Adventurers Fan Mail after chapter 700

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What the hell is going on around here? You killed Ged,
I don't belive this, the last time i tell you that i
stopped reading The Adventurers around episode 210,
now that i'm finally able to get the rest of the
episodes just to find out that my favorite character
(not to mention a MAIN character) is slain in the
abyss. At first i was mad now i'm sad...
I think i'm going to stop reading the rest of the
episodes, for me the final episode of The Adventurers
is #501 (Ged's Funeral), i'm not in the mood to read
the next chapters, not anymore...:-(
That's it, i don't think i'm going to write againg...

Hi Thomas, 1. A brilliantly written story on Alindyar's learning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and look forward to him completing the study and becoming a master of illusion. I hope that Tonberry will leave him instructions to continue his study even after they separate so that Alindyar can continue his advancement in magic. It would be great if he (and anyone else he wishes) can move in and out of another 'pocket' dimension at will in order to escape from his foes. 2. Aliens I reread the whole 20 episodes which were extremely well written. There was plenty of suspense and action. It confirmed something which I have been believing in, which is high level wizards are the best, that when the monsters get tough, the only solution are magic spells, especially wands of destructions. The ending could have been drawn out but it was great reading. You could have killed a few more adventurers but they were already badly beaten. 3. Halloween This was a great Halloween story. I can still visualise all the gory scenes which you have described. I was shocked when he was 'killed'. The story was well thought out although I am afraid it is too gory for my liking. Just 2 small points : (a) being an expert in poison, it seems strange that Otto did not check for poison in the food before eating it. (b) being an expert in poison, Otto should have some resistance to poison (e.g. periapt of poison resistant) which he wasn't Thank you very much for these enjoyable stories, especially those that concern magic. I really look forward to reading your 2 postings every week. Philip.
> Some in Finland have informed me that I've won their Paska award > of the FFA (Finnish Fantasy Association) for all of my work on the > Adventurers. > +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Congratulations, and well deserved. Joe
Congratulations! Send a link (if available) to the group. I am resending your stories to a group I gamed with in Indianapolis, starting with Episode 0. It will obviously take some time (years), but I think they will enjoy the stories as much as I have. George
Congratulations on the award! I always thought the stuff I've been reading was award winning. Keep up the good work. Jason
Congratulations! Your epics are well worthy of recognition, and I'm only surprised that more awards haven't found their way to you. As long as you intend to write them, I'll look forward to reading them. George
Congratulations, Thomas. Best Regards, Costas
Congrats...!!! Recognition from the fans (in whatever form of appreciation) for such a legacy has to be more rewarding than recognition from TSR/WotC, yes? Keep up the good work. Trevor
Awesome! Congrats. - Brian
Congratulations on an award well-deserved. Paul
Not that I've ever heard of the Paska (or the FFA), but "Good Job" anyway. You deserve it! Ted
Heyo Tomas, Congrats on the FFA. Bout damn' time some "offical" Fantasy bodies recognised the work net authors do to keep the games alive ;) By the way, love the Lord of Illusions stuff, just curious Adam
The conversation between Alindyar and Tonberry in this most recent episode has made me think of something. If reality and illusion are the same thing, and illusion actually alters reality... Can an extremely powerful illusionist disbelieve in reality, knowing it to be the same thing as illusion, in order to escape the adverse effects of such a reality, such as a fireball, etc? Also, once powerful enough, an illusionist could become any other type of mage by creating the illusion of a summoning, or of a teleportation. Is this correct? Could an illusionist create the illusion of making a wish and reap the benefits when they wanted to, but disbelieve when they needed the constitution? Just some theory. Hope it at least gave you something to laugh at. Bryan
I usually don't write any fanmail, but now that I'm writing you anyway I might as well say that the level of the stories has been very good, despite the fact that I usually don't like adventures of high-level characters like the adventurers now are, I have been enjoying your stories greatly. Still, I'm anxiously looking forward to the next saga :) Markus
