No Time For Writing

Friday 11 April 2003

I have thought about writing again. I really have. I even got my notes into Word one day, ending up with a 4-page document. (No, you can't see it. It's classified.)

The problem is, I don't have enough free time right now to do it regularly...and I can't do something halfway. I can't write here and there; there has to be some regularity. Ideas and the expression of them can't just be turned on or off, else they will become diluted and inferior, or stop flowing altogether. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Softball is taking up a ton of my time lately - basically all day Sunday plus the nights of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If you add on work and the gym, my only free time is Wednesday and Friday nights, plus Saturday from noon onward. Throw in a few social events and that's even less free time. But at least I'm getting the ideas down on paper, and refined, kinks worked out, etc. So we'll see.