Final Fan Mail

First off I wanted to write to you and congratulate you on 600 awesome 
episodes of the Adventurers.  I have to be honest and tell you that 
while I have them all, I haven't read throught them.  I discovered your 
website a month ago and have made it through the first 100 or so.  They 
are incredible!  Once, long time ago, I tried to chronicle the 
adventures of my AD&D group but for one reason or another I gave up on 
the idea and went on to other writing projects.  Well after reading some 
of yours I was inspired to drag them back out and take a look at them, 
eventually rewriting the first few chapters.  I changed them into a 
narrative format much like yours and wouldn't you know it, they were 
easier and more fun to read.  Since then I have read your email about 
taking a break after #600 for a year and I have to tell you that the 
Adventurers will be sorely missed.  But that brings up an idea.  I want 
to post my writings on my website (always have) and now I think it would 
be a great time.  I could fill in the void that the Adventurers would 
leave.  I am sending you the first 5 chapters of my story (not to worry 
they are only 10-15k a piece -- easy, quick reading) to get your opinion 
and hopefully a link to my site off yours.  If you like them maybe you 
could advertise a little for me?  My story is strictly for 
entertainment, I don't want any $$$ or anything like that.  I just feel 
that the adventures of my old AD&D party is an interesting story to 

Thanks in advance for any help/constructive criticism that you can 


>    Damn, but 7+ years is a long time to write constantly...
>    Well, this is it, for at least one year:  no new Adventurers.  I
>  don't really have much to say; just realize that I try to keep my
>  stories' characters moving along as they would in real life, and
>  part of that is marriage, pregnancies, and children.  However, I
>  have no desire to write about anyone raising children.  No desire
>  at all.  Rather than worry over this dilemma, I am turning my full
>  creative energies toward some new projects, which will materialize
>  (finally!) in 1999.

Man, it's been great.  I first found the Adventurers about 4 or 5 years ago
at an FTP site somewhere.  Read all the episodes then, and then lost track
of it for about 2 years.  Then I went hunting for it again during a time
where I was looking for something to read.  I finally found it an discovered
that you were still writing.  Eventually got hooked up with the mailing list
and have just enjoyed getting those stories from time to time.  Things have
certainly come a long long way.  You have much to be proud of!

Are you planning on sending out any of your 1999 projects on the mailing
list?  I was hoping you would.  It gives me something to look forward to in
the mail over the next year.  If not, perhaps you would consider starting a
new mailing list for those who want to receive your 1999 work...

Once again, many thanks for the excellent stories, and here's to the quick
arrival of the year 2000.  (raises his glass in toast)


Hi Thomas,

Congratulations! An amazing accomplishment!

As you may have guessed, I've fallen pretty far behind due to work and
writing for TSR, but I still greatly enjoy your stories and try to read
a few from your website periodically.

Best wishes in your endeavors in the coming year and hopefully now I
have time to catch up! :-)


Hey Tom,

        Merry Christmas, congratulations on reaching 600, and a heartfealt thank you
for 7+ awesome years of work. Its been an absolute pleasure. Been reading your
stuff for almost seven years now, through college, and three jobs. One of those
happy constants that make the day a bit nicer. Thanks again...



Thanks for seven years of great storytelling.  I can't tell you what an
impact your tales have made, if only for the opportunity to look forward to
something.  You have accomplished what only a few other writers have
managed: to make me unconcious of everything but the story I was reading.

I've seen these guys grow from a pack of independent thinkers to a team and
back to free agency, and I have been amazed at the amount of effort you
obviously have put into these tales.  The development of these charaters as
individuals over the last 600 episodes is along the lines of what I like to
see in books or movies, and so rarely get.

I look forward to your new stuff in 1999, and a return to our adventuring
friends in 2000.

Happy Holidays,


Seeing as how it will be a while before you next put out an episode
of The Adventurers, I figured I might take the opportunity to send
a note of thanks; it's probably been a while since I last did so.

The series is ... simply marvellous, and while not every new episode
is equally brilliant, the fact in itself that there always more
"backstory" to take in account and more old hanging threads that have
opportunity to show up means that overall, after all these years, it
stills feels like it gets better for every week that passes!

It almost feels sad to part with the ol' gang for a year - especially
considering how it "ends"; the iron dwarf back in action, Peyote
with a bastard child (now THAT really produced a big grin from me)...

Still, I look forward to reading whatever other writing you produce;

Best of luck!

(...and now, an excellent opportunity to start rereading all the
OLD episodes again. 600 ... that'd make about ten every week -
perfect for reading one every evening and a few more on the
weekends :-))


hey Thomas,

Congratulations!  good work.

have fun,


Thanks, Thomas, for all of the years of stories.  Each development in
the adventuring group has been intriguing to follow.  I'm looking
forward to seeing your new projects, though I will always be looking
forward to another installment in the lives of my favorite adventurers.

So, until Orcus and Belphanior kiss and make up, make mine Adventurers!


   About a year ago (or maybe it was two years, or two weeks; I don't 
really have a strong grasp of time), I was messing around on your 
web-page and I read the first four episodes of that story series you 
were writing about the TSR space game, and it looked really cool.  I was 
wondering if you're going to continue work on that.



Congratulations on 600 great stories! I look forward to seeing the
different stuff you have hinted at for 1999. Good luck, and have a Happy


	I can't beleive it's over. *sob*

	I am REALLY going to miss The Adventurers, even if you do plan on 
writing something else. A year is much too long to wait for more. I do 
look forward to seeing what you will be doing now, but it just won't be 
the same. I hate saying goodbye to old friends.

