Adventurers Fan Mail after chapter 710

[from here down was added on thursday 15 march 2001]

DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!  BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!  GORE!!!!!!!!!!  DESTRUCTION!!!!!!

...erm, sorry.  There hasn't been a barfight scene in at least three
episodes of Adventurers -- I was getting desparate until this melee ;) ;)

P.S.  Good rant.  The Greyhawk wars are gonna rock!


Hey, do we get to find out more about Ys (and his deceased pursuer) someday? The Yuan-ti comment brought up the mystery of his existence again. A longterm fan
Hi Mr. Miller, I guess the usual thanks are due for you skill and perseverance in providing these stories after all these years. What else can I say. I know of nobody who has produced such a series as you do. Thanks again. Just a little something about you notes on episode 714. There could have been the idea of natural anti-magic or resistance to magic to make the creature more fearsome. It is pretty feeble if used too often, but I don't remember you using it since that "anti-magic" sphere. No matter, the stories are good enough as they stand. Just keep writing them for as long as you are willing. Regards, Dany
Hi there, It's much of fun to read through the adventures of your gaming. For my own gaming similar situations occured and it's interresting to watch other DMs solving problems that appear very often while dming. I'm through chapters 1 to 20 and continue fast to read 'em all. One question, did you recently switch to 3e? Greetings from Germany, Manuel
Hi, Thomas, I have been following the new arcs with great interest! I am amazed at your ability to push the plot forward taking into account the number of characters you need to handle in the Tomb arc. To tell you the truth, one of the episodes felt to me like it had too much chatter between them, but soon you got back on track! It is somewhat silly for me to give you advice, taking into account I have written ~20 chapters and you have written over 700. It is just that I feel a character should say something only it is really typical or necessary for him to say it, especially in such a huge party. For example, the mention of gold would bring up Bosco and Mongo, whereas battle might excite Zhao and Gorgo. Simultaneously, Ys has nothing to say about magic, just as Neera has nothing to say about sword wielding. Anyway, this is just a little nitpick. Otherwise, things look great, and you are definitely building up the anticipation of the Tomb's secrets. I also enjoyed the anti-heroes -- the Xusia bunch and the Red guys. I am sorry to hear other readers are less than enthusiastic about them. Some people do not understand that heroes are only as big as their enemies and quests -- diminish and humble the latter and the former quickly lose both edge and lustre! My personal favorites are evil corrupt mages and blackguard. I hope you embellish and flesh out those more extensively in the future episodes; I am especially interested in Ulrich and his red pet -- I always wanted to play such a character! Such unabashed voracious evil, such lust, such thirst for power -- I understand him so well, even if I do not agree with him in real life. I am sorry to hear you do not plan to keep Boltar's bunch around for too long. I think Boltar and Parekh have potential. I would like to see them again, and developed more, so I hope you do not kill them off. I particularly like Parekh -- perhaps because I am so strongly attracted to intelligent willful women. If you need to sacrifice somebody, my choice would be Zhao, Gorgo, and Drak. The first is one-dimensional and personally annoying to me, the second keeps Mongo from getting a more interesting and brainy shield dwarf -- somebody like Gorin, and the third does not hold together very well in my eyes. The ones that I would hate to see go are Parekh, Otto, Ys, and Skektek among the expendables. They are very different, but each has won my respect and appreciation. I welcome the loss of the sky ship. It was a nice toy and had its place, but it just was too good to last forever. Part of the challenge of life is coping with changes, especially the unpleasant ones. Besides, too much mobility and power in the hands of PCs are harmful to the story, as any good DM knows only too well. The whiners and moaners just do not know any better and are being childish about it. Take care, Emil
I just want you to know that I love these crimson blades and I'm going to love it even more when Belphanior kicks their arse! This last episode was glorious! Keep up the great writing... Yin
I know this is a late response, but I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed 717. Excellent group of antiadventurers :) This is a great arc...I predict it's up there with your best! -- Eric
Man, I love these last 2-3 episodes! And this one took the cake. The whole encounter with the bird-man was great especially the exchanges 'tween Bel, Ys, and Skektek. I couldnt help but say "cool" when they took the lizard prisoner and tore him to pieces. Then chuckled when Skektek made his suggestion about the fireball only to hear Bel say "hold your horses"... I nearly laughed out loud when Ys made his comment 'bout being the envy of everyone. Then when Bel lept for the bird-man... sheesh I've gotten to a point lately that I can visualize everything youve written so clearly now that its like I'm watchin a good movie. I dont know how many re-writes this last one took... but I really dont care so long as you keep pumping out quality stuff like this. Great work! Keep it coming. -mnh
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR THIS STORIES. I have started to read them, from the beginning, at spare time at work and they give a lot of memories of adventures of my one, a long time ago. I hope that you are still playing, i dont know because i havent read the last chapters witch date they are. I would like to say that my greatest memory are from Mastering modules made by myself ever though bought ones are often very good, Queen of the Spiders as an exampel.
