is (was) in this case.