Great, great GREAT. I've always loved illusions, and Alindyar's story arc has me bouncing on my chair every time I get a new story. You've mentioned many a time that this isn't a campaing (and so, you don't have to explain everything), and it's a good thing that you _don't_ ;). Anyway, I'm not complaining about anything, but just thought to mail you and say that you run one of the most intriguing story lines I've ever seen. Keep up the good work! (and _pleeease_ write more and more and more and more and MORE! ;) By the way, are you still going to keep listing Alindyar as an 18th level wizard? I don't remember (been a while since I looked into the old 2nd edition player's handbook) whether drow have level limits, but if they do, are you going to stick to them? (OK, I know you bent the rules with Peyote, but one has to ask ;). Another thing about wizards, do you stick to the spells-per-level-per-day code? I've always fancied the SP system, myself, but you used (I've read the Adventurers through and through about 5-6 times, I _know_ ;) the splpd system (nice abbreviation, ne?) and... <insert lost trail of thought here and end question>? Anyway, as I already said, keep up the good work! -Markus
Damn Strait with your remarks. Its a story for peat sakes.. and a darn good one at that :) keep up the good work.. its definitely getting interesting with this story arch. Steven
Hell yeah! That's the way it should be. I can't wait to see what Alyndar busts out on the guy who's stalking him & Lyra :D Eric
[from here down was added on wednesday 15 november 2000] But first i wanted to congratulate you on the great story arc of hell in Hellgate. As hard as they are to write I guess we love them more. Also the grand schemes are simply more interesting then the small minor stories, but I guess they are needed to. Bottom line is the stories are great and keep up the good work.
Wont get a chance to read this one till tomorrow morning. But I've got a quick question (i've just completed a blitzkrieg reading to catch-up from 600 to 680 ... once I start I cant stop) -- Peldor's true past (his origins) has never been discovered or revealed has it? Will it? If not (and forgive me if I missed it) then it might make a worthwhile quest for someone like Peldor who has settled down now and is maturing well. -mnh
[from here down was added on monday 20 november 2000] firstly, thanks for the fantastic stories! I only discovered them very recently, but I've voraciously read all up to current date! (Yes, I did read your reminder that whilst this has only taken me a month or so, it's taken quite a few years for you! And I really do appreciate them.) Adam
Damn, I like Gorin. I hope he figures prominently in the "Next Generation" of Adventurers, if you decide to continue with it (PLEASE!!!! ;-). BTW, I think Otto is my favorite character. Dark, mysterious, kicks ass, doesn't have 5,000,000 special powers -- just a keen wit & lots of natural talent. It's cool now that we know some of his background... Eric
>notes: Gorin is one of those supporting characters I like to revisit > every once in a while. Nice. It's a really dark and wet november here in Norway, it has been raining for months (or at least it feels so); a new episode of your Adventurers really makes it more enjoyable to start a new day at work :) -- Hevard
Hey Thomas, Another great work. Nice setup for an eventual confront between "our" drow and Rasimov D'Arkayn. I was thinking the same thing as Alindyar - if he (or I)'d had the chance to word the wish, it would have been something like "I wish that the one responsible for these acts be teleported to this location to answer for this crime." The disappearance of the tattoos really sparks my curiosity. Whether their power or time was used up, or some other explanation, I hope you will someday clue us (if not him) in. What comes to mind is a comment you made *way* back (ep 71) about occasionally removing unfitting items from the party - did you perhaps think that the tattoos were *too* powerful? Wishing a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Ben
[from here down was added on monday 27 november 2000] > Peyote: Karnaj, or I'm a monkey's uncle. > Daffodil: Impossible - neither of us have any siblings. This has got to be your best line in ages. Happy thanksgiving Thomas. Miq
thanks for the last two episodes; i am slowly making my way through the third 'book' from your archives; your comments regarding the characters as you see them now are really interesting when reading work you did c. 8 years ago. keep up the good work; i admire your constitution! Andrew
Does Alindyar have to cast the new spells (or the variations) in the usual way? Still? Markus
Hey, how's it going, I'm a long-time reader, 2nd-time e-mailer. Two things I wanted to e-mail you about. First, I just wanted to drop a line, like so many other fans I'm sure, and say what great writing you do! I've been reading the Adventurers for several years now and it's given me a lot to consider when I role-play. The second was the other writing you do which is occasionally posted on the site. I love reading your rants. It gives us a chance to peer into the life of the author, the things that bother him, and plus is pretty damn comical at times. I can relate a lot about the cell phone issues and the gym jerks. You should post things more often, us fans get a kick out of your life (but don't think I don't have one of my own too!). Thanks for all your submissions, and keep up the good work! ~Jason