Sad to say the time playing are descending rapedly, now somwhere around 3-4 times a year but almost everyone that I begun playing with, since -85, is still playing in one degree or another and we are often talking old memories of the god and bad times we hade. Thanks fore the joy of sharing your adventures..
The Game must go on...
Long time no talk to,
I just wanted to let you know that I am re-reading the entire storyline and I have to say that I am amazed at the development of your writing style. I talk with Matt constantly about the Little things we have forgotten about the Adventurers and It's kind of fun to see what they have went through. I am on episode 297 and I have to ask a single question? When are you going to increase Belph's levels in the current story line? he is already 13/14/14 in 295. I think it about time. I also want to ask you if Matt told you about my suggestion to have some Idol or something in the Lost Tomb look like Peldor? I think that would be interesting, Also what if Gorath Summons Belph right when they are about to finish up the tomb? I have been looking on the and Listed in belph's spells is the Wind Ship? Is that the spell to summon the sky ship? if so Can another ship be summoned? Also I like what you have done with the Crimson Blades, but I think somebody in Belphs group is going to die. Maybe Otto? That would be an interesting twist..... Andy
[from here down was added on wednesday 28 march 2001] *HEH* Nice work, as always :) I've rarely seen those statues, and I'm now wondering if that works about like Guenhwyvar (or however it's spelled). Maybe the thing was summoned from the plane it nestled in, then bound into a huge statue, with many a magic to protect it. If Big B would one day be able to call it (Bosco'd probably call it "Kerbie") out, he might find that it's a tad bit smaller and not as powerful as before. Oh well, just my 2 cents (BTW: Are you going to just keep on writing this arc, till it's finished, or whisking to Alindyar's training and the Elec Golem sometimes? Or something else, as long as it's not "quiet and relaxed family life with Peldor & Tanya", that would probably make the readers rather gruff :) Oh well :) -MH
It's been awhile since I wrote feedback, so I thought I should return some of the appreciation I have for your writing. Normally, I've been reading the episodes with a bit of a varying urgency: checking on the approximate Monday- Wednesday-Friday release schedule, and varying when something or another came up before coming back to catch up. Since the Armies Came to Helgate(TM) arc, however, I've been especially religious. Two of my favorite things about what's happened since are that characters are coming across as less invincible, even though they have the same personality, and that I'm constantly surprised. When I first read about the armies coming to Helgate and the Helgate supplement, I was expecting (and awaiting) a battle royale with Aja's undead in the middle. Well, that's how it turned out, sort of, now that I think about it, but I didn't even dream that a possessed Aja would lay siege to Belphanior's castle. And about the vincibility...there's something vary powerful about seeing the normally domineering characters Ys taking a fireball and still managing to take his comrades to safety, despite getting magic missiled in the back - and collapsing, at the end. Or, more recently, the troubles Drak or even Mongo are suffering, or seeing once-infallible tactics like, say, rock-to-mud under a magic-resistant enemy fail. I've been really enjoying the progression of things, and just wanted to repeat my compliments and thanks for writing. I know I'm hooked and eagerly awaiting to find what awaits in the rest of the Tomb, and the "other" adventurers heading their way. -- Basil
Could you pack a bit more action into this. I understand having some slow episodes to build up tension, but this is getting kinda old (no pun intended). Thanks K
Hi Thomas! Hope you don't mind me calling you that, but "Mr. Miller" sounded way too formal and through your stories I feel I kinda (just kinda) know you. I have mailed you once before, feb. 2000, when I had only just started reading the Adventurers. You told me then that a lot would change later on and damn, you weren't kidding. I've read em all now and just wanted to tell you again how great they are. I really really love what you're doing with Alindyar now (hope he becomes a god or something, well, he practically is), who has always been my favorite. I'm still shocked by the destruction of Hellgate and still not quite used to the idea that Ged is dead (although it's quite some time ago). I even felt bad when very minor characters like Claudia died, if that isn't a sign of good writing... Anyhow, another reason I wrote you now is that, since I now don't have a fresh couple of stories to read when I want to, I decided to buy some of the novels on Elminster, you know, the ones by Ed Greenwood. Dude, I know you had