New fan mail

Feedback for episode #501:

iJust to let you, and perhaps Ged's player know, I shed a tear while
reading this episode...


hey thomas,

first let me say that many a reader will weep when they read this episode.

the quotes from the earlier episodes brings up an idea for the next episode
(or the one in which you follow up on his last will and testaments), is that
the group should reminisce some fun spots in past adventures including ged.
these types of stories always seem to float around the social gathering after
a funeral...



What more can I say? 

YES! Finally, a next Adventurers episode! Guess you'll get swamped 
with e-mails now, so I'll keep mine short..


And, sorry for shouting.


All right... the drought is OVER!  Great story... really tugs at the 
heartstrings when you've been following the characters for so long.  Anxious to 
hear how they'll connect with the dearly departed!


good job on story 501. i like how you included the quotes at the end
and how you also didn't forget to include endymion. it seemed to be
really touching for everyone when all said their last good-byes, for
even the mighty peldor shed a tear...


Thomas, great to hear from you again.
Genuine sadness at the loss of Ged, who although he didn't
start as one of my favorite characters, does leave a hole in
the party and will be missed.

Perhaps some part of the spirit of Ged lives on, protected by
Lightbringer?  Or he could make a "guest appearance" as an avatar
sent down by Boccob...

Good to hear that life goes on, it's much the same as ever for me.
I was a student when Adventurers started, but now I've been settled
into working as an Engineer (Electronic) for a couple of years.
A bit sedentary looking at a computer all day, I should get into 
something like your exercise program.


Yeah, I liked it. I thought the characters said sort of what they
needed3 to say about Ged. Also, characters dying forever brings reality
to the story. A lot like Babylon 5 versus Star Trek. In Bablyon 5,
people die, and they stay dead. Star Trek sucks and has actually been
changing their story line to resemble Babylon 5, where everything is
not perfect. Star Trek has lost their way.

I also liked the quotes you organized from Ged.


Wow, I finished 0-500 today and got to read 501 too...

Truly Awesome, Now I have to wait a week..I am new to this but will wait

Thanks for all the reading 

        Great episode, excellent narration. You did a pretty good job with
the mood, it's a good thing I haven't had any personal losses recently,
because I might've ended up crying my eyes out and shortcircuiting the
         The one episode/week rate is fine by me, after all, good things are
worth waiting for.


Hi there!
First off, please add this address to the adventurers mailing list.
Sec off, I _really_ loved the funeral scene in 501. It was proper dignified,
respectful, and a little bit poigant. (sp?) I know somewhere Ged is smiling.
I also loved the Apr. Fools epi. The Adventurers playing baseball... heh heh.