	About your dilemma in writing about children. You've already stated you 
wanted to skip a good deal of time in between episode 600 and 601. Why 
not skip an even longer time than you intended, and wait until all The 
Adventurers' children are mostly grown up? Then you could write about 
them having adventures, in addition to stories involving the original 
cast. You also stated that Xusia would be waiting a long time to strike 
back, and that the iron dwarf is on the shores of a faraway land (and 
thus it would take him a while to get anywhere near the adventurers), so 
both these villans would be just about ready to come back into the 
picture then. Of coarse, it'll be a year before you can use this idea. 


Well Thomas,

  It has been one h*ll of a ride....
Your stories have made some of my days at work the only
bearable thing. It is with great sadness that I read your
last story. I hope that a year from now I will be able to
read them again.

Best of luck to you & thank you.



	I want to say it has been great reading your stories and I will 
miss them.  I cannot wait for you to begin writing new stories in 1999.

Take care,

>DC.  All Good Things...


THANK YOU and have a virtual pint on me!

Congratulations on achieving your goal... It has been a good read.  I am
looking forward to seeing whatever comes up next.

Thanks for the entertainment...


G'day Thomas,

>     Damn, but 7+ years is a long time to write constantly...

I've been reading Adventurers for almost that long (I got caught up way back
at about episode 60).

In short, thanks for many hours of enjoyment.



I have greatly enjoyed your stories, and will miss them.

Thank you, and have a good holiday.


Thanks for the 7 years!
It was a lot of fun!



That's a fantastic accomplishment.  Way to go.

have a very merry Christmas and a safe/happy new year,

> next:      if you see episode 601, it won't be until the year 2000!!!
I think I can say everybody on your mailing list sorry this....
But I like to thank you for your stories. It is great work!

Keep me on your list, I hope th next years work will be enyojable as well!

And I am looking forward to 2000 then.


The last time I wrote was after episode 500, and I felt I had to write
again on the sixth century to tell you that I have enjoyed every episode -
well, OK, _almost_ every episode (I'll be honest) since the first.

I hope that 1999 is a good year for you as much as I hope that the
Adventurers will eventually be resumed.  I can wait for that though,
especially if a year' hiatus will recharge the batteries.

Good luck in all your endeavours - I guess I'll just have to dig out
episode 001 again and take it from there.  I look forward to seeing your
other work.

Thanks once again for the entertainment that these tales have brought, and
best wishes for the coming year.



    All good things must come to an end, if this truely is the end.  If the
statement about always leaving them wanting more is true, then you have
suceeded.  I appreciate all the time you have spent bringing me the
characters that I've come to know.
    I'm sure that this idea has been mentioned before, but maybe it hasn't. 
You might want to do the Star Trek thing, where they ended the series, but
put out full length movies on occasion.  I believe that you have the
capability to produce a short story version of an adventure, but concede to
the fact that it is difficult.  I've attempted to write something longer
than 4 pages, but so far have been unable to keep my attention to the task
for any longer.
    I hope that you can achieve what I can not, mostly for selfish reasons. 
 ; )   Regardless, I look forward to reading whatever the future holds.

A silent but dedicated reader...


Thank you for years of Adventurers - I am looking forward to this new
patch of stories, and of course, to year 2000 to get more adventurers!


Merry Xmas!
Happy Birthday! (24th?)
Congratulations on completing 600 on the Saga!!
and a happy new year from your fans downunder!!!

All the best in 1999. Enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

BigThanks again for all the stories over the years.

Have a good one.

>> While I find this a fertile (sorry -- couldn't resist!) area for thought,
>> discussion and investigation, I won't be offended if you think it's a lot
>> of crap and simply ignore it.
>  Well, it's not that, but only two females are pregnant right now,
>and neither one is a mage, so I couldn't address it yet even if I
>wanted to.

Sorry -- my mistake.  I knew about Tanya of course but I was thinking that
Lyra was pregnant as well.  Not that I can recall where I got that idea
from though.  Hmmm ... I wonder how Alindyar would cope with that?  I can
see him being the typical nervous "pregnant father", fussing and
overprotective, and overreacting to all the little things that happen
during a pregnancy.

>  However, yes, I do think that children of unusual parents will
>inherit some of their traits.

I certainly agree with you here but I was thinking more of the direct
effects of the use of magic on both the mother and the unborn child, rather
than the genetic aspects, and how that use of magic could interfere,
nullify or even enhance those genetic aspects.

>> BTW:  I think you let the gang off a bit lightly in episode 596.  I would
>> have thought that Xusia would be a little better prepared than he *seemed*
>> to be.  Or did I miss something?  Anyway, I long ago figured him for a
>> long-term foe (for Belphanior especially) and knew that he would certainly
>> escape.  I will be very interested in seeing their next encounter.
>> Obviously Belphanior & co will be even better prepared for him by then too.
>  Yea, that is always a problem - whoever loses seems ill-prepared.
>I guess in a way, Xusia was.  I will have to work on this in the future.

Please don't think my previous comments were meant to be a criticism;
rather just an observation.  And perhaps a projection of one of my own
faults into someone else's work.  I can recall many instances in my DMing
career when I let my neutrality as a DM slip a little onto the good side of
the ledger to ensure that a promising career didn't end, or that an
undeserved death was avoided.

Ah, 600 has come and gone and our Adventurers mailboxes will seem a lonely
place for quite a while.  Just as well we can reread them all like a
favourite novel to reread at will.  I've already started.

I am certainly interested in staying on the mailing list in anticipation of
601+ in 2000 (or whenever you choose to do more writing) and to receive any
other work you do that is gaming oriented.  While AD&D is by far my
favourite game, I am always happy to read works in just about any gaming

No need for a reply.  I will wait patiently for news about your literary
plans via the mailing list.

