Friday 29 August 2003

I just want to do a brief rant about some (though not all) college students. For those of you not in the U.S. please bear in mind that I'm talking about American college students here.

I am sick of walking around my workplace (a college campus) constantly bumping into or avoiding sandal-wearing, coffee-drinking, laptop-carrying kids who are so busy talking on their cell phones that they don't have the ability to watch where they are going. I'm sick of seeing guys in khakis, polo shirts, and sandals. I'm sick of seeing girls wearing bare-midriff shirts with paunches sticking out. I'm sick of hearing about how so-and-so's financial aid got cut off or how their parents disabled their visa card account. I'm sick of hearing about how one's third school year will be spent in Europe on the taxpayers' dime.

Call me old, and I guess I am getting old, but when I went to college, there were no slackers around. You started, and if you tried, you passed (if you didn't, you failed out.) No sandals on every foot, no cell phones on every ear, no laptops for every student. No internet, for that matter. To you teenagers out there: can you imagine life without the internet and cell phones and MP3s? Some of us had to live it. It wasn't that bad - I think back then, people had to try harder to get things accomplished. It's just too easy now.

Anyway, I have concluded that perhaps a college campus isn't the best place for me to work. I'm old.