Evil For Good

Friday 14 March 2003

In recent years, some bars and clubs (especially strip clubs) here in Atlanta have started using law-loopholes to remain open, or serve alcohol at more times, or whatever. The most common loophole they use involves giving out a small food item (crackers and peanut butter, etc.) with each alcoholic drink. If I'm hungry, I'll sometimes eat these treats, but more often than not, I just take them home or something. I've provided them to co-workers (who never were told of their true origin, not that it should matter for a sealed piece of food.) But recently, I found a new use for them. I was stopped at a downtown traffic light and a homeless guy was walking around with his sign "will work for food" so I opted not to give him money (not that I ever do anyway) but instead...he got 3 packs of strip-club-crackers. Yes. There's something highly amusing about this.