I noticed at the end of 694 you mentioned you gave a damn about Belphanior and co. I too enjoy these characters, but my true favorites are Alindyar and Peldor. I hope you don't let their characters suffer while concentrating on Belphanior. Thanks, Tyler
I like the Lord of Illusions, Tonberry, I believe his name was. Cool stuff, Thomas. You really know how to right. Ys is very cool. Well, may you keep writing for a long time (because it is REALLY good stuff), and have a successful life in general. Tyler
Hi! I've been reading your stories for quite a long time, and I finally thought I should E-mail you. Anyway, the first thing I'll say is GREAT JOB! My favorite plotline was definetely the shapeshifter one. Kept me in suspense the whole time! Julia
Love it! Love it! Love it! Just wanted you to know that ;) MORE ALINDYAR! Markus
[from here down was added on friday 8 december 2000] > notes: As I type this, AD&D 3rd edition is out. As before, the short > answer is "no" - I will not be converting or adopting. If I was still > playing, or still heavy into stats and rules like four hundred episodes > ago, the answer might be "yes." But, that's not the case. I may check > out the rules sometime, but that's all. Most of it isn't really that different, so no big deal. What did change when I flipped through it in the bookstore, is that the production values are up by several hundred percent. I was impressed - it bodes well for the game. Joe
I have personally refused to switch mid-campaign. Even if you did want to change, it would effect the story world. - Brian
> Tell me more - what major changes would the new system cause in a gaming > world? Well, I'm not entirely sure, as I do not play it. I've heard numerous things via the message board, though. From what I understand, not only are classes and races revised to a *somewhat* mild extent, the magic, combat, and saving throw systems have been drastically altered. I would suggest staying with your new, more fantasy-oriented style of writing. - Brian
AD&D? If I wanted AD&D, I'd go buy Baldur's Gate II. Your stories long ago transcended dice and rules. Hey, did you get the idea for those cool bat-unded from Blade? You know, the soul-things at the end that come from the 13 vampires? Eric
Hello Thomas, A few comments on the recent stories, I just got them from the web this week. I hate that Peldor lost his tattoos! I know you're always trying to keep the stories fresh but that was cheap. It kind of sounds like a Ring of Three Wishes type behavior, after the third one, it's useless or disappears altogether. If that's the case, what happens if different people have the feather tattoos from the same bird? When the person with the "Wish" tattoo uses the last one, they all loose their tattoos or does just that person? Or is it something entirely different? Either way, I don't like the idea. Moving on, did Alindyar ever tell the group the Earth Elemental was an illusion? It could be a problem if he didn't. The group might be expecting much more of him then he can actually do. Although, you hinted at how illusions can be just as deadly as the real thing when you're powerful enough when he was training with the Master of Illusions. This brings up another point, Alindyar was wise enough to know his illusions would have little or no affect on mindless undead but, what affect would they have on the more powerful and sentient undead? Being undead, they have certain imunities/advantages. For instance, a lich may not actually have functioning eyes but he can still see, his skin is rotting but he can still sense touch and temperature (not that it affects him much), etc. How would this hinder illusions? I would think low level one or two sense illusions would be useless but Alindyar's illusions are as real as it gets. From what the Master said, you're just reshaping reality (kind of like the Matrix?!?). This level of illusion would be targeted at the thinking brain not just the physical senses, I would think. That would lead to them being affective against any creature that has higher brain functions regardless of the physical form or state. Maybe the undead's senses being different, Alindyar won't really know how the perceive reality therefore he won't be as effective altering it believably for them. I don't know, that's your call, I'm interested to see how you handle it. I don't suppose you have any comments on it now? It definitely sounds like Alindyar and Lyra are itching to take out their fustrations/anger on some poor unsuspecting evil doers. I think the others will get a new found respect for both of them and their abilities. Alindyar has always been very powerful but he is much more deadly now. Lyra has developed some very useful spells that she can show off here. Did she perfect her electrical elemental? That would be fun to have around! I must say, camping right outside the cave opening is stupid! If they wanted to camp, they should have gone back up the "stairs" to the canyon ridge. I guess