New fan mail

Feedback for episode #511:

Good to see the others getting back into action.  Can't wait to see
Mongo and Gorin in the military.

I read your comment on trying to get "".  I bet they
just got the address hoping someone will pay them big bucks for it.  I have
seen this happen before.
later,  Joe

Hello Thomas!

First of all, I love the new animated dragon on your web page. It really
kicks ass!

I liked Adventurers 511, it had several layers of character interaction
that I really liked. I especially enjoyed seeing Arnold's thoughts on Songa
and Rillen. I have long wished to see into his mind, seeing his motivations
and desires. In the past we have seen some of this in most of the other
characters, except not in Arnold. I hope you flesh out Arnold's personality
in the coming stories.

I also enjoyed seeing the Rhennee bargefolk. Have the adventurers dealt
with the Rhennee before? Hopefully the next story will (the squid battle)
will feature the Rhennee in the forefront.

Last thing, I also liked Gorin's comment about the price Mongo pays for his
power. What disadvantages are there for the Coat of Arnd? I don't recall
hearing about them when Mongo got it.

Anyway, excellent story, keep up the good work