Monster Stat #14:  the Vampire Lord
  (from Adventurers #94-100)

The Vampire Lord
  15th/19th level vampiric warrior/mage
  undead human male, 6'1", 175 lbs, black hair, black eyes
  apparent age:  35 years
  actual age:    437 years
  alignment:     chaotic evil
  Str   18/76 or 22
  Int   20
  Wis   14
  Dex   18
  Con   17
  Chr   16
  Com   16
  AC    -6
  HP    113
  move  12", 18" (flying)
  thaco  4
  dam   5-10 + strength bonus

  The vampire lord (his true name was never learned) was the
ruler of an area in Blackmoor through which the Adventurers
had the misfortune of wandering.  He captured all but three
of their number, torturing some and taunting all before a
climactic final battle.
  Besides possessing the standard special attacks, defenses,
and abilities of a vampire, he was an archmage of surpassing
power.  Specializing in the necromantic arts, the lord ruled
veritable swarms of dangerous undead.  He also had at least
one unique spell, the Black Mists of Sarnath, which was able
to spirit its victims away to a distant location, in this
case a prison cell.
  Well-dressed at all times, the vampire lord carried only a
few magical items.  Among these were Bracers of Defense ac3,
a Cloak of Protection +5, a Brooch of Shielding, and a Wand
of Frost.  At times, he also wore a Girdle of Frost Giant

  One of the vampire lord's greatest strengths was his huge
army of undead troops.  Apparently, he simply allowed them
to roam his domain, with instructions to capture anyone who
entered the region.  All shapes and sizes of undead were
represented in his forces, save perhaps for other vampires,
and liches.

Other Notes:
  The vampire lord resided in a gloomy castle somewhere in
the farther reaches of the Blackmoor region.  A small town
called Ren lay within a few hours' ride.  After the death
of the vampire lord at the party's hands, his castle fell
to pieces, and to this day, nothing remains of it save for
a huge pile of black rock.