these stairs are like the stone bridge in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie... I think they should have pressed on, like Halbarad said, the "ruler" will just have more time to prepare. On the other hand, the party will have more time to prepare also. They should definitely do some scrying, divining, etc. to find out more info and make a game plan for dealing with powerful undead. If nothing else, Rob could educate them on the powers and abilities of the various undead as well as their weaknesses and the best way to kill them. I look forward to the rest of this arc like it was a Belphanior story line.... Back to Peldor, as guild master, he should have been getting info from all his considerable sources since the day the body was discovered. He should have at least some bits and pieces of info as to who did this, or more likely, where he stayed and some of what he did. There can't be very much that goes on without the Thieves Guild knowing about it! How come non of the Circle of Eight came to the defense of their good friend and colleague at his time of need? (Maybe their true friend didn't have to waste his wish! I like the comment about that being the most nobel use of a wish...) This alone is reason enough for the Drow to leave them and the school of magic behind! It seems that is where you're going with them... Just a few ideas and comments... Thanks for the stories, Bob
> Tattoos: he's had them for ten years! I don't find them cheap > at all, to vanish as they did after that long. > > I haven't given the process of illusions and their effects any > thought at all yet. the goal was to make the readers think, so > I guess it worked... > > On the tomb and undead: you've made the same assumption as all > of the party members about to venture inside, and a number of > readers as well: that the place is swarming with undead. So my > plan worked... > > The body in the drows' mansion...the scary thing here is supposed > to be that nobody _can_ figure it out! This implies a powerful > foe at work there... > > tm
Thomas, In regard to the tattoos, I guess I never like to loose a good thing. I know I would have been pretty upset if I lost them but, what can you do about it? Life goes on, you adapt or die... When I first started playing, our DM, the only one with any prior experience, got us into a high magic campaign. This was fine for the lower and middle levels, he just through more of everything at us and we loved it. Once we got to high levels, say 14th and above, we were beating everything he through at us. So, his approach was to take away our magic and he did it in very cheesy ways. I would have preferred much tougher campaigns but I guess it's pretty hard for one person to out think 6. We still had fun and maybe adjusting to the changes made it better, I don't know... Your stories definately do make the readers think, that is a big part of the appeal. I'm sure many people like yourself and myself don't get to play much, or at all, so these stories are our fix. Since we get very involved with the characters and they really make us think, it's a great substitute. I find myself caring about some of the characters (Belph, Peldor, the drow) as if they were my own. I think the character development was excellent and probably because each character had its own creator originally. That's what makes continuing this story line more appealing to me than starting a new one. On the other hand, I'll read anything you write... I'm looking forward to where this story goes. If this group defeats Xusia, Belphanior just might owe them one! That would be interesting. Imagine if Belphanior shows up too, tracking down his unfinished business... Thanks, Bob.
[from here down was added on friday 15 december 2000] Just a note of thanks. I've been following your writing for many years now, and truly enjoy the stories you tell. I suspect that there is a lot of time and energy on your part that goes into creating this stories. Your effort is appreciated. So thank-you for your past efforts, and thank-you for continuing into 2001. Paul
Great story, as usual. Also, I'm glad to hear that you'll be writing in 2001! Yea! Have a great holiday season - Ted
Hum... Alindyar seemed to be "just" (;) another mage in this adventure... maybe he didn't think that this adventure was worthy of his new spellcasting powers? ;) Markus
This isn't like the greatest treasure in Robin: Men In Tights, and then at the end the key doesn't fit, is it? One last thing, will we see the hinted at Greyhawk Wars this year? Seth
Bravo. Another arc ended (for now?), and another story well told. It seemed a bit of a sudden end, and left too much of a loose ending, but I'm sure you'll get around to the primary confrontation that we all know that this is leading up to. Arthur
Hooray! -Angelos
Congrats on the 700th. Hope you feel like going on until at least the 1000th. <g> ... hate mail from some high school student here? Need to get some sense beaten into him? ;) And happy Christmas and New Year. Been nice to have something worthwhile reading. -- joeru
great stuff!! exemplary work, as usual Tyler
