human, male, 12th level high priest of Nerull (58 hp)

Tall, gangly, and physically repulsive, this priest keeps to himself and quietly, efficiently serves both Ulrich and Nerull. There's not much else to him besides that.

Dalgoroth prefers to fight with magic, and can use all of the special spells that Nerull grants to his high priests. However, he does own a robe of protection +2 and a scythe +3, nine lives stealer. He also wears a ring of shocking grasp and carries a horn of evil.


red dragon, female (134 hp)

Brimstone is a female adult red dragon of rather large size. Her history and true desires are unimportant at the moment, because thanks to Ulrich's artifact, the orb of dragonkind, Brimstone is completely under the anti-paladin's control. Even when the orb and its owner are far from the fortress, the dragon is still held under its sway - for such is the power of the dragon-orbs.

However, Brimstone is not (and never was) a complacent, idle wyrm. Aggressive and violent - due in part to the temperament of her master - she is never happier than during a full-fledged massacre or battle. To this end, Ulrich makes sure to let the dragon have ample roaming/feeding time, and he also lets her keep a substantial amount of treasure. In a sense, Brimstone should be happy with her current situation: she has a safe lair, tons of treasure, and powerful allies, and commands the fear of everyone within flying range.

The dragon's treasure is scattered about the cavern, subject to constant re-arranging and moving about. It's best to just determine it randomly; the bulk of it consists of vast quantities of coinage and large, bulky items.