Friday 21 March 2003

Well, here we go again. The difference this time is that I'm not working for CNN. This is the first major news event since 1999 that I'll "sit out."

I couldn't be happier. It's bad enough to have war going on and the entire world in turmoil as you live your life, but trust me - it's a lot worse when your job 8+ hours a day _is_ the news.

As for the war itself - and I realize that I have a lot of foreign readers - I'm not sure what I think, but I can see why President Bush is held in low regard by a lot of the international community. If the polls taken here are true and a great many U.S. citizens oppose this war, then they need to remember this when it's time to vote (or register to vote, as voter apathy here is always high) in late 2004.

On a positive note, while I'm not writing at the moment, I am collecting ideas on paper. Interpret that as you will.