[from here down was added on wednesday 3 january 2001] IIRC, the beginning of Nov 1991 was the first post of Adventurers. That makes them 9 years old. Happy Birthday. wayne
Hello Mr. Miller, I like what you are doing with the current story arc, but I detect a sort of rushing to get the story done and over with. I know that you would prefer to do just Belphanoir stories, however I feel that you can make the other characters stand out. Particularly the Granola bunch, specifically Halbred so to get to the point of the e-mail I was going to suggest that read White Plume Mountain by Paul Kidd. In the story their is a ranger who calls himself the Justicar and goes around borderlands surrounding the lands of Iuz and fights for the common man. He is also particularly ruthless and efficient when it comes to dispencing Justice, he murdered a paladin just for killing a hell hound who the Justicar had worked a deal with. I hope you would take this suggestion as nothing more than a suggestion of a fan who would like for your work to not suffer due to lack of personality of a few characters. Patrick
awww, that's a shame. I really want to know more about Peldor: he's my favorite of the characters you write about I mean, you've got what, 300 episodes left? I wish you'd do something about that, but then, it is your material to do with as you please. So far, you've never disappointed me. From Epic 1 to 4, the lost stories, the specials and the prologue, you've never written anything that I consider less than awesome. I can't wait to see what the next 300 episodes hold for the Adventurers. I know you don't want to do many more adventures where everyone gets together, but do you still take fan ideas for other sorts of story ideas? Thanks, Tyler
Tom-- I've been an avid follower of your series for several years. I was on your mailing list for a good 2 years ( -- sad to say i don't go to that school any more, speaking of could u throw me on for this addy?) Anyway, I've been a little out of the series recently and have had a burning question. I heard recently that WotC released rights for D&D related material. Now, i'm not sure if it was for software purposes only, but I would like to know if you have made any advancement in maintaining some kind of 'mutual bond' with WotC about maybe publishing, etc. Also, as a side thought, I thought it would be real cool to see the stories put to some kind of computer animation deal. Not something I really can do, but it would be neat to see. Drop me a reply, and keep up the good work!! Christian
well, i am quite enamored with all of your work so far, and look forward to this panagaea arc. hmm, a lost race... interesting... not that you need my approval in any way, but when i read that you are going to shift focus almost solely to belphanior, it made my week. he is without a doubt my favorite character, has been since the first episode, and i can't wait for more. i would like to throw in a little side thought, though... mongo and bosco make a wonderful supporting cast for the mad elf, especially the way mongo takes some of the wind out of belphanior's sails and keeps him from getting too far out of control. but bravo bravo bravo. your final conclusion in helgate left me in awe. wonderful. and when you said you were thinking of ending the series with a final defeat, i was saddened to say the least. i am confident, however, that you can pull it off. something on your rantings, though. it occurred to me that you might get a little hate-mail based on your selection of mistresses. i would be interested in hearing if you got any, and how much. exquisite taste, by the way... and you mentioned a snot-nosed brat from finland who has been sending you hate-mail, that is some fan mail i would love to see... as i am sure many of us fans would. perhaps slip his email address in there too... eagerly awaiting the new year (and episode 701), alan
[from here down was added on thursday 18 january 2001] hi Thomas, Happy New Year! Great story with 701. It's good to see the remaining vampire hunters tag along. A very powerful group indeed. Just a question....Belphanior has been 14/14/14 level for some time. Is this it for him? I thought he'd be a bit higher by now. Same for Razor Charlie, who is level 9. I noticed that Jutokai went up between Epic III and Epic IV. Love the stories!! Quinny
I liked this episode (702)! Haha, Belphanior's got a love life again. I was just reading some Raymond Feist (the Serpentwar Saga) and I have to say, as entertaining as the books were, you're ten times the writer that he is. Curse TSR a thousand times for not giving you the opportunity to show that! Eric
Allo, Just wanted to send a short note to say thanks. In early december I was just searching through on Yahoo for GreyHawk and Adventure related material when I discovered links pointing towards the pages relating the stories of the Adventurers. Well here it is about a month later and have caught up reading to the latest (#702). I have been a fan of GreyHawk related material since way back. Your efforts have brought to life the realm of Oerth. Your descriptions and details are very vivid and enticing drawing the reader into the story and character specifics. Again thanks Mentem Mist
