So Sue Me

Friday 28 February 2003

I'm here today to rant about lawsuits. Some lawsuits have actual merit, and are indeed the only way to right some wrongs. Other lawsuits, however, are frivolous or just plain stupid.

It's getting to the point where people are doing something stupid and then suing manufacturers of whatever they used to be stupid, or suing owners of the place or vehicle in which they were stupid, and so on. Nobody is held accountable for their own actions anymore - because there's an easy way out, and that's a lawsuit.

Idiotic. I truly believe that this syndrome happens only in America, as a result of two hundred years of ever-growing convoluted laws and freedoms/rewards taken for granted. The legal system here is probably the #1 thing I'd change about this country if I could. Since I can't, I'll either have to keep complaining about it or else leave.