New fan mail

Feedback for episode #502:

Ah yes, very somber, solemn, and short, as it should be. 

And finally, the exact location and size of Ged's lands on the world map.


#502 is tatally awesome...Mongo's rage, and Peldor's treasure, both are
excellent plot twists......your writing has only improved since you took the
time, now I wonder what kind of trouble Belphanoir will get into..


Btw, I read 502 and lost tales 1. Both of them were great. I have a question 
though. Was the green orb thing that Belphanior missed supposed to be 
something we already know about? By the way you mentioned it, it sounded 
like we had seen it before and it was significant. I don't recall anything 
about a green orb before. Anyway, keep up the good work.


The green orb/egg/whatever was a shapeshifter cocoon.  Foreshadowing for the future...

    By the way, nice knowing that Peldor has his loot stashed away. I
never considered it, but it makes perfect sense. At least he won't be
one to be rubbed out so easily.