some trouble with those TSR-guys: screw 'em! You write so much better, so much more believable. "Elminster in Myth Drannor", even though I love the character of Elminster (or rather, the idea of a mighty Chosen One), it sucks. If he gets killed: Mystra saves his ass like it is nothing. Just when the story gets underway for real, he dies, becomes a ghost, gets caught by one of the elder mages who for no reason whatsoever (to the reader at least) is wearing a mask, none of which' powers are explained, then stays there for 20 years and then all of a sudden Elminster saves the day. Ok, crappy long sentence there, but so is the book. I'm thoroughly disappointed. The destruction of Hellgate alone is way better than that, let alone that space pocket Alindyar and Lyra lived in, Peldor's rise to Guildmaster, the big fight with Orcus, the slaver stories, the story of how Mongo got his armor, just to name a few. When Greenwood gets into trouble he just pulls some magic out of a hat that nobody knew of and boom: problem solved. Well, whatever. Some liberty is justified, he is the writer and you as a reader don't have to know all there is to know, but come on. No man, I may be somewhat new to fantasy writing, but I've read more literature than most people will ever read and that is one hell of a crappy book (hope that doesn't sound too arrogant, but he just isn't "fair"). So what am I saying here? Well, I guess it's: please, please go on! But of course, one day you'll have to end the saga. There would be no point in going on forever, as you mentioned (or something along those lines) in one of your notes. 'Twill be a sad day indeed..... Thank you and good luck, Roger
Greets. To be honest, running around exploring vast tombs can't be ALL action. This isn't set in Diablo 2 land where there's a monster every five feet and that's all there is to exploring. I very GREATLY like this arc so far, especially how intent the sage is on learning every aspect of this never before seen lore. There's a lot more to an adventure than monsters and treasure, and the history and lore of a place gives it a huge amount of depth that people need to learn to appreciate. I guess some folk are less appreciative of art than others. *shrug* Wyrenth
about the complaints... ignore them... what youve written thusfar in this current arc is great as is. I like action as much as the next reader, but I think the work on this search for the lost tomb is fantastic and full of enough meat (in terms of mystery, suspense, and character development and interaction) to keep all of us satisfied. -mnh
[from here down was added on wednesday 4 april 2001] Thomas, In the mail today from the RPGA came the new map of Greyhawk for 3E and the first edition of the Living Greyhawk Journal. I've enclosed a scan of it for you to take a look at. I'm not sure if the creators have read your work or not, but I think it's one heck of a coincidence that this made the cover of the first journal. I was a little shocked. " bout that!" Mark
Wow - I don't see how our friendly adventurers can survive! This will be interesting. We just got back from a week in India. What an education! India is as backwards, in most places, as I can imagine. It looks like a street scene from some D&D scenario! I was robbed by pickpockets and thrown by a wild bull. I also really loved the architecture and food, and seeing how people lead their lives in these circumstances. Keep up the good work! Ted
Uhh, is it just me or are you maybe worried that the Crimson Blades are a little too-powerful? Because from the descriptions of them and their various abilities etc. I would think they'd give the Adventurers en masse a run for it, probably could fight them to a stalemate - and as nice as Skektek, Parekh, Boltar et al are, they're not Lyra, Alyindar, and Rob... Not to mention the great Peldor and all the rest... It just seems like the Blades are way too much for the Helgate gang to handle, even to the point of being able to survive long enough to beat a hasty retreat.... Am I just reading too much into Chargim's musings or what? Either way, keep up the good work... Jason
Hello Thomas, A couple comments, will you ever show levels on the guests in Belphanior's group or the Crimson Blades? They all seem so much higher than Belphanior (he is triple class though) so it make us readers worry about him. Speaking of levels, Belphanior hasn't gone up in quite a while even though he's been quite active, as always. This band of adversaries seems to be pretty tough. Its a good thing Belphanior has some powerful help. It would be real interesting if Xusia showed up during this campaign. The two groups would fight Xusia and then what would they do? Attach each other or lick their wounds. Mentioning how Chargrim is worried about Xusia brings up a point, evil characters often turn on each other. Some kind of turn of events like that could be interesting. The battle could be going poorly for the Crimson Blades and one or two