Thanks again for the years of entertainment and for the further years of
enjoyment to come (we all hope).




   Apparently there is someone else here at IBM-Austin that reads your
work.  I was trying to pick some new hostnames for several machines
I have, and it appears that peldor and mongo are already taken.
Just thought you would like to know that "The Adventurers" is being
immortalized in the computer community.

Thanks for all the great reading.  I look forward to your next work.


    Hello!  This is the first time I've ever written to
you.  I love your Adventurer stories, I have ever since I
saw them posted on Usenet (quite a while ago).  At the
time, I wasn't aware that they were being archived
anywhere.  I think it was back when Peldor was "hired" by
a female wizard, who sent him, and Tanya, with a female
escort to steal some trinket from some Pasha or Sultan.

    Then, College got in the way, and for a long time I
kinda forgot about your stories, until one day I decided
to look for AD&D fictions.  Boy, was I surprised when I
saw the archive at  I agree with other
reads that say the best way to experience the Adventurers
is to read all of the books at once.

    Each of the characters seems more vibrant and alive to
me than most of the "official" TSR characters, and they're
definitely more colorful.  For some reason, I even like
those that don't seem as popular as the others, such as
Rob and Halbarad.  And I still have fond memories of
several memorable scenes or adventures, though the tone of
the Adventures has definitely changed (and not for the

    Still, I'm really looking forward to what you're
working on right now, and hopefully, I won't be suffering
from too many Adventurers withdrawal symptoms. }:->


When did the green dragon inn move from Fax to

Mr. Taylor

Hi Thomas,

just finished reading the last of The Adventurers.  I have thoroughly 
enjoyed every word, and will continue to do so with lots of 



I just had to write you a note to say how much I've enjoyed reading
all your Adventurers stories.  I've been reading them almost from
the very beginning (I found them in one of the newsgroups when
episode 10 or so first came out) and always looked forward to more.
I typically go to an ftp site once in a while and download a 
whole bunch at once and read them in the evening, with a glass
of bourbon at hand!  When I'm traveling (which is quite frequently)
I always take one or more "books" with me and re-live the tales - it
has become part of my travel routine.

You have done a great job developing the characters, and now your
upgraded web site too! It was there that I found the Xusia lair
description; I presume that is for future adventurers? It
looks very intriguing... I could not remember seeing a story
about that before...  I searched the Rogues Gallery for Xusia but he
was not in there - I was surprised - was he one of the nameless liches?
Perhaps some kind of more descriptive index to the stories or within
the timeline would be helpful for finding favourite stories or
incidents...but I know, that is a lot of work...

Thanks again for all your creativity and hard, hard work!


Well it took me a while but I finally was able to finish these last few
stories up to 600.  I have been reading and re-reading your stories for
about 3 years or so now I guess.

I looked back to episode #1 when I saw the name Kruk in the Tournament to
see if it was the same as one of the original PCs.  Of course it wasn't
(Krug).  But as I read a few lines of _the_ first meeting I realized how
far the Adventurers have come.

I don't know if you will write anymore or not, eventhough you left a few
cliffhangers in place and you did promise a while back to tell the true
origin of Peldor.   But it's been a great three years for me.

Here's hoping for a few more starting in 2000.

Later, Joe

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the 600 part Adventurers epic.  I really enjoyed reading it.
I will miss those tales over the next year, but I do understand your
wanting a year off.  Your writing is very well done, much better than
so much of the other material available, so I'm quite interested in
seeing what else you come up with.

One thing I'd like to mention.  I have trouble accepting the alignment
of the sword Black Razor as being CN with its described ability of
destroying souls.  In my mind, that is probably the worst think you
can do to someone in a world where the afterlife is proven.  Look at
Flint Firelips (his death is, IMO the greatest tragedy in the stories),
who was irrevocably destroyed by the sphere of annihilation.  No
returning of his spirit to Clangeddin's forge (or whatever he
believed in) after a valiant life.  A sword that did this should be
evil, again, in my opinion.

Now, I don't want to give the impression I'm trying to tell you what
to do, since they are your stories and I have no problem with what
you choose to do.  But I do have a suggestion you might want to consider.

While everyone believes the sword destroys souls, it is actually
powered by ancient druidic magics, and immediately reincarnates
anyone killed by it, somewhere else as a newborn member of another
race.  That way the slain is given another chance to live, without
the knowledge of their old lives.  That explains the alignment, and
also things like Wee Jas's response (what god of the dead would like
an item that just wisked souls in and out of life without their control?).

Just a suggestion.  Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your work,
and to the Adventurer's return in 2000.



Hi Tom

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your work in bringing us 
Adventurers. I have just caught up to #600 and enjoyed them very 

I was sorry to read your disappointment at the low 
response to your last call for feedback. Not everybody is able to 
read your episodes in real-time. I would guess your mailing list only 
covers about a third of your audience. (just a guess)

I hope you enjoy the well deserved break from writing and I really 
look forward to when you restart.
Regards, Jeff

Hi Thomas

Hmm, it'll be nice to read some other stuff, especially more Rogue
Squad. Kind of reminds me of Stargate SG1 series which I've enjoyed (at
least you get some sensible physics and non-humanoid aliens in it!).

You'll have to post a new picture of yourself on the site. You're
probably a bit bulked out now! ;-)

Don't rest too long!



Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.  Good luck with your writing and fitness

take care,

        Thanks again for all the stories.  I don't have much criticism
(being a less than average writer myself) but I reall enjoy your work
and look forward to your other works as well.


