This and That

Friday 12 September 2003

Random musings:

9/11 anniversary: well, another September 11th has come and gone. Not much to say there. I remember, but I don't obsess, and the whole ordeal is likely far from over.

Softball: as of today, I have 81 games under my belt, with a maximum of 38 more I could play through November. I'll crack the 100 mark for sure, and that in a 7-month period! My previous best was 57 games in a year and that was when I was six years younger. My co-ed teams are 36-11 on the year with 18 games to go. They've won two first-place league trophies and one second-place, plus a third-place in a tournament. One of my mens' teams took second place in its league after starting 1-3, winning the next 9 in a row, then losing a close and well-played one-game playoff. Following that, we're 5-0 this fall with two games left. Overall, it's been an incredible (if pain-filled) softball year for me.

Writing: maybe. When softball ends, maybe. Right now, I barely have time to sleep. But I find myself wondering what Belphanior would be doing now. I think he'd use his newfound fortune to hire an army of dwarves to excavate Helgate to recover his own loot, his iron golem, and his anti-magic sphere. No doubt about it. To all who want me to write again: the ideas are there, the time is the problem. But stay tuned.

Girlfriend: she's wonderful - just the best. A truly unique and special woman, and I let her know it every chance I get.

Movies: this weekend you need to go see "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" which is the sequel to "Desperado." Then think about "Underworld" which has vampires vs werewolves - something probably not seen since 1991's "Howling 6: The Freaks." Yeahhhhhh.