Monster Stat #7:  the Jabberwock
  (from Adventurers #84)

frequency             very rare
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       Underdark
movement              9" (can't fly)
armor class           -4
HD                    14+14
thac0                 5
# of attacks          4
damage/attack         2-20/2-20/4-40/3-30 + special
special attacks       see below
special defenses      immunities
magic resistance      75%
intelligence          Very
alignment             Chaotic Evil
size                  L (15' long)

  The jabberwock is a very strange creature indeed, with
a body like a dragon and wings to match, but hands like
those of a human, though with oversized fingers.  Its
snaggletoothed head has several horns jutting out, here
and there.  Despite the wings, the creature is incapable
of flight, and simply lopes along awkwardly, though not
inefficiently.  It attacks with a claw/claw/bite/tail
routine which has various detrimental effects.  The two
claws inflict disease upon hitting, unless a save against
poison at -3 is made.  The monster's bite causes both
blindness and deafness (two different saves, both against
paralysis, both at -3) while its tail induces paralysis
if a victim fails a save at -3.  Furthermore, the thing
can breathe a cone of either fire or frost (maximum of 3
times each, per day) for 14d8 damage, save for half.
  Besides all of this, the jabberwock is totally immune
to effects similar to its own special attacks, namely
heat, cold, disease, blindness, deafness, and paralysis.
It also has an extremely high resistance to magic of all
kinds, including rods/staves/wands.
  The monster's true ecology and habitat are unknown.
Like the jub-jub bird (qv) the thing has wings that are
of no use; it may be that the two creatures have common