Bosco (as possessed by the "Loc-Nar" demon)
  (appeared in Adventurers #76-77)

frequency             unknown
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       unknown
movement              48" (flying) or 6" (walking)
armor class           -8
HD                    16 (128 hp)
thac0                 7
# of attacks          2, or spell-like abilities
damage/attack         1-3+14, 1-3+14
special attacks       see below
special defenses      see below
magic resistance      50%
intelligence          Exceptional
alignment             Chaotic Evil
size                  S (3')

  The Loc-Nar demon is a spirit of unknown origin that possessed
Bosco's soul-less body and later wreaked havoc in several small
towns in the area of the Yatil Mountains.  While the demon was
eventually exorcised, it still presumably lurks out there, some-
  While possessed, Bosco had numerous magical powers and properties
conferred upon his body.  A bright green nimbus surrounded him at
all times, and he gained strength and stamina equal to that of a
storm giant, while still retaining his natural halfling dexterity.
In addition, he could fly at will, and gained a high resistance to
magical spells and effects.  The standard demonic resistances and
immunities were his as well.
  The spell-like powers he gained included, but were not limited
to:  blindness, 1/round; burning beam (basically a hot version of
ray option of Otiluke's Freezing Sphere) 3/day; telekinesis, at
will; wall of fire, 3/day; fireball, 3/day; burning hands, 1/
round; mass charm, 3/day; flesh to stone, 3/day.
  As far as the demon's traits, observed during its short time in
material form, the primary behavior pattern seemed to be a love of
spreading chaos and destruction.  Besides this, the demon appeared
to enjoy ogling women, starting fires, and eating meat.