Various Musings

Friday 7 November 2003

Multiple topics today.

Writing - Softball should be over by mid-November (it's only lasting that long due to makeup games from rainouts.) I'll gain hours per week, and the ideas are there. Even my girlfriend, who doesn't read my writing but supports me in all things, is urging me to write again! As you know, there are two ways I could go: 1) continue existing stories with 801+, right where I left off, or 2) jump into the future and write about their children. Each option has pros and cons. Anyway, I have yet to sit down and begin typing to see if I can even still do it.

Ranting - I have decided that movie theaters should DISALLOW any child under the age of 4 to ANY movie. Period. We recently went to see "Kill Bill" and someone brought an infant that couldn't have been older than a year. It screamed plentifully and even when the parents took it away, the mother ended up in the aisle playing with it as it continued to make noise, apparently so that the father could continue to watch the movie. Audience members quickly shh-ed this family out of the theater. But the point is, if you can't get a babysitter, you shouldn't get to go to movies.

CNN - I have kept in touch with the pulse of my former department at this former employer, and I hear that it sucks even worse now. People leave and don't get replaced, as the management pulls other people from their normal jobs to cover the workload. Often, these people are expected to do both jobs at once. And this with meager pay raises, bad working conditions, and so on. The management's attitude there is this: "you should be thankful to have a job." I do not regret leaving, and let me throw in this final jab: toward the end, I made a lot of money for doing very little real work. So f*** them.

DVDs - The list of movies I must own that are not yet out on DVD is now down to a dozen. For years it lived in the hundred-or-so range. A mere dozen and then I can stop buying movies...imagine!

Weather - It's November 6th as I write this, 7-something in the morning, and it's 70+ and humid here in Atlanta. In November! I cannot and will not live the rest of my life in this weather. I fancy myself to be like the mad trapper in the 1981 movie "Death Hunt" - 60-70-something and running through the snow in some wilderness. No, hot weather is not for me. Trivia: "Death Hunt" is one of the dozen movies I must have that's not out on DVD yet.