Monster Stat #16:  Cynder, a red Wyrm
  (from Adventurers #49, #162-164, #404, and #498-500)

climate/terrain         temperate mountains
movement                9" (Fl 30") (Jp 3")
armor class             -10
HD                      22 (147 hp)
thac0                   5 (-1 if you keep counting after 16 HD, which I suggest)
# of attacks            3+
damage/attack           1-10+11/1-10+11/3-30+11
special attacks         spells, breath, red dragon powers
special defenses        immune to fire
magic resistance        60%
intelligence            Exceptional (16)
alignment               Chaotic Evil
size                    G (170' long + 160' tail)

  Cynder can use wizard (2 1st/2 2nd/2 3rd/2 4th) and priest (2 1st)
spells as a 20th level spellcaster.  He seems to prefer more subtle
incantations (such as polymorph) and seems to enjoy wandering amidst
humans and such, observing and planning.  While evil and somewhat
greedy, Cynder is also quite clever; this, combined with his unusual
size and strength for one of his species, makes him both unique and
highly dangerous.
  At this time, little is known of Cynder's origins, history, or
  As of C.Y. 578, Cynder is missing in action after a battle with
the demon lord Orcus within the Abyss.