General Kael

race: human
class: 15th level warrior
patron deity: Hextor
height: 6'7"
weight: 340 lbs
age: 38 years
homeland: unknown
AC: -7 (-1 w/o shield or Dex bonuses)
HP: 111
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Str: 18/94 (24 with belt)
Int: 14
Wis: 13
Dex: 16
Con: 19
Chr: 16
Com: 13

thAC0: -5
damage: (5/2 rounds, 5/round if hasted) 1-8 + 18
special abilities: none
magical items of note:
plate mail +4, belt of storm giant strength, helm of mind shielding, ring of regeneration, ring of spell turning
Death's Knell: This +4 bastard sword has one purpose: to take lives in battle (it definitely found the right owner!) To assist it in fulfilling its reason-to-be, the weapon radiates fear (as a rod of terror) for foes of the wielder, and has rulership powers (also as the rod) for allies of the wielder.
Blackguard: This large shield +3 bears powerful enchantments against missile weapons. Nonmagical missiles of all kinds are turned away at a 10' distance; while magical missile weapons have a -3 penalty to hit the shield's bearer. Best of all, the shield need not be facing an attack to deflect it. Blackguard is fashioned of jet-black metal, with spikes at its edges and a grinning demonic visage etched into the center of its outside face.

General Kael is a towering figure who inspires confidence in those he leads and terror in those he fights. Clad from head to toe in black armor adorned with spikes, he wears a helm fashioned in the image of a grinning deaths-head with horns. His shield is large enough to conceal a short human, and is also fringed with metal spikes. Kael is just as likely to batter a foe aside with the shield as he is to slice the foe in half with his gigantic sword.

Born on a battlefield and raised in an army, Kael learned life's harshest lessons early on. By his teens, he was a skilled and respected warrior; by age twenty he was an officer; by age thirty he was a general. Kael has always had a knack for finding strong armies to lead and challenging battles to fight. Even his losses have never been total, and many of those who have followed him into battle consider him unstoppable. Before joining the Nine, Kael had taken over one of the Bandit Kingdoms and conquered two others; his rule was cut short by a coup from several of the other kingdoms working in unison. Though he fled this situation, he is rather bitter toward those who forced him out, and is keeping a list of heads to take when the time is right.

  • Nightmare, a gigantic black warhorse (ac 0, 51 hp) that is also a chaotic figurine of wondrous power
  • Murgoth, dark centaur, 13th level tracker/scout, mv 18", ac 0, hp 67, ring of protection +4, longbow +3, 4-pronged spear/axe +2
  • Orzo, evil dwarven blacksmith and 9th level warrior, 83 hp, plate mail +4, wields a +3 axe of hurling and a +3 dwarven throwing hammer
  • Orzo's assistants (evil dwarven and gnomish blacksmiths and warriors)
  • technically, all of the human and humanoid soldiers of the fortress
    few who still live

    Kael's combat tactics:
    Kael leads others into combat, meaning that he tends to get involved rather than sit and watch from the rear. He is an aggressive and fearsomely powerful warrior who can slay most foes with a single blow. It is not uncommon for enemies to back away after watching the gigantic general cut down a dozen of their number without breaking a sweat.

    Kael's motivations and goals:
    Kael is the fortress' general. When the time comes for battle, he is all too ready to answer the call and lead his warriors into battle. It is Kael who recruits and organizes all new soldiers and supervises all physical (conventional) aspects of the fortress' attack and defense. He has joined the Nine because he sees the alliance as the stepping-stone to leading the ultimate army in the ultimate war.

    other traits/quirks:
    Kael has recently acquired a young servant-girl who, for some reason, he cannot bring himself to hate or harm. He keeps her squirreled away in his chambers, cleaning the rooms and preparing his food, for fear of what might happen to her if she wandered around in the Fortress.

    Kael and the Nine:
    Kael gets along well with the giant Gog, because they see eye-to-eye (figuratively, anyway) on the things they both hold dear: battle and slaying. He also tends to agree with the anti-paladin Ulrich on most matters. Kael generally considers the spellcasters to be weaklings, but he understands and appreciates the uses of their magic. He does not care for any of the undead and privately wishes the fortress and the Nine to be rid of Xusia and his rotting legions.