Dear Thomas Miller,

RE: episode CDLXXIX.  The City on the Edge of Forever

I am writing aout your story concerning the City of Nexus.
I know your not writing any more adventurer's for this year, and I've
only just finished this particular episode but I thouhgt i'd write and
point something of interest about it.

I don't know if any other person has spotted this or told you, so I
thought I would do so.

Have you ever read Raymond E Fiest's Riftwar Saga? And his SerpaentWar
In oth episodes the main magic user's travel to a "City at the edge of
existance" which is pretty similar to your city of Nexus. Although it is
unpopulated, it is at the center of everything and sits at the
beginnings of time.

Also, in the same serie's there is a way of travelling via tunnels
through space/time/dimensions - but whats of real note concerning this
is that in it all there is a "inn/tavern" located in it which catersto
all races, gengers, planatery types, etc - just like your city of Nexus

Reading how you described the city of Nexus sparked my memories of these
particulars in his books and just thought I'd let you know.

Also, congratulations on writing such a successful series for so long!
I hope your endevours in your other  stories'/series./etc are as good
and as successful as the Adventurer's is/has been.
I've enjoyed reading your stories once I found them, and look forward to
your up and comming work with your new endevours, and if you ever write
any stories for the Adventurer's again I'll be reading them all.



Sounds like if you want the most relaxed pace, doing the Gurka series might
work the best as its a solo.  Is that right?

I like the movie stills for the characters in Rogue's Gallery, put up some
more info on your thoughts for each series when you get the chance, perhaps
a bit of stream of consciousness will provoke more feedback.



I've been a subscriber to the Adventurer series since 518; not a long time,
I suppose, but long enough to have made me look forward to each new story.
I just wanted to say thanks, and I think your stories were great.  I am also
eagerly looking forward to anything new you'll be doing.

I read the updates on the web page - good luck with your workout schedule!


Wow.  Congratulations on 600 episodes.  I've been around a long time (5 yrs
at least), one of your infamous "mostly silent" readers.  I bet they really
bug you sometimes. :)  It's been a hoot.  In fact, this very saga was
primarily responsible for my resurgant interests in RPG-ing a long time
ago.  Thanks!

The end was masterful.  No other way to put it.  Evil is not conquered.
Things are unresolved.  But life goes on.

Good luck on your '99 projects.  Maybe I'll even give them a shot (j/k, I
will).  (And here's to hoping that the Adventurers series isn't dead, only
sleeping. :)



  Caught the update (finally).  School, and dealing with certain advisors,
has been hell of late.  I like the "diary update" format.  Even if we the
readers miss an update, going to the web site gives us the lowdown on an
update by update basis.


es you are coming up with look very very 
interesting to me, especialy the rogue squad one, not often you see a 
sci-fi adventure that looks interesting (well in my opinion), also the 
barbarian one looks neat with the little info i saw and Legacy sounds 
cool also based on what i saw :).

cant wait to see what you come up with :)



Hi Thomas,

Hope that life is trating you well - sounds like you've got a serious
workout regimen going!  When I was travelling around in the middle 
east, I had a pretty good workout regimen that I would do almost every
day, along with eating well.  I never manage to stick to long with the
hardcore workout thing.  Once I accomplish my goals I usually slip back 
into old habit... ;-)

I wanted to tell you that I've started my girlfriend out on the Adventurers
and she loves the stories!  I read a couple of episodes to her each night,
before bed or in the hot tub.  We just got done with the Oerth-2 stories,
and the retributive strike by Alindyar.  She's never played D'n'D or any
RPGs, but still really likes the stories.

Well, even though there are no new stories for a while, the oldies are still
bringing much enjoyment.

It has never ceased to amaze me how steadfast you've been, writing for all of
these years!  I hope that you are finding good ways to spend the extra time
you've got on your hands now.


Sorry, I just got to this.  I thought about the fitness challenge myself last
year, but let it slide.  I just filled out the registration form, so that
should help me get motivated (like my new ten pounds in the past 2 months
hasn't helped.  :))

Anyway, although I tend to lurk more than anything, personal updates on what
you're doing in your life and things like babies coming to the players is
interesting to me.

Guess that's it for now.


By the way, for Christmas I got R.A. Salvatore's latest Drizzt book,
"The Silent Blade", Ed Greenwood's latest Eliminster book
"The Temptation of Elminster"  and "Evermeet: Island of Elves" by
Elaine Cunningham.  (Yes, I am a T$R novel junkie, although I don't
read them all.)

In any case, they, along with about two months worth of new comics,
sit on my shelf gathering dust as I continue reading the exploits
of the Adventurers.  I would take that as high praise indeed.


Am I too late to join the mailing list? Well before I do i
would like to know about how many pages the Adventures
actually are, and how often they would be delivered. Also
I'd like to tip my hat in your direction and raise my Pepsi
can in honor of you and your acomplishment. I've been to
your site a lot, and you've really inspired my whole campain
a lot, even with only the sample adventures. I'd appreciate
it if you'd mail me back.


Just read about the little stop over in Nexus on the way to the
Isle of the Ape.  Nice touch putting Wolverine, Colosus and
Nightcrawler in the Eye of the Maelstrom tavern.  How many others
caught that?

Holloween story (the Helgate militia and Victoria telling scary
stories) was OK, but it was no fog town.  Man, now THAT was SOME
story!  Not sure if I'll read the Aliens Halloween story.  As I
printed the thing out I skimmed through it and I think I saw that
one of our heroes dies.  Even though its an "Elseworlds" type story,
good guys dying makes me unhappy.

