Monster Stat #4:  the bandersnatch
  (from Adventurers #80)

frequency             very rare
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       Underdark
movement              12"
armor class           0
HD                    13
thac0                 7
# of attacks          2 + 1 (claw/claw + bite)
damage/attack         2-16/2-16 + 5-40 poison bite
special attacks       mauling
special defenses      immune to poisons
magic resistance      40%
intelligence          Very
alignment             Chaotic Evil
size                  L (8')

  The bandersnatch was the first of many strange creatures that
the Adventurers encountered in the Underdark.  Towering a full
eight feet in height, the monster was basically a big mouth with
arms and legs.  The thing's maw was large enough to swallow a
dwarf or halfling, and was filled with long, sharp fangs.  Its
body was covered in thick brown fur, and it drooled green slime
and babbled incoherently the whole time the party fought it.
  The bandersnatch had long, powerful arms, tipped with razor-
sharp talons.  It attacked by swiping at foes with these, and on
any successful hit with a roll of 18-20, the victim was dragged
to the bandersnatch's mouth, where additional mauling was then
suffered.  The green slime which the monster drooled was highly
toxic (-4 on saves) and, as might be expected, the thing was
totally immune to poisons of any kind.
  Worse still, the creature's incessant babbling was sufficiently
strange that foes suffered a -3 penalty to hit and damage while
fighting it.
  For the most part, the ecology of the bandersnatch remains a
mystery.  Its natural environment and social habits are largely
unknown; it appears to wander forlorn places like the Underdark
according to its own pursuits.