New fan mail

Feedback for episode #504:

it's been a while since we've seen a good 'ole treasure splitting. now
let's hope some of these items are put to good use. i hope to see more
about the upcoming tournament for rillen...


ant put my finger on what exactly it is, but the trio of the will,
Peldor's secret, and this one have had a bit more life than others
recently.  A bi-product of the former fan's email, or just the writing
mood is coming back....?


Very good stuff, Thomas.


While I'm as keen as any other D&D player to identify divy up the loot, it
doesn't make for the most interesting of reading, but it was still an open
issue that had to be closed. I'm glad you kept it short, and yes I too think
they earned the tremendous amount of loot.


Got it now.  Guess I just had to reload it.

Again, an excellent story.  The Adventurers are taking on the depth of the 
characters in my favorite series, "The Belgariad", and "Wheel of Time."  The 
characters actually seem real and friendly, like reading a Christmas update
from an old friend. 

So, anyway, is Rillen going to start his own monastery?


Well Thomas,
	Being a part time writer myself I found your latest stories to be 
something above the normal cut of many stories I've come across in the 
many years I've been reading.  Everything is coming together 
brilliantly, much like a good series of books.  The way in which you 
have kept these Advens going and kept them interesting is a marvellous 
feat in itself.

	Something that I've been wondering about since I read Ep 503 where 
Ged's will was read and Derycks' descendants were mentioned is the 
possibility of a NEW GENERATION of adventurers. When are we going to see 
some offspring?

Keep them coming.