Let's see ... pitchers and catchers reporting pretty soon!  I'm
looking at Bruce Chen in my fantasy league.  It's a keeper league
so the players eligible to be drafted consist of players who got
their first shot last year. I pick 15th or so overall.  Chen is good,
but there are others (J.D. Drew, Kerry Wood, Arrojo, El Duque)
that'll go first.  I might snag him with my pick.  Can't have enough
pitching, I say.  I suppose though, the Braves think otherwise....


Hi there!

I just have finished reading the adventurers. It was a great experience, 
and I'm really sorry you have cancelled the series. But it's 
understandable, that you have grown weary of it in all these years. 
Thank you for the stories, I have enjoyed it very much. I will follow
your others works for sure, if I can.

Faithfully yours,


When Nenya goes to visit Alindyar and Lyra re: the Suel artifacts exhibit:

Nenya:  Magic knockers, eh?

Lyra:  Something like that ... (not sure of the exact text)

HAH! ROFLMAO!!  Holy crap!  Keep up the good work!

As I read the notes at the end of the chapters I note that you're
talking about the Braves clinching the division title last season.
That means I'm only three months from the end (for now) of the saga.
Very sad.

Have you thought about having the Adventurers cross over into the
Forgotten Realms for a bit?  I know --- the shortage of ideas lies not
in the setting, but rather in the adventures themselves.  I'll think
on it.  I wish I was a little more creative.  The best I can come up
with for now is running them through some TSR modules.  Dragon Mountain?
Maybe something like the Curse of the Azure Bonds?  They're kidnapped
and wake up with these tatoos ... you know the story.  And I know ---
tough to kidnap the Adventurers.  Maybe someone waits until they're
all together in a room, knocks them out with a wish, puts the bonds
on 'em and makes them go to work doing missions for them.  Each time
a mission is done a tatoo vanishes.  (Now that I think about it,
Brimstone --- Friday nights on Fox before Millenium --- is a little
like that too.)  I have a copy of the module somewhere back on the
east coast and could probably come up with a copy of it for you. 
It was also a book and a computer game.

The Greyhawk Wars will open up a whole new realm of ideas for you,
I'm sure.  Peldor and Belphanior can become raiders, pirates and
bandits hitting Iuz's forces.  Alindyar and Lyra can work with the
Circle of Eight on larger issues.  Mongo and Lord Marcus are hired
as mercs by the forces of good, etc.

Finally, a word on Arnold, a character I enjoy.  When Ged died it
was right for him to leave Ged's castle.  I was surprised that he
went back to the village, but could understand that --- everybody
needs to get home once in a while.  Given the torch he had (has? 
Those never REALLY go out, do they?  Sigh.) for Songa I didn't
think he'd stay there --- and he hasn't.  I thought for sure he'd
end up with Mongo.  They kind of seemed like they were kindred
spirits.  They got along together very well and were always together
in the front line against the nastiest mondsters, err, monsters. 
We'll see if he ends up going that way.


Dear Thom,

  As a fan of ... what would it be? four years? ...Anyhow, as a fan of
that many years I just wanted to drop by and thank you for all the fun
and excitement, the 600 episodes of humour, boasting (hehe Peldor, and
the late Bosco) and all that comes with it.
 Really, you know we readers do not mind your break.  Have fun, indeed.
Just make sure you come back for Christ sake! :)
  Take it easy Thomas.

Read you soon. :P
 Later man,

Hello, My name is Jon and I live in Iceland. I know that it has been a long
time since you wrote the adventurers but I sttumbled apon them a couple a
weeks ago and Me and my friends are hooked. So thanks alot. But to another
matter. Did you really keep the same players for all that time, because we
are also AD&D players and we just can't seem to hang on for long time( keep
in mind that we are at chapter 40). Is it all in good  Dmíng or is it
something else. I just got the thought that maybe is the one that is
getting this letter the one who DM'ed the group and if it is not I would
like you to send it back with a forwarding address. Well, this is a long
enough letter for a first time and if this is really you then we have many
more quistions for you. But for now just a verification of the fact that it
really is you

			Thanks all the same for great stories.


I realize that it has been a FEW years since you played this adventure but
I just started to read them two weeks ago. I've finished the first 40
chapters and I like it. I and a few friends of mine are playing AD&D too.
Don't be surprised if I would ask you about a thing or two about AD&D for
we have not played long. Are you still playing?

p.s. I think I more than like it, IT'S SUPERB!


First off I wanted to write to you and congratulate you on 600 awesome =
episodes of the Adventurers.  I have to be honest and tell you that =
while I have them all, I haven't read throught them.  I discovered your =
website a month ago and have made it through the first 100 or so.  They =
are incredible!  Once, long time ago, I tried to chronicle the =
adventures of my AD&D group but for one reason or another I gave up on =
the idea and went on to other writing projects.  Well after reading some =
of yours I was inspired to drag them back out and take a look at them, =
eventually rewriting the first few chapters.  I changed them into a =
narrative format much like yours and wouldn't you know it, they were =
easier and more fun to read.  Since then I have read your email about =
taking a break after #600 for a year and I have to tell you that the =
Adventurers will be sorely missed.  But that brings up an idea.  I want =
to post my writings on my website (always have) and now I think it would =
be a great time.  I could fill in the void that the Adventurers would =
leave.  I am sending you the first 5 chapters of my story (not to worry =
they are only 10-15k a piece -- easy, quick reading) to get your opinion =
and hopefully a link to my site off yours.  If you like them maybe you =
could advertise a little for me?  My story is strictly for =
entertainment, I don't want any $$$ or anything like that.  I just feel =
that the adventures of my old AD&D party is an interesting story to =

Thanks in advance for any help/constructive criticism that you can =


Hi Thomas,

I only managed to find your Adventurers site a couple of weeks ago. I've
been playing AD&D since about when it first appeared over here and messing
around on the net for a fair while and never put the two together 'til now
- your site was about the first thing I found. How'd I manage to miss out
for so long? Still, at least I won't have to wait quite so long 'til #601 -
that's if I can exercise a little restraint and slow down a bit to make the
first 600 last me the rest of this year. I just got past #200. I like the
sponteneity of the early episodes with the dice rolls and DM's comments
included - and I like the way the chatacters and plotlines are developing
in these later episodes too, so I've plenty to look forward to yet.

