race: human
class: 13th level anti-paladin
patron deity: Nerull
height: 6'3"
weight: 230 lbs
age: 31 years
homeland: Aerdy
AC: -2
HP: 98
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Str: 18/52
Int: 15
Wis: 14
Dex: 14
Con: 17
Chr: 17
Com: 16

thAC0: 1
damage: (2/round) 1-8 +8
special abilities: detect good 60' radius, +2 on all saving throws, can harm once/day by laying on hands, cause disease 2/week by touch, constant protection from good 10' radius, turn undead at 11th level of ability, priest spells (4/2/1) at 5th level of ability
magical items of note:
chain mail +5, ring of protection +2
unholy sword: This longsword of dull red metal is an evil weapon of surpassing power. A +5 unholy avenger whose purpose is to slay good-aligned champions, the sword confers 50% magic resistance in a 5' radius, dispels magic in a 5' radius as a 13th level caster, and inflicts +10 hp of damage per hit on lawful good foes. It also detects good in a 50' radius and allows its wielder to fly for one hour/day. The sword has a fearsome special power: it can disintegrate a foe with a successful hit, if that foe is a good-aligned hero and fails a save vs spells.
orb of red dragon control: This artifact, one of several such spheres, confers various fire-based abilities upon its owner. More importantly, in the case of Ulrich, the orb allows total control of red dragons such as the one he uses for a mount.

Tall, fair-skinned, and blond-haired, Ulrich turns heads wherever he goes. If he was in regular clothes and didn't say anything, Ulrich could be mistaken for a harmless pretty-boy. The fact is, his keen mind and sheer ferocity and ruthlessness complement his physical strength and skill to make him a thoroughly evil man.

Ulrich was a strong but cruel child, identified early by a minor priest of Nerull who brought the boy to the attention of a superior. One thing led to another, and all involved quickly learned that young Ulrich knew how to wield power. As he grew older, so did his strength and his favor with Nerull, who eventually chose him to be one of his most unholy warriors: a dark paladin. Unlike most of the Nine, Ulrich approached them rather than the other way around, and it is possible that his dark god led him down this particular path.

Brimstone, an adult female red dragon, which he uses as a mount
Dalgoroth, 12th level high priest of Nerull
Nerull, god of death and decay
Sir Drexel, a paladin (Furyondy)
Ceredon, high priest of Heironeous

Ulrich's combat tactics:
Ulrich prefers to enter battle astride his red dragon mount, but when the time is right, he has been known to leap from the dragon's back (using his sword's flying power) and sail down into the midst of a fight. He automatically seeks out the most powerful good-aligned foes and tries to slay them, usually with success.

Ulrich's motivations and goals:
Ulrich seeks to further the aims of his god, Nerull. He would like to use his position within the Nine as a springboard to spread the worship of Nerull to more of the infidels. Xusia is tolerating this behavior because he has wider-ranging plans of his own.

other traits/quirks:
Ulrich would never consider anybody to be a true friend, as the very concept is not in his nature. He prefers to kill anybody who has outlived their usefulness to him.

Ulrich and the Nine:
Ulrich is much like General Kael and Gog; all three are warriors and have similar opinions and tactics. The anti-paladin understands (even if he doesn't always agree with) most of the others. He considers Cespedes to be a useless weakling. Ulrich wouldn't mind seeing Bodok and Ythuus go back to wherever they came from; he is absolutely prejudiced against monsters being in any position of power. Although Ulrich follows the ways of a different death god than Xusia, there is very little friction between them, and it is possible that Nerull and Orcus have made a pact to allow their worldly minions to work together, at least for the time being. Ulrich is strongly attracted to the drow priestess, Selene; he has no delusions about any kind of relationship, he just wants to bed her. If she was aware of this, she would likely find some way to turn it to her advantage.