Monster Stat #5:  the fungus that walks like a man
  (from Adventurers #81)

frequency             very rare
# appearing           3-12
climate/terrain       Underdark
movement              6"
armor class           8
HD                    5
thac0                 15
# of attacks          1
damage/attack         see below
special attacks       see below
special defenses      see below
magic resistance      see below
intelligence          Non-
alignment             Neutral
size                  M

  The "fungus that walks like a man", as the drow in the party
called it, is a strange vegetable-based organism.  Approximately
the size of a man, the thing yet has no skeleton, muscles, or
anything else of the sort; it is simply a walking weed with a
bulbous head.  Its limbs are thin, appearing to be woven from
green strands, and patches of fungus are spaced around its body.
The head-bulb has no facial features whatsoever, giving the
thing an even more bizarre appearance.  The creatures seem to
travel in small packs, and they make no noise whatsoever as
they move about.
  The fungus-creatures have proven themselves totally immune to
magical effects that influence plants, such as a potion of plant
control.  Worse yet, their merest touch causes a rotting effect
similar to that of a green slime, but twice as rapid in its
potency!  Further, the fungus eats through wood and metal as if
they were rotten cloth; physical attacks against the creatures
will surely result in a ruined weapon, if not a dissolved limb
or body.
  Though their true ecology and purposes are unknown, evidence
suggested that the pack of fungi intended to attack and consume
the Adventurers.  Fortunately, the things proved susceptible to
fire, and the pack that menaced the party was roasted by Ged's
magical fire wand.  However, there are surely more walking fungi
in the deepest caverns of the world, waiting to snare the unwary