So, congratulations on 600 episodes, thanks for writing them, and thanks
especially for Belphanior...  :)

(And hey, your real-life adventures are a good read too.)

And please will you put me on your mailing list? It's taken me this long to
find your site - I'd hate to miss anything new.

Well, I hope that made some kind of sense. I got volunteered to be the
unconscious casualty for someone's Emergency Aid course so I've spent most
of today being rolled about the floor and ineptly bandanged by a bunch of
enthusiastic students and I'm feeling a bit dazed right now. Still, I guess
that kind of beats working.

hwyl,(life, luck and happiness or thereabouts!)



I just wanted to take this time to congratulate you and thank you
for your long term writing (and semi-completion) of The Adventurers.
I have now read all of the chapters and all of the books and
thouroughly enjoyed them.  I am presently undergoing withdrawal.
I'm sure you have received countless suggestions and ideas and here
is mine:  do not make the Adventurers into a Star Trek thingie.
The present (or past) format and adventuring "system" was great!
Personally, I would be quite happy to have a continuation of
where you left off, with more fun and plotlines.

Once again, thanks for the (now) memories.

Until 2000,


[from here down was added on tuesday 8 june 1999]

Hello, again...

Why, I just read one of the more recent updates, and I hope you'll have
as much fun as possible when you get to our old continent... :-)
I don't know ( or don't remember ) if you said or wrote that you had
already been to Europe, but if you haven't, you're in for a shock ( at
least, it did it for me when I got to USA ) . So many things are
Anyway, I remember your path would include Holland, France and Italy.
I hope you enjoy your stay...

Now, for Adventurers related questions...
What about Skektek falling in love with Aja ( just a
destructive/constructive thought ) ?
I think that would be real fun... Though the recent change in Skektek
way of talking and respecting her surprised me much. Perhaps you already
had that idea? =)
Will we ever see Fusoya again ( I remember you once made a note telling
you had bought a Super Nintendo... Well, in case you don't have FF2 ,
Fusoya is one of the game characters. I just hope YOUR Fusoya bears
little resemblance with the character from the game... ) ? I kind of
liked his appearance in the episode when the adventurers fled the drow
city to the plane of Concordant opposition...
The race you chose for Ys is still a mystery for me... It does have some
resemblance to yuan-ti, but it also has some peculiarities ( immunity to
undead powers, great size and strength, ability to breathe underwater...
) that makes it unique. Could you tell me from where does Ys hail?
Perhaps from the Amedio jungles? Hepmonaland? Or another continent that
still has not been discovered on Oerth?
Another thing that would be nice would be to shed some light on
Belphanior, Rillen and Peldor origins. I mean, aren't they curious to
know who are their parents, if they still live, why they abandoned them,
or what thing forced them to do it? Perhaps their parents were killed,
and Belph and Co. would try to gain vengeance?

Well, here are my two coppers worth of suggestions.
Hope I did not annoy you too much.


About the Adventurers, I know you're not going to write about them for a 
while (and it is quite easy to understand since you've already written 600 
episodes) but I still have a suggestion for a special episode.  You could do 
a "next generation episode" where the children of the various couples in the 
stories (Tanya&Peldor, Rillen&Sonia, Belphianor&Victoria (what a child 
!!!!), etc...) and others like Eduardo and an old Mongo (let's say he's not 
settle yet) team up for a special event or adventure.  This could take place 
20 or 30 years after the present timeline of the adventurers.

Anyway, continue to write, you're good,


Dear Thomas!
I never thought I would be able to contact you directly, this is indeed
a great pleasure to be able to tell you how much of an inspirration you
have been to me. My name is Jesper and I am a 22 year old english
student at the university of Copenhagen i Denmark. I have been playing
RPG's since 1990. Last summer at friend of mine gave me a CD which
included a number of text files containing the adventures you wrote.
They are organized in 22 books and a number of chronicles, prologues and
maps. Immediately, I began reading them and I was thrilled. The idea of
sharing adventures and dreams through the internet had never occured to
me. Since then I have enjoyed your adventures immensely and is currently
planning to begin a similarly project myself. I just have to figure out
a few things first, because I know nothing about editing a home page or
constructing a web site.
I often thought about using the e-mail adress included in the
adventures, but I reconed they had been written so long ago that the
adress was probably no longer active. It was a complete coinsidence that
I stumbled across when I was searching the internet for
information to use in my new Greyhawk Campaign. I'm glad I just had the
opportunity to thank you. You have made a big difference to me and lots
of other gamers across the world.

Sincerely, Jesper

Hi, I am a long time fan of your writing about your D&D group and I loved your 
Cyrpt of the Undead King adventure and I was hopping to ask you if you had 
finished making the sequel to that adventure.  The reason I'm asking you is 
because I run D&D sessions with some other people and we can't hardly find any 
high-level adventures that would challenge my players any.  That is until I 
found your site and downloaded the CUK adventure and played it.  Man did my 
friends have a time trying to get thorough that one alive.  So like I was saying 
at the begining of this message, I was wondering if you could send me the sequel 
to the Crypt of the Undead King adventure or post it on your site, I and my 
players would be ever so thankful if you would do this.


