race: ultradaemon (also known as "ultraloth" to the unenlightened)
patron deity: unknown
height: varies (7' in natural form)
weight: varies
age: unknown
homeland: the lower plane of Gehenna
AC: -8
HP: 117
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Str: 21
Int: 20
Wis: 20
Dex: 19
Con: 19
Chr: 8
Com: 6

thAC0: 7 (touch) or 3 (poleaxe)
damage: 2x1-12 (touch) or 3-18 +13 (poleaxe)
special attacks: gaze of fascination, spell-like abilities:
special defenses: 60% magic resistance, need +3 or better weapons to hit, never surprised, immune to acid, fire, poison; half damage from gas (full damage from electricity and magic missiles, double damage from cold)

magical items of note:
triple-bladed poleaxe: This fearsome weapon is 10' long and has three blades on its tip. In addition to being a weapon of +4 enchantment, it inflicts a random effect if the victim fails a save vs rods at -3: blindness, confusion, fear, insanity, paralysis, or silence. An attack roll of 20 causes all six afflictions (a save must be rolled against each.)
Cloak of Gehenna: A great flowing cloak of strange violet and black material, this garment radiates a globe of invulnerability at all times, preventing all spells and device effects of 1st through 4th level from affecting the cloak's wearer. Any attempts to bring this globe down with dispel magic are at -20% in addition to the normal modifiers.

Ythuus stands seven feet tall, a faceless humanoid with large, orange eyes that contain no pupils. Its dark gray skin is largely concealed by a flowing violet-black cloak. Honestly, Ythuus is a fairly alarming being to have to look at.

Ythuus hails from the lower plane of Gehenna, where the daemons play an ever-changing role in the eternal battle between the demons and the devils. The daemons are ruled by the ultradaemons, and of those select few, Ythuus was among the most powerful - the elite of the elite of a powerful and mysterious race. For this reason, Ythuus must have been taken doubly aback when it was forcibly banished from its home plane and imprisoned on the Prime Material plane. The daemon has no idea how or why this happened, but a valid assumption would involve several others of its kind banding together and betraying it. Since arriving on the Prime Material Plane a year ago, Ythuus has tried everything in its power to return home...without success. Failing that, it then attempted to learn details of its situation...also without success. Ythuus' ability to gate in other daemons from the lower planes has not worked since the day it arrived here. A being of its power and experience does not get frustrated easily, but Ythuus is running out of ideas and options.

Qstys, mind flayer noble, 11 HD, 65 hp, stronger mental powers, contact point for the elder-brain of a large illithid colony beneath Oerth
Qstys' retinue (4 other mind flayers)

Ythuus's combat tactics:
Ythuus rarely enters combat and rarely has to, but its great strength and fearsome poleaxe can make even the stoutest-hearted foe take note. The ultradaemon typically uses spells to strike from a distance, weakening and debilitating foes as much as possible.

Ythuus's motivations and goals:
Ythuus cares only for one thing: returning to Gehenna and destroying whoever was responsible for its predicament. It has no true interest in the Nine and their plans; it has joined their ranks in an attempt to find someone who can help it get home.

other traits/quirks:
Ythuus communicates exclusively by telepathy, and it is amused when this disturbs others. It also vexes the daemon somewhat if someone doesn't seem too bothered by this mode of communication. Ythuus is a very tidy, clean being and keeps its chambers that way as well.

Ythuus and the Nine:
Ythuus is alien to all other members of the Nine. Nobody manipulates or tricks it, and nobody attempts to. It is perhaps the most respected of the group, if only because it is the most enigmatic and the least vocal. The fact that the daemon's appearance is quite bizarre also serves to unnerve any who must associate with it.