of them could turn on the rest, their only opportunity to rid themselves of their obligation, and then take off. I'm also curious if Boltar, Drak and Parekh will stick around when the Crimson Blades attack and the shit hits the fan. Belphanior has a lot of items he doesn't use often and some skills he doesn't use often. He better use all his tricks, items and skills in this one. He should summon all the monsters he can now because when the battle gets real tough, there probably won't be the opportunity to do it then. He doesn't have to use all of them as fodder now. He needs to backstab now and then. I know he prefers to be the guy upfront leading the battle and I'm sure that goes a long way with his followers but he has to be sneakier sometime and not really on brute strength and raw power. He'll get 5 times damage and that could kill many which would benefit him with absorbing the life force and make Blackrazor very happy. Don't forget about his cube of force, one side is protected against everything including spells. Good for escapes. My half orc fighter/assassin had one and it saved his life a few times. As for the future, I think Belphanior needs to either learn to use two swords or learn to cast spells while fighting like the Blade Singer in the 2nd edition rules. Zhao could teach Belphanior two sword fighting, he had plenty of great swords to use as a second. Personally, I prefer the two sword style. Then, he could also backstab with two swords and really do some major damage! I'm anxiously awaiting the rest of these stories, and they never seem long enough when I read them. Thanks and keep up the good work. Bob
[from here down was added on friday 6 april 2001] Hi Thomas! My name is Michael Afanasiev, and I've been reading your series for 4 years now. I was on your mailing list a couple of times, but I do not have constant access to the Internet and e-mail. Now I've got one, and would like to be on your list again. I must say, that over the years your series have become much more interesting than most of the professional fantasy fiction in English language published nowadays. Maybe you should try and print some of your stories? Thank you in advance. One of your fans, Michael
Wow. You know...that is a lot of damn stories. 728. That took a while. :) Just so you know it took me about 2 1/2 years to read through those mostly reading them during my lunch breaks. Your stories have been very inspiring to me as a fellow DM and player. I believe there was some very rich roleplaying going on when you played and it was continually portrayed after the players had left. Thank you for the years of enjoyment your stories have brought me. 'Twas an honor to have read such a fine peice. Every one of your characters is now in a way a part of me. I often find myself thinking what would <insert adventurer here> do in this situation and often times laugh. Trevor
Keep up the excellent work. I've been reading since the first ever episode (gee, that's about ten years ago!) and have always looked forward to reading each one when you post them. :) Philip
My name is Floyd and I found your site through a web search (google). I was specifically looking for a site just like yours. Somehow through my own ignorance I started reading at about chapter 200. Then I was so busy with my business that I lost your page address (talk about disappointment). So for about 2 months I was not able to read any chapters. Fortunatly a miracle happened and I remembered the name Peldor, went to google searched again and found the site (thank heavens). That is when I started at #1 and have just finished reading #225. Keep up the good work. Your creativity and time writing these stories are greatly appreciated.
Anyway, GREAT stuff. I've always loved your writing, and the storylines have almost always been rich and very interesting. - Tyler
[from here down was added on thursday 12 april 2001] I've first encountered your Adventurers series when I was a student in the univesity back in the beginning of the 90's. Needless to say, I enjoyed it immensely, and I was very glad to find out you're still writing. I started reading the entire series from chapter 000, and finally after a long time I've finished chapter 727, and I just got the new chapter. I think you're doing great, and I hope you'll continue, even beyond chapter 1000. Thank you. All the best, Uri
Hi there, Thomas I've been reading The Adventurers over the past couple of months, and it was a real treat ! I've grown accustomed to reading a couple of episodes every day (if only people at work knew the reason I stay up late is the will to finish the sagas..), and now I've grown addicted.. I'm checking the site every day, sometimes even more, looking for new stories.. I guess I knew this would happen, but I didn't think the withdrawal symptoms would be that severe. Okay, so the bottom line is that I'd like to be on your mailing list. I know you get lots of mail, so that's it. I'll write more about myself, but don't feel obligatd to read on.. Yehuda
