Adventurers Fan Mail after chapter 675

[from here down was added on friday 3 november 2000]



Damn, but it looks like Belphanior would love to have these two (
perhaps he already has... ) . Perhaps Soulkiller is another name for
Blackrazor? =)
Another small thing. You remember Thunderdelve? Of course you do, with
Mongo, Yod et all that cleaned it thoroughly. Well, there's a thing down
there that I really liked. That's the hall of mirrors. I thought the
idea was incredibly cool. And I wondered if, in one episode ( perhaps a
special one? ) you will let us see what all the mirrors should reflect (
some were broken, remember? ) on all the adventurers, not just Mongo,
Gorin and Bosco. I would just love that. Dunno if you can actually make
it, but I still I pitched the idea.

Keep the good work up!.

Max du Jardin

PS : I'm very happy my favorite supporting Adventurer ( Rob ) will be
around for as long as the elves while all the other humans won't! You
really made my day when you gave him his special chain mail... Long live
Rob!!! =)

I really like the current happenings with Peyote, Rob et al. A nice break from the Belphanior-Mongo slaughter. These characters are refreshing, and especially Peldor is nice to see once in a blue moon. I do hope you're planning on making this story a bit complex, It's got the makings of a great one. Keep going! Samppa
Hi, I was just about to email you asking to bring the Iron Dwarf back, and what lands in my mailbox? :-) It looks like things are about to become *really* interesting. The shark POV was hilarious. (BTW, you can stretch AD&D rules and spells and monsters all you want and you'll never hear a complaint from me. I had actually assumed that you'd given up strict adherence to the rules in favor of story a long time ago...) -- James
Hello Thomas! I think that the last time I e-mailed you was more than 2 years ago... Anyway, now that I re-read chapters books 1-26 of the series straight (during the last 2 months, that's 11 chapters per day on the average, up until chapter #625), I must again express my gratitude that you decided to continue releasing the stories. They're one of the best fantasy pieces I've ever had the pleasure to read; more than that, you actually made me like the _Greyhawk_ setting, expanding it and bringing it to life right in front of my eyes. A shame it took me some time to catch up. No more lagging for me, now... I'm gonna subscribe to your mailing list :) Keep up the good work! Your first (but not only) reader in Israel, MarK
Hi, Thomas. This has probably been mentioned by 90% of your readers but just in case ... Did you take Kael out of the film Willow? I'm enjoying the direction you are taking, having Xusia affect most of the adventurers, wherever they are. However, you might have a problem keeping all the adventurers alive THIS time. I mean, there've got to be people/things more powerful than them and this group of villains might just be those people/things. Paul
HALLOWEEN FANMAIL > This story was born of just about every senseless horror movie I've > ever seen. I mean the ones where you kind of sit back and wonder if > there are really people that fucked up, out there, somewhere... Hi, Have you ever seen a Chinese swordfighting movie? Your inn sounds very much like what would be called a "black inn" in such movies, with one exception - your victims are not minced, cooked and served to subsequent guests. I'm not joking. Such an inn was the theme of a rather well-known Chinese period movie "Dragon Gate Inn". If you made up the inn purely in your mind, then the resemblance is uncanny. Regardless, I've enjoyed your stories for many years. Thanks. Lai-Chang Woo
That _worked_. Thank you. Roger
Outstanding. I was actually racing to read it faster to see what happened next. I am writing an adventure about an insane asylum and cannibalism is the perfect secret to the "hospital". Anyway, a very well written story, I can tell your brain is filled with countless hours of crappy horror flicks too. :) ...Eric
Good story. It's just like Otto to matter-of-factly destroy all of that abomination in one fell swoop. I like him. - Brian
Hello Thomas, I finally got a chance to read the ending of the 1998 Halloween story. It did seem a little abrupt but not unbelievable. I actually wasn't sure where we left it off last time, I think just after the big explosion. I was good to finally have a finish to that story. I especially like two lines in the story, both right at the end: Peldor: Not again! Ged: Who wants to be dead... Nice touch, a little blast from the past sarcastic humor and a little foreshadowing. I thought Peldor denied he was ever ripped in half?!? Will he have two scars now? It was good to see Peldor use his TK ring against the creature. Just like the old days, particularly in the Under Dark. Why didn't he do it to the last one? He could have moved it anywhere and held it there while the spell casters blasted it. I know that is boring but if something works, you stick with it... A thought, how come none of the magic users thought to use a major globe of invulnerability? It would protect them from attack but let them cast spells. If I remember correctly, the major form is also mobile, centered on the caster. The minor one is not mobile but could still protect you until the creature is dead... Also, I thought Belphanior had a cube of force? That is definitely mobile and would also protect them from attack. One of my first characters, a half-orc fighter/assassin, had one and used it to get out of a few hairy situations. (with only 4 of them left intact, they could all fit inside the Cube of Force) Let me ask you this, if you create a spherical wall of force, is it mobile? This question had come up a few times. Once, on a sea adventure, I created one and tried to use it like an Atlas Sphere from American gladiators. I figured if I ran in it like a little rat in a wheel, I could ram other ships and damage them. The DM said it was stationary even though it was created just above the water. I figured most of the "wall of" spells have to be anchored or they fall so a spherical wall of force filled with air should float on the water... A worthy try... For the weapons melted by the acid, were you giving them any save against acid or did you just assume this acid was too tough? I think it would be. What about Mongo's Invulnerable Coat of Arnd? It's supposed to be indestructible... Maybe you avoided that one purposefully. The artifacts at least deserve a chance to save against the acid... A nice touch would have been to have Peldor bring out the "odd weapons from the other world" they found in New Orleans... Or would it be too corny to have them shoot the creatures with grenade launchers... Thanks for the reading... Bob