> And then there were others, like the individual who'd covertly slipped > a special coin in with the ones Bosco had dropped and subsequently had > to gather. Kudos for this one. As much as I like the Adventures, the best stories always envolve others who are in conflict with them. I can't wait to see this thread envolve. The addition of the sage Neera was a good choice as well. Adding someone with the knowledge to give background info who isn't necessarily able to take care of herself will provide a great plot device. Perhaps she has some untradtional spells that are only available to sages. Things such as "Heal Parchment" (reduces the age of parchment by 10yrs/lvl of spell caster.) >Belphanior: ...of course. (he holds up a heavy stone) What about this? >Arvthar: (examining the thing) Hmm. >Belphanior: What? >Arvthar: I'm working on it. (he casts a scrying spell, then grimaces) > Good gods! (he eyes the elf) Had any ill fortune lately? >Belphanior: Uh...could be. Why? >Arvthar: This is a stone of ill fortune, also known as a stone of bad > luck, also known as a lodestone. I just loved the lodestone. It explains quite a bit about Belph. Someone such as him would tend to get in trouble frequently, but this just puts it over the top. Perhaps some insight as to when he may have first picked up the stone may be in order. It would definately make for interesting converstation with Otto. Marc
Yea - they're off! I'm looking forward to this story. Shouldn't Belphanior get rid of that load stone? Maybe Boltar would help him out. Ted
>notes: We've just about gotten all of the BS out of the way - next > episode will really get things kicked off. Good, don't mean to offend you, but action is action and words are words. <g> > General notes on this quest: the tomb itself will be a significant > challenge, a blend of various great tombs and crypts in fiction and > nonfiction. I'm studying Egyptian pyramids and burial places, places > like the Money Pit (where people have been trying unsuccessfully to dig > up treasure for 200+ years) and more. Of course, there are always the > gaming resources, like _Tomb of Horrors_ and _Return to the Tomb of > Horrors_ and also the _Grimtooth's Traps_ series. Nice to see that you're paying enough attention to this quest. Getting your hands on the biggest treasure (supposedly) in the world shouln't be a peace of cake. <g> I'm of course somewhat disturbed by the fact that uncovering the supposed position of this treasure took only about (checks earlier mails) two and a half months for them... considering some archeologists who search for treasures all their life, then again, magic is an immense help in a job like this. Especially all-knowing oracles. <g> joeru
Hi Thomas - I just wanted to say that I enjoy the Adventurers as much today as I did when I first discovered them over a year ago. You're doing a great job. My friends and I are getting ready to start a 3rd edition campaign, and I still refer to your stories from time to time for inspiration. I was reading the latest episodes, and the thought struck me that Bosco's ferrets haven't been seen for a while. Did he leave them at the Green Dragon, or did he bring them on the quest with him. He sure could've used them in the last town - a few of his ferrets on the loose in that tavern could've caused some interesting situations.... anyhow - keep up the good work. later--------- tjc
>notes: Oh, yeah. My thoughts exactly. Plus maybe "Wheee!". This's gonna be fun. Great intro to the story arc so far, Thomas. Can't wait for the rest. mike
[from here down was added on friday 26 january 2001] I've encountered your Adventurers series sometime in the beginning of the 90's... And I've enjoyed them immensely. I'm quite excited about writing to you :-) A friend of mine told me about, and I was thrilled to find out you've continued on. I think you have an amazing talent for writing. The way you've captured and wrote down the characters is truely inspiring. All in all, I would like to thank you for writing the series and wish you a most wonderful life! :-) All the best Uri
Hi Thomas, Great Story. Plenty of intrigue and excitement. This is a tough bunch of misadventurers. They will give the adventurers a really rough time if they do meet up. It would be interesting if both groups can get into the tomb of Panagae and go down different routes, facing different challenges, before meeting up to fight the mother of all challenges (on the par of the Tarrasque) at the very end. If Belphanior's group is found, can't a divination from someone like Rob tell them how it was done ? About Neera the sage, if she accompanies the group, she should be given armour (robes +2) and some kind of scroll so that she can return to the airship or home in case of danger. In a melee, she will be a real liability (easily toasted with a fireball) I have been greatly enjoying your weekly stories and look forward to reading about them all further. Thank you and Happy New Year. Philip.
