Monster Stat #6:  the Jub-Jub bird
  (from Adventurers #84)

frequency             very rare
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       Underdark
movement              12" (can't fly)
armor class           -3
HD                    12
thac0                 9
# of attacks          2
damage/attack         1-12/1-12 + special
special attacks       glass touch
special defenses      need +3 or better weapon to hit
magic resistance      85%
intelligence          Animal
alignment             Chaotic Neutral
size                  M (6')

  The jub-jub bird is yet another strange denizen of the
Underdark.  Standing fully six feet in height, it has two
round heads, on the ends of long, serpentine necks.  Each
head ends in a large, sharp beak.  Though it has no arms
or wings, the creature's legs are long and powerful, and
it can run about at high rates of speed.  As it walks and
fights, the creature's heads bob up and down, back and forth
in random motions.  Perhaps the most unusual feature of the
jub-jub bird is its brightly colored tail plumage, made up
of ten huge feathers of varying colors; these have magical
properties as described below.
  The jub-jub bird's feathered skin is harder than steel,
giving it substantial resistance to damage.  Besides this,
the beast has a high resistance to magic, and most weapons
will not damage it.  All of this would be unimportant, of
course, if not for the creature's deadly touch, which
causes living creatures to save vs petrification at -4 or
be turned into glass, permanently.  Presumably the bird is
able to feed upon the glassy forms of its victims, but no
solid evidence exists to support this theory.
  It is probably worth noting that the jub-jub bird may have
an affinity toward cockatrices; when the Adventurers first
encountered it, it was in the company of one.  However,
since the jub-jub bird proved able to turn the other bird
into glass via its deadly touch, this rumor remains rather
  As noted above, the feathers of the jub-jub bird, if cut
from the body within an hour after death, will bestow some
highly magical properties upon their bearer.  Each of the
feathers has some magical power; after some owner has had a
particular feather for nine days straight, the item vanishes
from physical existence.  The owner will find a small tattoo
on his person, a feather tattoo of the color that his or her
feather was.  Henceforth, the powers of the feather are his
or hers to command, thusly:

white.........feather falling
silver........invisibility (as the ring)
yellow........regeneration (as the ring)
orange........+3 on saves resistance (as the ring)
green.........+3 protection
gold..........wish (1/year)
blue..........cold resistance
purple........haste (3/day)
black.........poison resistance