race: human
class: 18th level wizard
patron deity: ???
height: 6'1"
weight: 140 lbs
age: 55 years
homeland: Blackmoor
AC: 0
HP: 39
Alignment: Neutral
Str: 9
Int: 20
Wis: 17
Dex: 11
Con: 11
Chr: 11
Com: 10

thAC0: does not engage in physical combat
damage: see above
wizard spells per day: 5/5/5/5/5/3/3/2/1
magical items of note: bracers of defense ac 3, robe of stars, ring of regeneration, brooch of shielding, boots of speed
Melting Pot: This ancient artifact has many powers. It can melt or freeze anything placed within it; it can create almost any substance; it can open portals to other planes. The item appears as a large, heavy cauldron of dull grey metal. It weighs 1000 lbs and cannot be moved save by physical means.
ring of teleportation: This ring allows the wearer to cast the teleport without error spell thrice per day.
circlet of change: Fashioned by a demigod three centuries ago, this thin headpiece allows its wearer to shape change at will. It also has the handy side effect of rendering the wearer completely immune to petrification and polymorph.

Cespedes is a tall and extremely thin man with grey hair and goatee. He wears a red robe with small stars sewn into it, and favors a hood. Physically, the wizard is unimpressive and average-looking; when he talks, however, he always does so with confidence and control, as if he knows something no one else does.

Cespedes used to be an adventurer, many years ago, until he realized that the rewards were seldom worth the risks. He began to focus all of his time and effort into research, and after a time he had mastered a number of types of magic. Cespedes is a good example of someone who's been doing the same thing for so long that he's simply the best at it. He has achieved such control of matter and energy that he no longer requires food, water, air, or sleep and has ceased to age. He is seriously considering building a powerful artificial body and transferring his soul into it.

various unique golems and constructs, including a quicksilver golem, multiple iron golems with extra powers, and elemental-powered constructs
death orbs (flying metal spheres with blades, flamethrowers, nets, etc.)
Karissa, a medusa queen, and her maedar mate
Zzzaz, a will-o-the-wisp
the iron dwarf (kept in check by a special talisman)
Talos, the adamantine golem (32 HD, 144 hp)
Pyrus, fire elemental king (Elemental Plane of Fire)
Absaloth, air elemental king (Elemental Plane of Air)
Silthis, water elemental king (Elemental Plane of Water)

Cespedes's combat tactics:
This wizard would not dream of actually engaging in physical combat, and thus tends to keep himself surrounded by shock troops. He has no hesitation about teleporting out of a battle if things are going badly.

Cespedes's motivations and goals:
Cespedes is a tinkerer, a summoner, an experimenter, a creator. He lives to find and study obscure monsters and items such as unique golems, juggernauts, and elementals. He has also fashioned a number of such constructs himself, and of all the Nine, it is Cespedes who has the most unique and interesting minions and allies. The wizard is on good terms with a number of extraplanar beings, and trades favors with them on a regular basis.

other traits/quirks:
Cespedes is quiet and studious, just as happy to immerse himself in his work as to socialize. He seems aloof in social situations.

Cespedes and the Nine:
Unlike every other member of the Nine, Cespedes is not strictly evil. He simply desires to further his knowledge and power, and there are worse ways to do that than joining an alliance of beings with world-spanning goals and resources. Common definitions of "good" and "evil" hold little meaning for him; he simply does what he has to in order to further his aims. Cespedes does not care much for undead or warriors; he would like to get to know Ythuus better, to gain the strange knowledge that the daemon surely possesses. More or less, though, he keeps to himself in his vast chambers within the fortress.