A great story arc! I think, this is one of your best. I mean, your stories have gained depth due to descriptions of different characters, not just Adventurers. The new group of villains is just perfect, because they are not completely evil, like former adversaries and Xusia, but have many other sides and are simply realistic, at least as fantasy heroes go. If you keep giving them more "flesh" and details, you could transformate this story arc into a real tragedy. By the way, the name "Rammstein" could be translated as "battering ram made of stone" from German, so I think it's a suitable name for that guy. This band is very popular in Germany at the moment, they play a mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metall, so if you like that kind of music, they are a must hear for you. Michael
Personally... I liked your approach. It made use of the "weakest" member of this party to solve one of the greater mysteries that sheer power, be it magical or brute force couldn't accomplish. Okay so these are fictitious people, but it can be very humbling to be have untold power at your disposal, and find that despite all the power you may posses, in the end, it's the use of the brain that is indeed the greatest power. But then maybe I'm reading way too much into this. :-) I realize that Neera is just an NPC, though I have been rooting for her to survive this mission, and be able to take back all of the knowledge she has amassed on this trip. Paul
A good choice... all three mean great power: power of magic, power of physical strength, and power of intellect. Truly a dangerous and worthy combination. Waiting to see if the party is justly rewarded };) Trevor
[from here down was added on tuesday 1 may 2001] Hi! I liked the idea with the third bar - I expected it to be something different, and it turned out very nicely. I like that Neera character, although she is practically on death row - she's a normal person in a very dangerous place. I hope she'll survive this. A few ideas and opinions (if its ok): In some battles (Torin for example) Belphanior took his time with the kill, (with Torin he could have won instantly by invoking the power of his eye). If this is his tendency - to pull his punches and not go all the way just "for the sport", it might get him in a lot of trouble. I think he should learn his lesson - if violence is his way, he should go all the way, except when he's being merciful (as opposed to being a good sport). About some missing characters: I'd very much like to see Victoria and Neko again. Another one I'd like to see (I know, you said she wouldn't appear again) is Arlanni - she was smart, not rightous, and I liked the way you portrayed her. She knows she owes her life to Belphanior. I think that given the right opportunity, she might become his henchwoman. I have an idea about a future plot that concerns Victoria - Orcus takes revenge on the group by luring all of them into a trap and turning them all to stone. Thus they remain for some millenia in a dungoen, until someone wakes them up. That someone can be Victoria. Since she's a vampire, she won't grow old, and given a hint she may discover that Belphanior is not dead, and so save him. Rescue could also be by a random adventuring party going through the dungeon. Hmm... This mail has grown a bit long. Last thing - if you intend to introduce a necromancer to/against the group, I have some ideas on spells and attitude (I'm playing one now). All in all - thumbs up! :-) All the best, Uri
Thomas said: I was torn as to what the third bar's secret would be. I was thinking about something for a priest, or a thief, but that seemed so cliched. I went with something else, something that, combined with the other two bars, would overall require a diverse and competent party to solve. Absolutely brilliant! Something that relied upon something other than 'class skills'....brain power. i was really hoping that's what it'd be. Going to start calling you 'the mailman' Thomas, because you always deliver. Jason
I just finished the episode in which Alindyar and Lyra's pocket dimension collapsed. This seems to be a trend. Alindyar has lost "Everything" on numerous occasions. Is he cursed? or does he just have the worst luck in the universe? DS
On the third hand, if such a thing exists: still great reading! Though I really wonder how our group will do against the Crimson Blades... they seem terribly strong. Will the remaining original Adventurers port in? Maybe the deitified Ged will show up in a critical moment? Or is it time that Mongo discovers that his ring is of fire elemental control? All this, and more, will be revealed in future episodes! Oh joy! -- regards, HL
I must say, I enjoy reading the tails of the Advenurers throughly.. they kick ass, Belphanoir, is my fav. Any idea how many more your going up too? you're at 733......... i can't imagine having done so much with a group of characters as you did.
