An Introduction to The Adventurers

What? The Adventurers is a series of AD&D (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) campaign writeups which has evolved over time into an ongoing story. Its total size exceeds 16 Mb.
When? The actual campaign was played from 1989-91. I wrote from 1991-8 and 2000-present.
Who? My direct mailing list now numbers more than 310. The webpage for a newly published chapter is "hit" approximately 800 times. It is quite possible that I have more than a thousand readers across the world/internet.
Where? You're already there (
How? Okay, let's say you're interested and are wondering how to best delve into the saga. Well, do NOT go read the parts that are spoiler-laden (FAQ, Index, Lost Tales, Rogues' Gallery.) The thing to do is use the "Get the Stories" link to find and read, beginnning with episode #001.