fan mail for lost tales

Feedback for Lost Tales #1:

1 - having blackrazor not give off tingles.  the tingling was sort of against
    how blackrazor had acted through most of it's existance with belphanior.

2 - adding the blurb at the end of how a certain informant came up dead.  that
    was a fun touch indeed.


Feedback for Lost Tales #2:

	interesting tale. gives those hints about tanya's troubled past. it
took peldor a whole week to win tanya over? now that was surprising...
Both stories done well. Keep up the great work!


I really liked Peldor and Tanya's story.  Actually, that's entirely how
I imagined Peldor could charm someone like Tanya.  And she definitely
has always shown the wisdom of one that could see the value in a
Peldor--a diamond in the rough, as it were.

Later days,

I thought the scene of Peldor and Tanya's first meeting, in the bar 
of the Spinning Silver, was very good. Well done.


Feedback for Lost Tales #3:

Feedback for Lost Tales #4:

hey thomas,

this was a cool story.  i could feel the gaming excitement growing within
me.  well done.

it was a surprise to see otto was once working for marcus, not to mention


you did a great portrayal of how powerful a beholder can be.

matt h.

I knew this would be a good episode, and I'm glad to see it has lived up to my
expectations. I especially liked the fact that someone in Otto's team other
than himself also survived.


	An excellent tale, to be sure!  I'm glad to learn a little about Otto and
what makes him tick.  I only ask that you not make the same mistake Marvel
did with Wolverine and reveal too much.  All the alternate/fake histories
have ruined an otherwise very interesting character, and I'd hate to see
that happen to my second-favorite Dwarf.  (Mongo's first.)

	You're still doing a great job with the regular Adventurers chronicles,
and Lost Tales is shaping up quite nicely, too.  Keep it up!


     I'm one of your quieter readers who usually doesn't make comments 
     about the adventures.  But I can quite honestly say I truly was 
     captivated by Lost Tales 4.
     It really gives a good view of why Otto was/is portrayed as such a 
     feelingless killer.  It's because that what he was trained to do.  It's 
     quite funny because I had a thief a long time ago who tried to portray 
     a similar "hard ass" attitude and he ended up dying in a similar 
     mission except it was a medusa that turned him to stone.
     Excellent story line.


btw... that was a great story. I still have it saved, and have read it 
like three times =)


Feedback for Lost Tales #8:

s was an extremely refreshing story..I am looking forward to the kinds of
trouble that only kids get into.  And the chance to see a new focus for your
ever improving writing skills.  :)