race: drow
class: 17th level high priestess
patron deity: Lolth
height: 5'0"
weight: 95 lbs
age: 183 years
homeland: the Underdark
AC: -3
HP: 66
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Str: 11
Int: 19
Wis: 21
Dex: 13
Con: 12
Chr: 16
Com: 17

thAC0: 7 (dagger) or 4 (rod)
damage: 1-4 +3 (dagger) or 7x10 (rod)
drow abilities: infravision, 84% magic resistance, +2 on all saves vs magical attack, innate spells (dancing lights, faerie fire, darkness, levitate, know alignment, detect magic, detect lie, clairvoyance, suggestion, dispel magic - all 1/day)
other special abilities: high Wisdom gives +4 on saves vs mental spells, and renders her immune to Cause Fear, Charm Person, Command, Friends, Hypnotism, Forget, Hold Person, Ray of Enfeeblement, Scare, Fear
priest spells per day: 7/7/7/7/5/3/2 plus 3/3/2/3/1 bonus = 10/10/9/10/6/3/2 (including spiderform and Zin-Carla as well as other unique-to-drow priest spells found in Drow of the Underdark)
magical items of note: dark elven chain mail +5, ring of human influence, earring of protection +3, boots of speed, talisman of ultimate evil, medallion of ESP
vampiric dagger: This +3 weapon has a single, nasty property: any damage it does to a foe causes its wielder to be healed by the same amount.
master tentacle rod: This extremely rare drow weapon has seven tentacles that can hit foes within 16'; if 3 tentacles strike the same victim in one round, he is robbed of 1-4 senses for 6 rounds; if all 7 tentacles hit a victim, he suffers any two of {numb, soul-chill, feeblemind, blind.} See Drow of the Underdark p. 71-72 for more on this weapon.

Selene is a short, slim dark elven woman of extraordinary beauty. A closer look might reveal a certain malicious gleam in her green eyes, however. The priestess typically dresses in black robes, with a hood concealing her mane of white hair. She doesn't look like much, but Selene is as vicious and powerful as they come.

Selene was an above-average drow child, killing one of her sisters at a young age and achieving the rank of high priestess before her hundredth birthday. She had an elaborate plan in place to step over the rest of her family (lethally if necessary) and become Matron Mother of her house. However, this scheme was disrupted when a full-scale war broke out in that drow city; Selene's house was obliterated and the priestess (along with a small band of drow loyal to her) was forced to flee, a price on her head. Since the house's fall was made possible by a grave error on the part of her mother, Selene remained in the favor of Lolth, who directed her toward a new goal and a new arena of battle: the surface world. This time, Selene is determined to be victorious.

  • Thalzabaal, consort, 13th level drow warrior, 75 hp, shortsword +2 of quickness, dagger +3
  • various drow priestesses & drider & giant spiders
  • Lolth, demon queen of spiders (Abyss)
  • Zara, drow sorceress (deceased)
  • many high-ranking drow within the Underdark

    Selene's combat tactics:
    Although she has a fearsome array of spells at her disposal, Selene has no qualms about engaging in melee if necessary. When this happens, her weapons' powers make up for her own lack of physical size and strength. She prefers to stay out of the actual weapons-play and decimate foes with her magic, but she will do whatever is necessary to ensure victory for her side.

    Selene's motivations and goals:
    Selene is furthering one of Lolth's major initiatives: establishing a secret but strong foothold on the surface world. To achieve this, she requires powerful allies who are not drow, thus her alliance with the Nine. Currently, Selene is not quite sure of the best way to conquer a part of the surface world without having to share it with others of the Nine. This troubles her at times, and she constantly seeks to gain some advantage for herself and her forces.

    other traits/quirks:
    For all her pride and notions of superiority, Selene is a vain woman. It is very important to her that others recognize her beauty as well as her power and authority. To this end, she works hard to keep her appearance top-notch and alluring.

    Selene and the Nine:
    None of the rest of the Nine particularly care for Selene, because she's a thoroughly cruel and evil bitch. However, they are capable of working with her to achieve goals for the greater good of them all. The problem is that Selene thinks of (and tends to treat) all non-drow as inferior, and in return they don't like her and certainly don't trust her. Of course, Selene could care less about that; she is simply furthering her mistress' goals on the surface world.