Just wanted to say you've done a good job holding anticipation through this story arc, providing enjoyable non-hack-and-slash plot, (though I expect some soon), all while being quite busy. Thanks for continuing your work on the Adventurers. You have my appreciation. Jim
Hello, I've been reading your adventurer stories for some time now, and so I'd like to share some of my thoughts with you. You are under no obligation to reply or even notice this posting :) Oh, and one thing more: I have been gamemastering various systems since (circa) the middle of eighties. 0) One of things I really liked about 3rd edition, it was that they dropped level limits (something you mentioned around the time Alindyar advanced). Would you consider giving away some experience to your characters? They did a lot in last 300 episodes. 1) Belphanior's attitude smacks of Kane, the antihero of Karl Wagner series, though doubtless the elf is much more chaotic, since Kane would not think twice before assuming a role of a leader in one of local humanoid tribes so that he, meaning Belphanior, could run the excavations. Yes, the destruction of Helgate was of some disappontment to me - I really looked forward to some politics, games of espionage and such. It is still possible provided Belphanior survives the current quest. Have you considered that B. would make a very fine, though perhaps involuntary, lich? 2) Mongo. Kill him, cripple him, demote him to supporting character.. Much as I like the stereotype of eternal adventurer, the dwarf between hammer and abuse hurling does little else. Would you mind, on a more serious note, adding some depth to that guy? The Frankenstein monster found that little girl to care for, didn't he? I do believe that there is more to dwarves than songs of gold and brawling - for some inspiration you might want to read some Diskworld novels by Terry Pratchett (those featuring city guards). They are fascinating and some humor might serve well that iron dwarf. No, I do not see Mongo as a leader.. he might make a fine demigod of dwarven fury or something, but he does not seem the type any military organization needs. In Forgotten Realms setting some dwarven specialty priests can cast spells that allow to hear calls for help. Perhaps an some invisible power prepares Mongo to serve such (or more sinister) purpose. 3) Lyra.. I like her. Would you consider writing a story arc devoted to her? She does not lack resources and / or personality. I believe you might find her more entertaining, and now, with Aja gone, she seems to be the best of female personalities available for plotting, scheming, powerbase building etc. After all, who said she was a scholar like Alindyar? She might me just the person to hire Misadventurers to get her some stuff she needs. :) I'll shut up now. Keep up the good work and .. well .. have fun. Patryk
>next: a look back to see how the Crimson Blades are faring Noooooo!!!@!@#$#% The suspense is killing me!!!! Just kidding...excellent story arc, I'm enjoying every episode :) -- Eric Barrett (
Gotta love this line: Orgthrok: (strolls up, his axe still dripping green blood) Wonder if the damned thing really was a god. Heh! Excellent stuff! Ben [from here down was added on tuesday 8 may 2001] Hey, you forgot the Revelation TM in front of the story :) Michael
> Mongo: (looks at Belphanior) I think we may have a wee bit of trouble > here. > > next: it gets worse What could be worse than the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I'll be interested to see. These guys are in soooo much trouble.... Joe
I'm really looking forward to how this arc turns out. This makes me as expectant as the Alien crossover did. Go, Tom, Go! :) Scott
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? David
Hmm. What do they say? Curiosity killed the cat? AGGGHHHH!!! I HATE cliffhangers ;) heheh. good one. Talk about the fear of Gods. Steven
I just finished reading #736, and it was great. I liked the building up and the original, anticliche ideas. When I read about the first room, I thought that the eyes were the coins and that the warning meant the sudden influx of valuable coins would destroy the economies of the world. Maybe Emperor Hyperion sequestered all that wealth to increase his own fortunes? An entire fortune of iron is near worthless. There were many possible endings portrayed along the way. Anyway, I can't wait to see how the eyes of the evil gods play out. This is a great arc. Karanorma
Dear Thomas,
I just wanted to thank you for your efforts the past several years. I've been a long-time admirer of the Adventurers and their exploits. Every time I've got the hankering for a good dose of D&D done right, I've come back to your stories as they never fail to entertain. I especially like the first several dozen stories as the game mechanics are laid bare before the reader. Is there any chance perhaps of an Adventurers tenth (twelfth?) anniversary reunion or some such thing? Or perhaps seeing what the characters think of their future during the Greyhawk Wars? I'd also like to take this chance to resubscribe to the mailing list, if I could, even though I will have to change my address in a couple of weeks.
Once again, thank you so much for the stories and keep them coming! Sincerely, Jefferson
Man, I thought there would be greater losses. Some major charakter, perhaps. Well, let's see what happens. Michael
Oh my.. I must say, this is shaping up to be one of the best battles you've done. So far, the battle with Cynder and Orcus ranks at the top but this just might surpass it. Wayne
Wow - Things are getting interesting! You are a marvel of consistancy, Thomas. I've been reading these stories to my kids since #1, and they keep getting better. Thanks for your work! Ted
Hi! I'm enjoying the last chapters immensely! I half expected the motley crew to enter at the right moment :-) Too bad about Zhao (and probably Boltar and Gorgo). I suspect more carnage in on the way. I can't wait till thursday :-) Great going! All the best, Uri
Oh man...that was one of the best Adventurers episodes yet! I can't wait until the next one!! Eric
Death, war, pestilence and famine? -b
[from here down was added on monday 21 may 2001] Hi! It has been a long since Adventurers met someone stronger than them. And it's really interesting and refreshing. I mean, they are forced now to invent something to get free and alive out of it, and can't just pound the enemy into bloody pulp, as it happens usually. Now this is the kind of stories I like. Thanks for a good story Michael
Great story arc. I love these big battle scenes that you write. Of course my favorite part of this story is where Bosco gets fried then falls, hopefully he will stay dead. Marc
You've outdone yourself with the latest batch of stories... I LOVE this arc... so either Mongo's ring has outlived its usefullness and is burnt out, or its a ring of fire elemental control, eh? (I've used this same scenario to activate just such a ring in one of my previous gaming sessions). -mnh
Hi TM, This arc has been very, very good. Can't wait till the finale comes out. Keep up the great work. Loyal Fan, Sam
Hello Mr. Miller, I have been thoroughly enjoying your stories for two years now and have been extremely grateful for your effort (although I hope it isn't _work_) in your years-long hobby. Characters classic and plotlines dramatic...I am inspired by these epics that you have created and (as always) entertained. Bravo! Mr. Bliss P.S. I could not subscribe without a small gesture of thanks, albeit tersely worded and far from eloquent. P.P.S. I literally drooled when your little ragamuffin band stumbled upon the magical item vault of Panagea. P.P.P.S. Go Otto and Razor Charlie!!!!! (I had to let my football-ish persona out that has been suppressed in me for so long.)