My opinions about omega team ...

Brainless action. Please, don't write anymore like this... Travelling,
fighting, travelling, fighting ad infinitum ... It's boring to read.
Of course I understand that setting of OT (group of fighting specialists)
forces the stories to be somewhat action-related, but you still could
do it with style. 

In my opinion OT could try to be more classy... Attempting to walz in
enemy base, do their stuff and tango out, even with no casualities!
They definitely have skills (or at least, some of them) to do it, and
fighting could (should?) be just a last resort. Or if this sounds
too naive, something else in stead. But not just travelling and
fighting. Please.



     After reading your module "The Crypt of the Undead King" I had some
questions.  First has the disclaimer been enough to keep TSR off your
back as to copywrite problems.  Although the material I read was from 94
it did state that you couldn't use their system in an adventure.  Now I
did notice that you made up most of your magic items, and the monsters
were certainly not verbatium from a book, does that provide you with a
way around TSR?  The reason I ask is that I'm planning on setting my own
page up soon and would like to have my own adventures for public use and
more importantly, feedback.  So anybody hassle you on this?
     As to the adventure itself I found it to be a PC-spankin'-save or
die at minus something- romping good time.  Of course due to different
styles, house rules, and the real level of the players in my current
group a few changes would have to be made.  Specifically the Mist Golem
would wax the party as I doubt even my most experianced player would
figure it out in time.  I did like the Undead Giants, nice touch of
adding poison and other extras.  Perhaps they should be specialized? 
Just food for thought.  I think my favorite is the Undead golem however,
and I look forward to slapping around a few of the fighters.  
     Lots of ways to get your levels drained, I assume that it's fairley
easy to get Restoration?  I mean to go in and lose 3-5 levels and maybe
1,000,000 experiance is cold and most don't take that well.  Being
Restoration costs the cleric 3 years of his life to throw, I can only
assume you wave this or have some very patiant and understanding folks.
Your thoughts?


Interesting read.  I liked the NPC's section of the supplement.  The history
is interesting as well.  Maybe the lower levels have remnants of the former
owners, which could be good or bad for the inhabitants.  Lord Marcus isn't
as tough as I imagined him to be.  I think Mongo could whoop on him.


This a cool suplement.  I'd probably use it if I were running a game at the

From a military standpoint it would make sense to add a couple of companies of
light cavalry (probably horse archers) as a screening force, as scouts, as light
skirmishers and to pursue and harass a broken enemy to keep them from

Mr. Miller:

	My name is T.J. Crocker, and I am a Computer Information Systems major 
at Delta State University in Mississippi.  My friends and I are die hard players 
of AD&D.  One evening, our D&D session was cancelled, and I (being deprived of 
my weekly dose of gaming) decided to go web surfing for some interesting D&D 
fiction.  Thus, I stumbled onto your "Adventurers" stories.
	I began at #001 and immediately I was hooked.  That was about 4 days 
ago.  I am currently on number forty something and Im enjoying every episode.  I 
was amazed to discover a party that so closely resembles ours in terms of 
personality.  Peldor, especially, could easily match Welverin Asticles, a 
psionicist who used to be in our group.
	I like the screen play style writing.  It really makes it easy to follow 
the action.  The notes section at the bottom of each page is also extremely 
helpful in understanding the characters and story better.
	I am thinking about doing some artwork depicting some of the characters. 
 If you like, I can send some of it to you when I'm done. Maybe you could post 
it on your site (if space permits).
	Anyway... my compliments on a job well done (so far at least...I have a 
ways to go before #600!).  My RPG companions will surely enjoy your work as well 
- I will tell them to stop by.  Expect more from me as I progress through the 
adventures.  so long-------------tjc

    Hi again, 
                Well I've just finished episode 600 and it's _AWSOME_. I 
congratulate you on being one of the best authors _Ever_. I would like to be put 
on the mailing list of yours for any work that you produce. 


      All i can say is that i VERY much like your stories. Many times they 
inspire me to put more humor and fun into a campaign and not concentrate on 
EVERY detail  (i DM a Rolemaster campaign so its a bit diff) But your stuff 
rocks!!!  thanks for all the great work over the years!!!!!!


[from here down was added on thursday 24 june 1999]

Hey Tom
   i must confess that i stumbled upon the Adventurers my acdent, i was just 
seaching the web for D&D stuff, and the Page looked Cool so i went to it, 
and now 600 chapters later plus the lost tales and the April Fools and 
Halloween story, i still can't get enough.  I really liked the Eath based 
story, it reminded me of a quest i sent my characters on and sent them to 
earth, the San Francisco to be exact.  but anyway i won't bore you.

i just wanted to be added to the Aventures list if thats at all possible. 


My name is Daniel and i write from Croatia (Europe)
I would like to say that your work with the adventurers is GREAT!!! I like it a 
To bad it's only the fact that i'm almoust done with the last book (25-th gzip)
Keep up the writing!!!


      I know that you have been writing these stories over the past few 
years and have received countless e-mails for and against them.
Well, I'm writing to give my support.  These stories are excellent sources 
of entertainment for old gamers like me.  I played D&D back when it first 
came out in the late 70's and through high school and a few college years.  
After reading a few of your stories I felt the urge to dig out a few of my 
old Gaming books and started to contact a few old friends about playing a 
game, or two.  Well, we're hooked once again.  Our imaginations have 
returned to where they were 15 years ago and we are having the times of our 
lives.  Thanks.

