minor duke of Hell
  (appeared in Adventurers #75)

frequency             Unique
# appearing           1
climate/terrain       the Nine Hells
movement              9"
armor class           -6
thac0                 5
HD                    18 (144 hp)
# of attacks          3, or spell-like abilities
damage/attack         3-30/3-30/4-40 (claw/claw/bite)
special attacks       rending
special defenses      standard devil immunities
magic resistance      66%
intelligence          Genius
alignment             lawful evil
size                  H (25')

  Hadeus was the duke summoned by the ancient devil cult while
the Adventurers were demolishing their fortress.  His physical
form on this plane was made from a stone statue which was brought
to life.  Hadeus had numerous special attacks.  If both claws
hit the same victim, he could rend for 6-60 hp further damage;
Peldor can attest to this.  Hadeus was able to belch forth a
great gout of flame for 7-56 hp damage, thrice/day.  He also had
these spell-like abilities:  telekinesis, at will; dispel magic,
3/day; fly, at will; charm monster, 1/round; insanity, by gaze,
saves at -4.
  Hadeus had the standard devilish resistances and immunities,
chiefly a total immunity to heat and flame.  In addition, a +3
or greater magical weapon was required to inflict damage upon
his earthy form.
  After his form on this plane was destroyed, Hadeus was bound
to his home plane for a period of 99 years.  Little is known of
his personality, rankings, or holdings there, since he was only
around for one battle.