Hi! All I can say is "Wow"! It has been a long time since you have made such a mighty battle. Well, the more, the better. By the way, I always wanted to ask you - do you still roll any hits and misses in your battles, or do you plan them in advance? Sometimes it looks one way, and sometimes another. Could you clear that topic, please? Thanks Bye, Michael
Greets. Just thought I'd relate a wee bit about the recent, exciting episodes of The Adventurers... ARGH! THE SUSPENSE! THE SUSPEEEEEEENSE!!!!!! I eagerly await the finale. :) I almost can't bear to watch...I have a feeling something drastic's going down. Wyrenth
This is just to let you know that someone is still reading your Adventurer stories. The first time I read The Adventurers was back in 1994-1995 when I was still in college. But sooner or later life gets in the way. But a few days ago I suddenly have a hankering for checking the It was empty, which didn't actually surprise me. Thanks to the proliferation of webpages, newsgroups don't get used as often as they used to be. At any rate after a little bit of hunting, I found several websites where they archived the old stories. :) Re-read Navero. Nostalgic fun. Then started on yours. Quite surprised that it actually went to the seven hundreds. I understand you're busy with real life, but when you have time, do write again. Good luck, and thanks for the stories. Tony
Thomas I guess it is time to give appropriate appreciation for the fun and enjoyment you brought me. I "accidentally" found your Adventurers Epics while browsing the web for Greyhawk related stuff several months ago. I started reading - and until today couldn't stop. Working my way from #0 to #175, I still have a long reading ahead. Being a role player and DM (mainly AD&D 1st in the world of Greyhawk) for two decades myself, I really enjoy to see how another group mastered the challenges my own group (and my player's groups) have encountered - plus all the new adventures you created yourself. I put a link to your site on my web pages (, under construction). I hope you don't mind. If you do mind, I will remove it. To make it short: I just want to say THANK YOU for all the effort you put into telling the story and the entertainment you brought me as well as your other readers. May your saving throws always succeed :) Kai
Mighty! You are a master of cliffhangers Michael
Last episode was great. I really wasnt expecting nothing like this. Really enjoyed it. It is fun to know that however powerfull a bunch of characters are theres always somehing more powerfull. Or a lot of somethings. I keep loving this and i hope that u keep writing them for as long as u can. Keep up the excelent work you are doing and that i love. Joao
NOOOO!!! *sigh* I guess all great things must come to an end. Heh, leave it to Mongo to think teamwork for once. Man, you have kept me riveted. All those build up stories were perfect. Who wants to see some nameless schmucks go down hard. Signs of a good storyteller is the backdrop they weave and the simplistic details they place in a story. You have both in spades ;) Keep up the good hard work. TSR can bite my *bleep* I would rather read adventurers any day. Its too bad you can't write a full blown *official* paperback book on the Adventurers. Hmm. I would really like to see some of the previous adventures that the crimson blades experienced as a change of pace. Maybe as side stories. Just a thought. Your Fan for Life, Steven
I just wanted to say, because you normally get alot of negative feed back, that I really enjoyed how you handled that. There were few, if anything, I would have done differently. The attitudes of the groups fit very well, and the use of items was good as well (although, I don't know of any items that were used by the Crimson Blades). --- Mark
Greets. Whew! That's one way of putting it anyway. :) I had all but forgotten about that Well of Many Worlds he was carrying about. Quite creative using that as a last-resort escape method. I'm slightly surprised that Mongo didn't gripe about the treasure, but considering how much he's grown in his life and the friends he's lost, it doesn't surprise me much. Undoubtedly, Bosco will gripe. :) And I'm sure he'll dream of some way to go back and get it. I do wonder if all that is the end of those 7 Eyes. They seemed pretty darn powerful. And I wonder if it's the end of the Crimson Blades, at that. Somehow, I have the feeling we might see them again. :) Who knows. Boltar ought to be powerful enough to remove Parekh's Feeblemind... if his priest spells work wherever they are. Wonder if Skektek made it through? Hadn't noticed specific mention. And then there's Neera. She came along to glean information about a lost empire... And she's about to get much more than she bargained for, methinks. :) I like her, though. She's a good character. The thinker that keeps people out of trouble before they get IN trouble. (Well, except for misreading the Eyes...) ARGH! THE SUSPENSE!!! :) Very well done. Wyrenth
