Adventurers Fanmail for Jul 2022

published Tuesday 12 July 2022

From: Lucius Chiaraviglio Subject: Re: chapter #1101 of The Adventurers
> Awesome update. Almost as if a band of superheroes had left Earth in, > say, 2019, and was stuck in slow time until 2024 or so . . . .
I had been thinking for a decade about skipping forward in time to deal with the Greyhawk Wars, and I finally did it!
From: David Donald Subject: Re: chapter #1101 of The Adventurers
>> MCI. New World Order
> Welcome back, Thomas. I hope your sabbatical was good. Best to you!
All sabbaticals are good. Of course, a true one would have me away from my actual job as well...
From: Lucius Chiaraviglio Subject: Re: chapter #1105 of The Adventurers
>> ". . .(or repairing the vault, although if my house got targeted and robbed, I wouldn't want to live there anymore)."
> I figure the Adventurers might come to the same conclusion.
I sure did, myself.
From: Matthew B. Subject: The Green Dragon Inn Stories
> My name is Matthew and I am a 56yr old D&D dabbler and gamer and I wanted to > send you a quick message to show my appreciation for your story writing, your > dedication and the overall awesomeness that I have been a witness to over the years. > > I believe I started reading your stories around 1999??? Has it been that long, holy crap..... > I have since turned my 16 year old (he does D&D at his summer camp / online with his > camp buddies) onto your stories and he has started reading them, and I hope to one day > have my 8yr old son read them. > > Again, your efforts are appreciated and I hope you and your family are well and safe.
Glad you're enjoying them as a family. I sometimes wonder if I should have toned town the violence and profanity, but it's too late now.
From: "warlock.yee" Subject: Re: chapter #1107 of The Adventurers
>> MCVII. An Accounting
> Good to see this episode and to see Bosco being Bosco, Tilter at Windmills, > not to mention seeing Eduardo and Felicia again. > > Little disappointed in Belph tho;I'd have expected him to ask after his > other friends first, even if just the "Who's alive, who's where?", before > even hearing Peldor's tale of the intervening years, let alone asking after > his investments or categorizing his items. (And didn't he hand over the > True Dweomer from Xusia's vault to Alindyar? And the sleep meds to Kronos?)
He probably did. I do sometimes miss's a lot of background material, and when I take writing breaks, I forget a lot.
From: Mike Snyder Subject: multiple Droplets
> As always, I was pleased to find another chapter of the Adventurers in my inbox. > As I have said before, I try to enjoy them slowly to extend the pleasure. > > In this one (Chapter 1108), Belphanior returned the Droplets of Eternal Sleep to Kronos. > Kronos's description of their use sounded familiar. Some digging revealed that this > had already happened in Chapter 1094 when Paige went with Belphanior to see the lich. > The wording was dead on. I can't accuse you of plagiarism since they are your own words. > But it is very rare that you slip up in any way. It does fit in the story line well, > so I should forgive this. > > When you took your recent break on publishing episodes, I wanted to have more > so I have started to read the full series from the beginning. It is amazing how far > you have come including how fast you developed your style so shortly after you started. > > Again - *Thank You Very Much* for sharing these adventures with us.
See last comment to the previous fan mail...the long break between 1100 and 1101 resulted in my forgetting. I likely had thought I hadn't dealt with the droplets, and so I stashed that verbage in a file for later use. For every nine I catch, one gets through.
From: Ted Manahan Subject: Re: chapter #1109 of The Adventurers
>> MCIX. To the Good Hills
> Cool to see what Mongo has been up to.
I felt it was important to check in on all of the others, one (or two, in some cases) at a time.
From: Lucius Chiaraviglio Subject: Re: chapter #1112 of The Adventurers
>> ". . .tricked into invading and destroying the Duchy of Tenh . . ."
> this sounds extremely familiar to us Earth life forms . . . .
Sometimes there are similarities.