I Could Never Drive 55

Friday 7 February 2003

I think I said something last time about talking about a car this time. To make a long story short, in late December, after seven years in an SUV, I switched back to a sports car. Some reasons were due simply to it being an SUV (bad fuel economy, no racing possible, 4WD components seemingly in the way of every repair) while others were practical (it was about time for new brakes, tires, stereo as well as a major service.) Another reason stems from me and my preferences: the SUV had too much non-factory stuff (electronics and wiring) and I claim that those caused lingering problems.

Anyway, I kept things in the Honda family by getting an Acura. Not only did I get everything I wanted as part of the purchase, everything I wanted was standard on the type-S model! That rules.

I'm still taking it easy after almost two months, breaking the car in. It's far too easy to get up to 100 mph now. And suddenly, every other car on the road wants to race.

On an unrelated note, by the time you read this, I will be down to two days at CNN. I can't get out fast enough - if war starts, the job will get insane.