race: fire giant
patron deity: none
height: 19'
weight: 7,900 lbs
age: 114 years
homeland: the Hellfurnaces
AC: -2
HP: 122
Alignment: Lawful Evil, chaotic tendencies
Str: 22
Int: 12
Wis: 11
Dex: 13
Con: 20
Chr: 14
Com: 10

thAC0: 2
damage: 2-20 + 13 + 2-8 fire damage
special attacks: none
special defenses: immune to nonmagical fire and red dragon breath, resistant to magical fire
magical items of note:
giant-sized banded mail +1, jug of speed potions (8)
Augabar: This gigantic +3 sword was fashioned in the forges of the gods of fire, eons ago. Fully 15' long, the weapon is always hot to the touch, burning those not immune to heat and flame for 1 hp damage per round. In battle, it erupts in flames, searing any foes within 10' for 1-4 hp damage per round. Any successful hit with this weapon also splashes the target with flame, inflicting 2-8 hp of damage. Naturally, the sword ignites any flammables it touches. In addition, it can emit a 10th level burning hands (1-3+20 damage) thrice/day. The wielder of Augabar is completely immune to normal cold, and magical cold only inflicts half damage. Better yet, there is a 50% chance that a cold-based spell will be reflected directly back at the caster.

Gog is a larger-than-average fire giant, standing almost twenty feet tall and covered in thick muscle. His jet-black skin is offset by wild, fiery-red hair, and his ever-blazing eyes are indicative of his temper. Gog wears enchanted banded mail armor and fights with the gigantic sword Augabar, which is perpetually blazing with magical flame.

Gog was always bigger than others of his kind, but he was also smarter, which meant that he quickly rose to power. In his homeland, the Hellfurnaces, he was the king of a rather large fortress of fire giants. His power was usurped by a red dragon, Cynder, and Gog was forced to flee to the far ends of the world. He finally settled down in the Griff Mountains, where he was able to forge an alliance of fire, stone, and hill giants. It was here that Xusia found the giant and recruited him (and his considerable entourage) for the Nine.

Rex, a pyrohydra (9 heads)
a pack of 6 hell hounds
all of the ogres, trolls, and giants in and near the fortress
Sevvord Redbeard, king of Stonefist
Scorch, red dragon (Hellfurnaces)
Sigurd Magnussen, frost giant king (Jotens)
Cynder, red dragon (currently MIA)

Gog's combat tactics:
When the time for battle arrives, Gog is overjoyed. He loves to fight, and with his height, strength, and weapon, few can stand against him. The element of fire that surrounds Gog and his sword tends to trick foes into using cold-based magic against him, often to their detriment. Gog often begins a battle by taking a drink of speed potion.

Gog's motivations and goals:
Gog isn't the sharpest quill on the desk, and he knows it. However, he also knows that he's bigger and stronger than anyone else around, and on top of that he commands a powerful and loyal force of giants and giant-kin. To avoid being outwitted by others of the Nine, Gog stays out of long, drawn-out discussions and debates. He prefers direct action whenever possible, and hates waiting and delays.

other traits/quirks:
Gog is more chaotic than most of his race, yet less chaotic than most of "chaotic evil" disposition. He tends to keep his hair and beard wild and unkempt.

Gog and the Nine:
Gog finds it easy to talk with the human general, Kael, due to common interests. In general, however, he feels out of place in the fortress and prefers the company of his own kind. Though he hasn't made it apparent, Gog is not happy about the fact that the anti-paladin Ulrich has basically enslaved a red dragon, and if an opportunity arose, something violent might be likely to happen.