Monster Stat #13:  Baron Albert (of the Sinking Plain)
  (from Adventurers #91)

Baron Albert
  17th level vampiric illusionist
  undead human male, 6'2", 160 lbs, black hair, red eyes
  apparent age:  42 years
  alignment:     chaotic evil
  Str   18/76
  Int   19
  Wis   15
  Dex   17
  Con   16
  Chr   15
  Com   13
  AC    -3
  HP    55
  move  12", 18" (flying)
  thaco 11
  dam   5-10

  Baron Albert of Blackmoor was a particularly unpleasant individual
whom the Adventurers encountered shortly after escaping the Underdark.
From his ruined manor amidst the marshes, he is the master of all he
surveys...and more.  This is because, besides being an illusionist
of exceptional ability, Albert is also a vampire.  As such, he has
the standard special attacks, defenses, and abilities of a vampire.
  Before becoming undead, Albert was a 17th level illusionist, who
specialized in harmful illusions and images.  Listed below are his
maximum spells/level/day, as well as his common spell selections:

  1st (6) :  Audible Glamer, Change Self, Phantasmal Force, Magic
  2nd (6) :  Blindness, Blur, Hypnotic Pattern, Invisibility,
             Mirror Image
  3rd (6) :  Invisibility, 10' Radius, Spectral Force, Wraithform
  4th (6) :  Confusion, Fear, Hallucinatory Terrain, Improved
             Invisibility, Minor Creation, Phantasmal Killer,
             Shadow Monsters
  5th (6) :  Advanced Illusion, Demi-Shadow Monsters, Major
             Creation, Shadow Magic
  6th (4) :  Demi-Shadow Magic, Mirage Arcana, Mislead,
             Permanent Illusion, Programmed Illusion, Project
             Image, Shades, Veil
  7th (4) :  Mass Invisibility, Reverse Gravity, Shadow Walk,
  8th (3) :  Mass Charm, Maze, Polymorph Any Object, Trap the

  In addition, Albert possesses the following magical items, which
he will surely use to their fullest advantage in battle:

  Ring of Wizardry, Ring of Protection +4, Wand of Frost, Amulet
of Life Protection, Cloak of Displacement, Boots of Striding and
Springing, Iron Flask, Dust of Illusion, Dark Gem (prevents him
from being turned by priests)

  Albert typically retains numerous undead and monsters in his manor,
for the purpose of greeting guests and carrying out other evil tasks.
Somewhat of a dabbler in the necromantic arts, he performs all kinds
of weird experiments on undead; some of these have resulted in the
creation of new forms of horrific monsters.  One such example is his
butler, a 7'6" hulk of a vampire who is endowed with giant-level
strength, is unaffected by sunlight or running water, and cannot be
turned or dispelled.
  It would appear that Albert has perfected some spell which allows
him to summon monsters and have them serve him permanently.  This
supposition stems from the large number of monsters present in his
manor when the Adventurers visited the foul place.

Other notes:
  A thoroughly rotten individual in life, Baron Albert has only gotten
worse since becoming a vampire.  He is both ruthless and domineering,
and combined with his power and intelligence, this makes him a foe to
be feared.  He spends most of his time working on new spells, both
illusionary and necromantic.  Despite what little evidence the party
saw while in the area, Albert actually controls a large section of
countryside from his manor in the swamps, and is feared even by the
self-appointed king of the Blackmoor region.