Hello Thomas, I hate to be critical, as your writing is always good, but the ending left me wanting. I think where you went wrong was not some much that the tomb's guardians were too tough (they should have been), but perhaps the Crimson blades were. You definitely could have had several more of the non-core adventurers killed off. It never fails to amaze me how Charlie survives. The Crimson blades magical power certainly seemed vastly superior to the adventurers. They sure could have used Alindyar and Lyra. I expected a knock down, drag out fight to the death with a weeding out of some of the "extras", not a duck and run after so much build up to the Tomb. Guess the adventurers got in over their head, huh? oh well, they bagged a bunch of treasure and, I assume, destroyed the island, the tomb and the crimson blades in one fell swoop or toot on the horn, as the case my be. Anyhow, I still think you are an excellent fantasy writer, and as always, I look forward to the next installment. Jay
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed that! Sincerely, Wright
Great story-arc Tomas! Hmm, a run-in with the Four Riders of the Apolcalypse? (War, Famine, Pestilence and Death) Some friends and I here in Darwin were making bets on whether the Adventurers were going to run or not.... and not that I didn't have faith in them, but I won the bet. Some things are just too much! Anyways, congrats on a great series, and I can't wait to see the lead- up to 750 :) Adam
I have a question. Are we ever going to be brought up to date on Peldor's origin? I haven't been reading for a while and I may have missed it if it came, but I would really like to know what you think and what the player think is the secret behind it all. Thanks, Jefferson
Well Thomas, you were right. This was one story arc that made me sit back and say "Whoa." I'm sure this last battle scene will stick out in my mind for a while to come, like so many of your stories have, and like so many purchased novels haven't. Wish I could give more than a highly enthusiastic thanks for these. mike
Hi Thomas, Fantastic, Brilliant, Exciting, Surprising, .................. Thank you for another great story arc. I really enjoyed your tales from beginning to end. They were extremely well thought out and well written. The fight with the snake people and the 3 headed dog was good. You portrayed the baddies extremely well. It was nice to see such a powerful group being arrayed together against Belp's group. The 3 way fight was intriguing to say the least. Concerning the 4 uglies, I would like to understand more about their strengths and weaknesses. I saw that one of them is vulnerable to rock reshape (it seemed not able to assume gaseous form) while another is vulnerable to extreme heat. However, I could not see any weakness to the magic sink one wielding a scythe nor the big ugle brute wearing the red armour. Questions What are the strengths and weaknesses (if any) of each of these uglies ? Is it possible to destroy any of them or are they really Gods and hence indestructable ? How did the Hyperions manage to imprison these Eyes if they could negate all magic and overcome all physical obstacles ? If these eyes are so powerful, it would surely be just a matter of time before they reach the mainland and wreak harvoc and destructions in their path. Will this happen ? I would expect some of the Baddies to survive as well and go after Belp's group for a share of the treasure. That ancient elf seems almost invulnerable. He must be at least a 17th-20th level character considering his age span. Will they be back ? Thank you very much for your stories and I look forward to reading the next story arc. Philip
Yo Tommy: Nifty! I just read 740, and am glad to see that Belphanior knows when to cut and run. I am assuming they pulled a hell of a lot of magic/money from the Tomb, including several artifacts. Also, I think that you are being too hard on Belph: first he loses his homebase, his lady-love, his golem, his super-nifty antimagic sphere, several henchmen, and now goes up against the 4 (7?) horsemen of the Apocalypse??? Also, I assume the Crimson Blades are dead an' gone. Pity: the Advents would need help against Xusia. Finally, are there any long-term affects of freeing the 4 pedestrians of the apocalypse? P.S. Who was in the other 3 coffins? Hatred? Fear? Pain? Taxes? P.P.S. Almost forgot to mention how cool this arc was, aside from said Belph-beating. Keep it up!