Monster Stat #10:  the tar baby
  (from Adventurers #90)

frequency             very rare
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       underground
movement              6"
armor class           0
HD                    15
thac0                 5
# of attacks          2
damage/attack         3-30/3-30
special attacks       absorbs foes
special defenses      see below
magic resistance      nil
intelligence          Non-
alignment             Neutral
size                  L (12')

  The tar baby was a strange creature encountered by the party
within the Underdark.  Approximately twelve feet in height, it
was entirely composed of jet-black, sticky tar.  Besides its
tremendous physical strength, the thing was able to grab a
victim on a particularly direct hit (18-20 on its attack roll)
and pull him or her into its own body.  This process took a
mere round to complete, and the victim's suffocation was then
imminent.  The monster's defensive properties were noteworthy
as well.  Any weapon which struck it became stuck fast; a
strength of 23 or greater was required to pull it loose.  In
any case, the thing took no damage from physical attacks.
  The tar baby was also immune to cold and poison.  As one
might expect, though, fire was highly effective against it,
setting it ablaze instantly and reducing it to nothingness
within three rounds.
  Nothing is known, or even suspected, about the ecology or
natural habitat of the tar baby.