Crusading Idiot

Friday 31 January 2003

I happened across this story while at work the other day. What we have here is someone who's much like the people who criticize gaming and gamers, as well as R-rated movies. It's clear that the guy is grasping at straws, yet he seems to have influence. I won't sit here and try to prove his stupidity (or that of any other similar people) to you. What I will do is make a prediction: sometime in the future - maybe a year from now, maybe twenty years from now - this guy will get caught in bed with an underage girl, or pulled over while DWI with a pound of crack in his passenger seat. At some point, all of these people do something hypocritical. It's my feeling that when crusaders f*** up, they should be punished harshly.

Another unrelated thing: I am 100% sure that at some point in the past, I heavily criticized "Body Solutions" for offering a sure falsehood: a pill you could take to lose weight. It's been almost two months but I finally remembered to point out that I was right.       [editor's note: see this page as well --- be sure to read the "Tip" at the bottom]

Next time, I'll talk about my new car and the reasoning behind its acquisition.

Nine days left until 80 hours a week becomes 40.