Thanks in advance, and also thanks for the great Adventurers series. Matti
Well I like it when you portray the enemy point of view in a story, even if there are no Adventurers in it. I immediately thought of the band when I saw "Lord Rammstein". They're touring here in Australia as part of the Big Day Out (outdoor music festival). cheers, Adam
I don't see how anybody could complain about that was very well- written, and, as you said, quite necessary to establish the villains! I can't wait until they meet :) Eric
I have been reading your stories now for over 2 months now, and ive finally caught up to you. Asa gamer of 16 yrs and a DM for 10 of them, I must say you have done a excellent job of capturing the essesnce of the games. I was truley impressed. As I read I could see the changes in writing style and sophistication. Like I said...truley impressed. Daniel
that one CERTAINLY got my attention. Good job. oh and thanks for the adventures... Hud
Er, hi.
Having read these stories of yours (the Adventurers) for about a year now, and only just having come up to date, I just thought I'd let you know what I thought: The death of Ged's father, I thought, was well done, emphasising how different a death in the family is when family memebers can live over a thousand years... I liked all the storylines where you fleshed out "NPC's", meaning the non-main group characters, ie, the misadventurer's, and this new bunch of nemise's for Belphanior's crew. Speaking of which, can we have more of the Misadventurer's sometime? And what about those strange bunch of evil-doer's up the mountains? The suspense is killing me.... Anyhoo, keep up the good work. I can't say there has been a storyline that disappointed me yet. Except Oerth-2, but that ended well, and you seemed to be trying to find your feet. Best of Luck, Brian
> I am counting on hearing some complaints from some readers: why did > you have to destroy the skyship? First Helgate, now the skyship? Why? > Why, why, why? Well, I already said it before: change happens, and > life isn't fair. I agree, shit happens. > Besides, the plot mechanism I've had in place for > Belphanior for so long (base in Helgate, anywhere else reachable via > skyship) was getting old. It will be interesting to see the group on > horseback for a change. I can say from experience as a DM, it's a really good idea to get rid of stuff that isn't working for you. My players get sort of mad sometimes, but I think that on some level they also recognize the smoother gameplay. Plus, I'm not exactly obvious about it -- my favorite thing is to roll a lot of die behind my screen, and tell them that the losses were random. - Brian
> I am counting on hearing some complaints from some readers: why did > you have to destroy the skyship? First Helgate, now the skyship? Why? > Why, why, why? Well, I already said it before: change happens, and > life isn't fair. Besides, the plot mechanism I've had in place for > Belphanior for so long (base in Helgate, anywhere else reachable via > skyship) was getting old. It will be interesting to see the group on > horseback for a change. Well, no complaints here. So many of the authors that write published novels become too afraid to hurt or change their characters. And any change that does happen is always in those characters' best interests. Maybe that's why I've been able to keep reading these stories after 7 years now (man, it's been a long while) without getting bored. I dunno. Another note... without horseback travel, there never would have been the Fog episode with Belph, Otto, and Rillen, which is probably one of my favourites. Anyway, screw the complainers. Never thought I'd say this, but "keep it real". :-) mike
Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy reading your episodes. It really cheers up my otherwise dull mornings twice a week. Regarding whether it was fair, appropriate or downright nasty to write off the sky ship, I feel that high level pc's/npc's often get to the stage where 'stuff', particularly travel, is downright easy (and thus boring). Their reaction to the loss of their transport, and the way in which they will all get home, will make interesting reading. Further, simplicity is good. It is extremely satisfying when one powerful, but relatively simple 'monster', can cause so much damage and disruption, especially to a party whose combined levels must be well into the hundreds. After all, lower level pc's always seem to get really good 'breaks' when the odds are reversed. How many times have b & co escaped or cheated death when pitted against far more powerful creatures, mosters or npc's over the last few years? It may teach b & co some humility, but I doubt it. Andrew
[from here down was added on monday 5 february 2001] Thanks for all the entertainment. I broke my ankle a few years back and the Adventurers made it that much more tolerable while I recuperated. Your work is very much appreciated. -Warren
