race: beholder (elder orb)
patron deity: none
height: 8' in diameter
weight: 1,400 lbs
age: 371 years
homeland: unknown
AC: 0/2/7
HP: 130
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Int: 20

thAC0: 3
damage: bite for 5-20
special attacks: eyes with spell-like abilities (* indicates non-standard power) :
special defenses: regenerates 2 hp/round

Bodok is a gigantic floating sphere of green, armor-plated flesh. A tremendous fanged maw is set in the middle of his face, above which is the large central eye. Ten smaller eyes on stalks jut from the top of his head; three of these are dead and listless. Bodok's massive body also has its fair share of scars, the evidence of countless battles.

Bodok has been roaming the Underdark for centuries, searching for the elusive hive of his kind that legends say exists somewhere beneath the world. He hasn't found it yet, but while searching he has gathered a group of those like himself, and their exploits have become the bane of many denizens of the Underdark. One good example is the drow city of N'gazzoroth, which was wiped out in a matter of hours by Bodok and his entourage. Recently, the beholder was approached by a minion of Xusia, offering a pact on behalf of his dark master. Bodok was intrigued by the offer, and has joined the Nine...though for his own reasons, which are undoubtedly temporary.

  • Bodok's gang: various beholder-kin (death kiss, eye of the deep, spectator, beholder mage, orbus, doomsphere, astereater, gorbel, plus who knows what else)
  • unknown
  • none that live

    Bodok's combat tactics:
    Like most of his kind, Bodok prefers to attack from a distance using his eyes' spell-like powers. The fact that some of these abilities aren't common to all beholders often surprises foes in a nasty way. One of his favorite tricks is to use his reverse gravity power followed by his anti-magic ray, sending foes sailing upward and then hurtling down. He has also been known to reverse the gravity before sailing forth to munch on helpless foes.

    Bodok's motivations and goals:
    Bodok is a bit of a megalomaniac, in that he desires to start a beholder empire - an empire ruled by him. To do this, however, he knows he will need help, for even a beholder cannot openly sail to the ends of the earth to fulfill his aims. Bodok would very much like to find the muchly-rumored beholder hive somewhere on Oerth and mate with a queen-mother to increase his power. After so many years of fruitless searching, he is now trying a new tactic: using the lore of surface-dwellers to search for clues. Until he finds a solid lead on this hive, he is playing along as an interested member of the Nine and engaging in their campaigns and machinations.

    other traits/quirks:
    Bodok is about as anti-social as they come. His favorite food is warm, live meat. He very much enjoys terrorizing humans and such, especially if they are about to become his next meal.

    Bodok and the Nine:
    Bodok, like Ythuus, is far from human or anything resembling human - but at least the daemon is vaguely humanoid in shape. Bodok is not. Due to the beholder's fearsome size and appearance, he is shunned by many within the fortress. Kael in particular cannot stand to be around him. Xusia had expected to have a staunch ally in the beholder after recruiting him, but things haven't worked out that way, and the lich grows frustrated. Both Selene and Gog have tried to form covert alliances with Bodok, without success. Gog didn't take the refusal well, and has decided that when the time is right, he'll see just how far he can drop-kick the beholder. Bodok has perhaps the fewest (and certainly the least-seen) minions of any of the Nine, but given his own temper and fearsome power - especially the one that nullifies all magic - nobody dares to challenge him.