Monster Stat #11:  the giant jellybean
  (from Adventurers #90)

frequency             very rare
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       anything fairly level
movement              9" (rolling)
armor class           9
HD                    75 HP
thac0                 9
# of attacks          1 (vs. all in range)
damage/attack         5-50 (vs. all in range)
special attacks       can crush multiple foes
special defenses      see below
magic resistance      none
intelligence          Non-
alignment             Neutral
size                  L (20')

  This bizarre creature was nothing more than an immense
jellybean, some 30' in breadth and 20' in height.  Its
surface was a pale whitish-gray in color, and rather soft
and mushy to the touch.  Despite appearances, this monster
was far from comical.  By simply rolling over opponents,
it could inflict great crushing damage.  Additionally, all
physical attacks with blunt weapons only inflicted 1/4 of
normal damage upon the thing.  However, it proved highly
susceptible to all other forms of attack, especially
lightning, and was dispatched with relative ease.
  Upon its demise, the creature exploded, spraying the
surrounding area with a gooey white jelly that smelled
like coconuts.