Monster Stat #12:  the cyclops
  (from Adventurers #90, kind of - see note at end)

frequency             very rare
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       mountains and/or underground
movement              15"
armor class           -3
HD                    19
thac0                 1
# of attacks          2
damage/attack         2 x (5-30+14)
special attacks       none
special defenses      see below
magic resistance      see below
intelligence          Low
alignment             Chaotic Evil
size                  L (30')

  A cyclops is an immense giant-like humanoid, older than many
of the races which now tread the world.  While they had a great
civilization in the distant past, the cyclopean race has now
dwindled, and any such creature found will almost certainly be
solitary.  Basically a human of gigantic stature, a cyclops has
but a single eye in the center of its forehead.
  Cyclops are incredibly strong (25 Strength) and can inflict
tremendous damage with their mighty fists.  Sometimes they use
huge weapons, which deal out yet more damage (6-36 or 7-42 plus
the strength bonus is suggested) but this seems to be the
exception rather than the norm.
  As the cyclops is a creature of the earth, its skin and muscles
are as hard and durable as rock.  In addition, it is highly
resistant to fire, acid, and lightning damage, and all such
attacks or spells incur a -3 hp/die penalty on damage inflicted.
  Strictly carnivorous, the cyclops must consume huge amounts of
food to sustain itself.  To this end, it will often keep a herd
of animals, which it tends with a watchful eye.
  It is possible that some of the cyclops in the more remote
mountain peaks of the earth are more intelligent, and perhaps
more friendly, than the aggressive sort described here.  This,
of course, remains unknown for now...

*    This monster should have appeared within the Underdark, in
   or about episode #90; however, I apparently chose not to have
   it attack the party at the time.  I dug this up while looking
   through old notes; this is my own cyclops, and is a much more
   mythical monster, IMHO, than any cyclops put out by TSR.  It
   has always been my opinion that the cyclops have been around
   since the gods formed the world.  13 HD just doesn't cut it.
     This stat appears only for posterity.

**   For the mentioned smarter, friendlier cyclops, I'd suggest
   a Supra-genius intelligence, LN-N-CN alignment, a substantial
   magic resistance, tool and technology use, and an open mind.