Yankee Idiocy

Friday 17 October 2003

This week I'm going to bitch about baseball and tempers. As I type this, the ALCS is still underway and New York leads 2-1, meaning that by the time you read this, that series will be over. What I'm riled up about is that New York players and fans (and I'm sure their blowhard owner, George Steinbrenner, at some point) are complaining about 32-year-old Boston pitcher Pedro Martinez pushing 72-year-old New York coach Don Zimmer to the ground during a bench-clearing brawl Saturday night. They're saying that Pedro beat up on an old man and so on and so forth. Well, the first time I saw the replay (the next morning - I missed the game live) it was damn clear that the 72-year-old Zimmer completely lost his temper, charged Pedro and took a swing at him. All Pedro did was grab his attacker's ancient bald head and push him to the ground. Zimmer should consider himself lucky. I would have punched him in the face.

My point: if you're 72 years old and can't control your temper and you charge out into a fight, don't expect special treatment. You deserve whatever you get.

On a related note, I don't necessarily want the Red Sox to win because of the curse or because my girlfriend is a big fan or because I hate the Yankees. Now I want them to win so that George Steinbrenner will lose _his_ temper and show the baseball world what a jackass he is by firing people who got his team to the playoffs all these consecutive years.