Thomas: First off, your stories are really cool. I'd pay money for them, and am glad I don't have to. Some misc. notes on you progress (as of 709): You've been beating on Belphanior a lot. I hope he finds several artifacts in da tomb. Possibility: The adventurers find the tomb looted long ago, with only small amount of money and a magic item or two. However, that magical item would be a focus for that time walk spell you gave Belphanior. Heh heh heh. . . . Also, Peldor deserves the award for too stupid to live with his waste of a wish. Why didn't he wish for the rogue drow to appear in fromt of him?!? (I know: Plot. However, it continues to beat down on Peldor's character. If you feel the urge to kill on an Adventurer permanently (or even temporarily), chose Peldor. He sucks. You might have him will his teek ring (that's slang for Ring of Telekinesis) to Bosco, just for the havoc it would cause. A loyal fan (who hates Peldor), Robert
Don't let a few morons (regarding the faked Paska award) get you down or let you become discouraged. Some people just thrive or idiocy. Go figure. If I thought it'd help I'd give ya the prestigious (?) Schroeder Award. On the other hand, I am greatly enjoying the latest thread with Belphanior and crew. I lived on an Island in the Carribean for a while and the storyline is bringing back lots of memories. Just for kicks let Bosco somehow get to ride on a Roc! <grin> Maybe even just for a "short hair-rasing accidental thing" during a combat, etc. If anything would cure his desire for a "pet Roc" I'm pretty sure that would do it. Keep up the great work! Chip
It is a shame that the Paska award was not real. In my mind, I don't think it matters much because from my reading experience (and this spans hundreds of books), you are one of the best writers around. Your stories are gripping with plenty of intrigues and excitements, contain seemingly real life characters with desires and emotions that we can all relate with. I would happily pay top price for your exciting stories just as I would for any best selling novels. The only compaint I have is that there aren't more or longer stories :-). You mentioned earlier that you would like to farm out the writing. I think that this is a great idea. The main plot and sub-plots have become so big that they would take forever to write by one person with limited time. Why not concentrate yourself on the main plot and farm out the smaller sub-plots to other people stating your intentions for each sub-plot, and overall character descriptions and writing time limit, while allowing people free rein to fill in the details ? You can try this out with say 3 to 5 writers, with the sub-plot set in the future (i.e. they will be published in 6 - 8 months time anyway so even if the stories don't turn out to your liking, you can always throw them in the bin and write the stories yourself). This way there is a reasonable chance that someone with an acceptable style to your liking will appear and the pace of the overall storyline will accelerate instead of the present slow drip which is very frustrating. I understand that there is a risk that no one of an acceptable skill will pop up and you will waste your time for nothing but hey, no pain, no gain. Why not take the risk ? The loss in small because you need to define the storyline anyway while the potential reward can be great. What do you think ? Philip
Greets. I agree, the morons that decided to pull this stunt are pathetic little snerts. Folk like that should have their genitals removed with a red-hot spoon. You do have a better award, though. The loyalty of your honest fans. It's not something you can stick on your wall or polish and show to your friends, but it's there, and I figure it's a lot more valuable. Wyrenth
"Any landing you can walk away from is a good one." I think Chuck Yeager says that, in "The Right Stuff". Your stories are still as good as ever, keep going (especially with Belphanior!). It would be nice to see some more of Peldor, too, but back with an adventure, not only as a nice guy in the background... Are you truly going to present the GH Wars events, or do you intend to kill all/most adventurers before that ? (I don't truly exepct an answer to that one...) It sure would be nice to see Mongo in the battle of Celene Pass... " The Battle of Celene Pass was bloody and hard-fought. The advance scouts of the League of Right (as the defenders styled themselves) had just reached a sharp bend in the pass when they sighted the first orcs, advance scouts like themselves. By order of Rourk Splinterstone of the Ulek dwarves, the scouting party, no more than 200 strong, piled up a hasty barricade of dirt and stone--a wedge-shaped redoubt along the far side of the pass " Best wishes for you in your professional carreers and your personal life ; hope you still find time to go on with the saga ! T
I haven't written in in awhile, but just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed them since episode 80 when I 1st started reading them all those years ago. I'm sorry those guys form Finland jerked you around, but your writing is very enjoyable, and has inspiried me considerably in my own D&D campaign. Keep up the great work! Wright