race: human
class: 19th level thief
patron deity: unknown
height: 6'0"
weight: 195 lbs
age: 35 years
homeland: unknown, possibly Dyvers
AC: -5 (0 without Dex bonuses factored in)
HP: 81
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Str: 18
Int: 17
Wis: 13
Dex: 19
Con: 18
Chr: 18
Com: 17

thAC0: 5 with sword (11)
damage: 1-8 +7 or 1-4 +5 (2 attacks/round if hasted)
special abilities: thief abilities, backstab
magical items of note:
elven chain mail +3, ring of protection +2, boots of striding and springing, iron bands of Bilarro, cube of force, bag of holding, medallion of ESP, helm of teleportation (not usually worn - see below), potions (speed, extra-healing, invisibility)
Shadowspinner: One of the 13 Blades of Myth, this weapon's full powers are detailed elsewhere.
mithril mastiff: This unique figurine of wondrous power is a great boon indeed. It can transform into a gigantic (4' at the shoulder) two-headed metallic dog (ac -3, hp 50, thac0 11, damage 2-8/2-8/4-16/4-16, mv 18") for up to four hours per day. The mastiff takes half damage from fire, cold, and electricity; it is not subject to damage from rust monsters.

Fenris is one of those people who was born with everything: good looks, good health, razor-sharp reflexes, a keen mind, and an engaging, witty personality. In his more than two decades of thieving - beginning in the streets and ending as the Guildmaster of the Free City of Dyvers - he has learned countless skills and made countless contacts. It is these traits, and the confidence they provide, that make Fenris stand out beyond his mere physical appearance: tall, muscular yet lean, garbed in nice but not extravagant attire, with a mischievous twinkle in one eye and an ambitious gleam in the other.

Much of Fenris' past is cloaked in mystery. In fact, he maintains multiple identities in different places, and one of these may or may not be his "true" one. People who gain some insight into his life tend to disappear. For the record, he spent his youth as a street urchin and then a thief, showing an amazing aptitude for learning and fighting. He has literally traveled the world, having all sorts of adventures as he bettered himself with every passing year.

  • his loyal bodyguard, the mithril mastiff
  • Absalon, 13th level monk, 102 hp, ac -4, 20 Dex, bracers of defense ac3, sandals of speed, 5 attacks/round with twin rods of cancellation
  • "the Guvnor" (mayor of Harshaak)
  • the entire thieves' guild of Dyvers
  • Norvil Tergis, lieutenant in Greyhawk's City Guard
  • Weikworg, bandit chieftain (Bandit Kingdoms)
  • Father Custos (Scarlet Brotherhood)
  • Dhalik Beezab, court wizard (Ket)
  • Kup Swiftfoot, halfling thief (Flinty Hills)
  • Whisper, assassin (Greyhawk area)

    Fenris' combat tactics:
    It's simple: Fenris goes invisible, hastes himself, and proceeds to backstab the most dangerous foes. He is also likely to utilize magic, as he's amassed quite a collection of spell scrolls over the years. Fenris avoids combat when possible, though - for his true strength lies in stealth and surprise rather than direct confrontation.

    Fenris' motivations and goals:
    Fenris is a member of the Nine because of his vast network of contacts and information-gatherers. Most of the latter aren't even aware of their true role as pawns of the master thief, primarily because he uses many different names and faces. It is Fenris who sets the stages and makes the deals that smooth things over for the Nine in their dealings with the outside world. Why does he do it? Because it's challenging and amusing, and offers many opportunities.

    other traits/quirks:
    Fenris loves women, typically for about one night. This would be a weakness except for his enchanted medallion, which lets him read hostile thoughts and deal with them as necessary. In general, he enjoys playing mind games with people and almost always comes out on the winning side.

    Fenris and the Nine:
    Fenris generally gets along with everyone, even the monsters. He prefers human company but, as a master of diplomacy, he plays nice with others as required. Fenris can read between the lines and keeps himself informed as to what the other eight are doing. He is perhaps the most dangerous of the alliance because he got where he is mostly through natural aptitude, rather than powers and magic.
    Fenris is seldom in one place for long. He has mastered the use of his helm of teleportation, and uses it to move about between his usual locations.