Monster Stat #15:  Zara & the bounty hunters
  (from Adventurers #101-106)

  Zara was one of the Adventurers' more persistent foes.
They first encountered her in the adventure that led to
Lyra joining the party; Zara was the leader of a band
of drow who were establishing a base in the upper world.
After the adventurers put an end to this plot, Zara fled
to parts unknown.  She was next seen by Halbarad, whom
she tried but failed to ambush and kill.  After this
encounter, Zara went about assembling a group of evil
adventurers and mercenaries, a rogues' gallery with whom
she planned to destroy her now-hated adversaries.  Over a
period of months, the foul ones tracked the adventurers,
who had split up but were in the process of regrouping.
  Finally, on the banks of the Selintan River, the two
groups met in a climactic final battle.  The adventurers
were triumphant in the end, though not without casualties,
and at long last, Zara had been put out of their misery
once and for all.

  16th level sorceress
  drow female, 5'1", 95 lbs, white hair, green eyes
  age:           337 years
  alignment:     chaotic evil
  Str             9
  Int            19
  Wis            13
  Dex            16
  Con            10
  Chr            14
  Com            17
  AC              2
  HP             36
  move           12"

  Little is known about Zara's past.  Several years ago,
she came up from the Underdark, the leader of a band of
drow who intended to set up a base on the above world.
The exact underground city and clan that sent these drow
remains unknown, and if Lyra knows anything, she isn't
  Zara had very few magic items, since she relied on her
spellcasting ability.  The party recovered a ring of
protection and a wand of frost from her body.  Any other
valuables she owned, including spellbooks, were no doubt
hidden in some remote location.
  Zara's party of bounty hunters consisted of the following

the Elf Reaper

frequency             Unique (relatively)
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       any
movement              12"
armor class           -2
HD                    8+6 (69 hp)
thac0                 4
# of attacks          2
damage/attack         1-12 +8 + vorpal
special attacks       20 STR
special defenses      none
magic resistance      none
intelligence          Average
alignment             Chaotic Evil
size                  L (10')

  An ogre of largest size, the Elf Reaper (as he fancied
himself) was best remembered for two things:  a burning
hatred for all elves and their kin, and his intelligent
magical pike, Gualgin.  The latter was a +4 vorpal weapon
with certain other properties (14 Int, CE al, purpose was
to slay good-aligned beings, haste 3/day)  Besides this
weapon, the big ogre carried several potions of extra-
healing and wore boots of striding and springing; his
chainmail vest provided +4 protection.

the Wraith Lord

frequency             unknown
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       anywhere dismal
movement              12"
armor class           -6
HD                    10
thac0                 5
# of attacks          2 (sword)
damage/attack         2-8 + 1-8 + combustion
special attacks       see below
special defenses      see below
magic resistance      50%
intelligence          High
alignment             Lawful Evil
size                  M (6')

  The wraith lord was an unusually powerful example of
its kind.  Garbed in dark blue robes of protection, it
bore a flaming +4 broadsword as well.  Any being hit by
this weapon suffered an additional 1-8 hp of flame/heat
damage, and risked bursting into flame (depending on
clothing worn and other factors)  The wraith lord was
immune to turning by priests, and also possessed all of
the typical immunities of normal wraiths.  Its chilling
touch was rather potent, draining two life energy levels
from a victim.

the Inquisitor

frequency             unknown
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       unknown
movement              15"
armor class           -4
HD                    73 hp
thac0                 9
# of attacks          2
damage/attack         1-10 + level drain
special attacks       see below
special defenses      see below
magic resistance      75%
intelligence          Genius
alignment             Neutral Evil
size                  M (6')

  A mysterious figure garbed entirely in white (robes
and a pointed hood), this foe was laughable at first.
However, its life-draining touch and combat prowess
caused the adventurers to take notice.  Attacking
twice per round, the Inquisitor could drain a level
with every successful hit.  Worse yet, its robes were
like steel armor when blows fell upon them, and it
seemed immune to most magical attacks and effects.
  The Inquisitor had no material body beneath its
outfit, and in fact, it is uncertain whether Arnold's
final sword-blow actually killed the foe or not, for
it simply vanished, leaving its suddenly-soft robes

  14th level high priest of ?
  human male, 6'0", 185 lbs, black hair & eyes
  age:           41 years
  alignment:     chaotic evil
  Str            17
  Int            15
  Wis            17
  Dex            15
  Con            16
  Chr            13
  Com            14
  AC             -3
  HP             62
  move           12"
  thac0           7

  A war-loving priest (presumably of a war-loving god
or goddess), Kaal primarily fought with his potent
spells.  He was eaten by a wild bullette in the midst
of heated combat, and thus didn't have a chance to
unleash his full powers.

  12th level warrior
  human male, 6'11", 285 lbs, grey hair
  age:           44 years
  alignment:     chaotic evil
  Str            18/95
  Int            12
  Wis            11
  Dex            16
  Con            18
  Chr            10
  Com             9
  AC             -5
  HP            110
  move           12"
  thac0           3
  #att            2/1
  dam             2-8 +10

  Dressed for battle in black plate mail, a large shield,
and a helm fashioned from a huge skull (all three magical),
Norgal was an imposing figure indeed.  He fought with a +3
bastard sword of sharpness, and also wore rings of flying
and frost resistance.  He seemed to have a reckless nature
during combat, and his fighting style was reminiscent of
a berserker.

the iron dwarf
  13th level warrior
  dwarven male, 4'0", 360 lbs (armored)
  age:           unknown
  alignment:     chaotic (evil)
  Str            24
  Int             3
  Wis             3
  Dex            15
  Con            19
  Chr             5
  Com             5
  AC             -8
  HP            120
  move            6"
  thac0          -1
  #att            5/2
  dam            1-8 + 16

  Perhaps more enduring than Zara herself was the most powerful
of those she recruited:  the iron dwarf.  Clad from head to toe
in highly magical adamantine armor, this legendary warrior was
buried in a crypt beneath the Cairn Hills, until freed by Zara.
She found some ancient curse that enabled her to control the
dwarf - to an extent.
  The iron dwarf wore full plate +5, with a helm of the same
material.  Two short, sharp horns jutted from this headpiece,
and the armor itself was covered in shorter, but equally sharp,
spikes.  The whole suit was welded at all seams, rendering it
unremovable; this may have been one reason for the dwarf's
insanity and endless rage.  Fused into the armor, on the inside,
were a ring of protection +5, a ring of regeneration, a brooch
of sustenance, boots of fire resistance, a girdle of storm giant
strength, a helm of life protection, and a necklace of adaption.
In the dwarf's right hand was a short, double-headed battleaxe
+5; this item was also fused to the armor, specifically his
  Due to his array of magical items, the iron dwarf had no
need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep if he didn't want to.
He seemed to heal quickly from any wounds inflicted upon him,
and proved virtually unstoppable when he fought with the
adventurers.  In fact, they buried him with a Rock to Mud
spell, and then re-hardened the ground...but even that may
have only been a temporary setback to one of the iron dwarf's