Finally, the Off-Season

Friday 21 November 2003

At last, after some rainout makeups and near-misses due to rain and cold and staffing last, softball is over for the year. I can put away my cleats and bats and glove and get used to never having to worry about having enough people, who we're playing, traffic on the way to the field, or how dark the skies look.

I played in 119 games this year between March and November, but I'm here to talk about my co-ed teams, not myself. We played 7 seasons, 65 games total, went 48-17. 6 of the 7 teams won trophies, 3 of which were first-place. We had one 10-0 season, one 9-1 season, and two 8-2 seasons (in both cases those 2 losses were against the same team, one that travels and is nationally-ranked.) We scored 952 runs while allowing 631. We had 6 players play in all 7 seasons, and one of those people had perfect attendance, all 65 games.

For us, a 48-17 record reflected not only our best year, but also our first winning year in a 7-year span of playing this game. 2003 showed us that we have heart to go with our talent, and it showed me that if you work hard enough at something and give it everything, it will succeed.