               Sincerely,  Nathan Brytowski

P.S. Browsing the net I by chance found your site along with Edward Keyes's 
site.  Between the two of you I have spent many a night reading your 
stories.  If you are still writing keep it up.  Thanks!

Dear Mr. Miller

(sounds awfully formal for an e-mail, doesn't it)

Stumbled across the Adventurers' tales whilst blindly searching one day.  
Corking stuff!  Read the whole lot in a fortnight.  Utterly destroyed my 
sleep patterns and social life.  Unfortunately, that's prpbably more damning 
of my social life than anything else.

If you do decide to resume writing in the new millenium, a series of points 
you have presented seemed to fall into place.

1) Toril, slain by Belphanior, was a paladin.
2) Enraged by the deaths of his companions, Toril really looked like he was 
turning to the Dark Side at the end.
3) The core party's major continuing adversary is Orcus, Lord of the Undead.

which leads us to
4) Orcus makes death knights from the spirits of fallen paladins.

Were you perchance leading up to a story arc where Toril Redux appears, dark 
and deadly and lobbing 20-dice fireballs?  In the grand tradition of High 
Fantasye, he could even be undone by pursuing his own desire for vengeance 
against Belphanior rather than doing whatever would be most sensible.



Hi, my names Nathan and I just finished reading the 600th episode of the
Adventurers. I'm a late joiner, I've been reading them for maybe nine months
or so, and I must say I'm going to miss them. I hope you do continue them in
2000, and good luck on your new material.

I was going to stop there, but I'm going to continue a bit more. I really
loved reading your stories, I guess it was the way it captivates the reader,
I feel like I know each character. I really enjoyed the earth thread, it was
funny seeing our world from someone else's point of view. I can't pick a
favourite character, but I'd say that Mongo, Otto, and Peldor are up there.

Thanks for all the fun!

PS, I just read the first Omega Team story, and although I was skeptical
about the sci-fi setting, I'm already hooked. Make some more. :)

First, I want to thank you for writing this amazing series. I started
reading 1997, when I got stories 1-500. It took two years to read them
and now I read the remaining hundred episodes (+ lost stories) within
a week. They were great.

I like the drow, both of them. Because I'm big magic-user fan, Alindyar
was my favourite Adventurer from the beginning.

I hope new Adventurers stuff is coming next year. And you could add me
on your mailing list.


A friend of mine (who's read all 600 adventurers and all 25 lost tales) 
introduced me to your website just last week and i'm already almost to part 
I'd like to thank you for putting your work out on the net free for all to 
see, it's given me more adventure / monster / trap ideas than I can shake a 
stick at.  It's also inspired me to try my hand at a bit of D&D-based fiction 
based on a campaign I am currently running.
Just thought i'd tell you how cool (and useful!) your stories have been for 
me :)

- RPGElite 

[from here down was added on monday 12 july 1999]

Hi, I'm fairly new to your series. (comming to episode 300 in 4 months
illustrates my fanaticism though)
I just finished reading 295 again.
WHAT an episode!!!
Belphanior is the coolest character anyway, and I can usually see what
happens with my quite active imagination, but this time..
I could just see him sitting there, on his knees on the floor. Bleeding
,broken and tired.
To you Thomas and your writing skill, my most sincere congratulations.
You are one of the best writers I know, being able to both give good
descriptions that captivate the readers, as do genres as widespread from
commedy to horror.
Keep it up next year!


Hey Thomas,
I was wondering, have you ever thought of making a movie script out of one of 
the Adventurers story arcs.  The stories have the possibility of being a great 
movie, all it needs is for you to make a way for anybody who reads it to 
understand what the characters motivations are, their goals, and even their 
personality quirks.  I would personally would wait in line for two weeks to get 
tickets for the movie if I found out that you had gotten a movie from the 
Adventurers.  I mean, the fantasy genre is pretty dead right now and it would be 
a great thing to see if a movie based, on some part, on Dungeons and Dragons 
material.  It can have the possibility of having more people understand what D&D 
is all about and can make your writting more popular and well-known.  If you 
have already have gotten requests by your readers or your friends to write a 
script or you have one in the works, I would like to hear about it, or if you 
have a script in the works send it to me.


[from here down was added on tuesday 26 october 1999]

Hello Mr. Miller
I have just finished reading all the adventurer stories and wow are they
really great. I always wondered if you would ever have some of the characters
revist some old dungeons(for reasons thought up by you)or maybe run into a
psionic character or monster. I was wonder these because I'm a D&D player for
a long time and I prefered to have some psionics in my campaigns, that and
when I was looking in favorite bookstore for new D&D stuff I came across
reprints of old modules and new releases or sequels to them and I found the
return of the tomb of horrors and immediately thought about the story arc
where you put the adventurers in the original tomb and I thought that it would
be great if you pitted the characters against the new tomb what a great story
line that would be. If you take a look in your bookstore and see the module it
would be great if you bought it and took a look at it. The lich in the module
beats Xusia any day in the week. 


Heh, imagine this.  It's been forever since I wrote you (largely since I 
lacked an Internet connection for quite a long time), and so you probably 
don't recognize me... anyhow, I'm the guy who pointed out the canon error 
about Halbarad's scar, and the one that prompted you to add Ged's Glorious 
Identification to the Arcanum.  In any event, I'm finally back and caught up 
on the stories, and I must say... THEY ROCK!  You truly are a skilled 
author, in my mind *fully* up to professional standards by now.  Heh...  In 
any event, I'd like it if you could add me to the Adventurers list.  Once 
again, congratulations on an incredibly story, and I look forward to 2000 
and more Adventurers...