Adventurers Fanmail for Oct/Nov 2004

published Friday 10 December 2004

From: Robert Ericksen Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 Subject: The Adventurers Hello Thomas, I have an idea I wanted to run past you. I understand that with the number of characters and their personality and life style differences, you can't just have one story line going. I don't mind this at all, in fact, I like having multiple story lines going. My only problem is when you return to a story line after doing others for a while, I'm rusty on what happened in the last episode. The links on your website only travers the stories in numerical order so I have to go through them one by one to find the last episode of the current story line. What I would suggest is having two forward and two backward links on each story. The first being the current numerical links and the new one being a link to the next or previous story in the current story line. This way, someone could follow the Belphanior arc or the sea bound arc or the Greyspire arc without having to pass through the other story arcs in between episodes. Just an idea, I don't know what would be involved it doing it so I just wanted to pass on the idea. As always, thanks for the reading and keep up the fantastic work, Bob Ericksen I've thought about this too, and recently, I decided to 1) make the arcs go on longer before switching, and 2) wrap things up before switching. I hope this helps.
From: John Matthews Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 Subject: Baseball and your fall classic 'Rant' Hi, Sorry to disturb, but not being an American and not following baseball at all, (its not a played sport in England). Can I ask why is it called the 'World Series' when all the teams seem to be American? I am not having a go or anything, just interested. I love 'The Adventurers' by the way. Keep on writing! John Matthews London, England I think it's a little silly too, but I don't get to be in charge of these things. [Editor's note: When the sport was first played, they *were* the champions of the world. Snopes is one of many links which discusses this nomenclature.]
From: Uri Goldberg Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 Subject: Chapter 842 Hi! Personally, I like the stories with Alindyar, Lyra, Mongo and Bosco. Alindyar and Mongo are on my favorites list, so I love reading them. There's a good combination there - the raw physical prowess of Mongo, and the magical power of Alindyar and Lyra. This adventure is good, and I think its main appeal is the mystery - what the hell happened there, and is there someone left alive from Greyspire. As for the current situation, the wizards can use summoning of conjuration magic to bring physical force to their side and win the battle. For example, they can create walls of stone to box that strange ooze, and then summon some elementals to finish it off while it can't move and can't feed on live bodies. Another solution, which may be strange, is for the black bishop to animate the corpses within the ooze. If this works, it will make a terrible mess, but the ooze will most likely be destroyed very quickly. I think that after this "random" encounter, there shouldn't be another "random" encounter, as the story would become boring and the mystery forgotten. Good luck, and keep up the good work! Well, by now, the "ooze" is past and they are heading for far more powerful foes.
From: Ted Manahan Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 Subject: Rant Your rant was right on target. I'm loving the playoffs this year. I'm still hoping for an all "red" World Series - Red Sox vs. Cardinals. Whatever happens, the last couple games were great theater! Ted Manahan; Application Engineer Here I am, answering this almost two months WAS a good Fall Classic.
From: Ben Sartori Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 Subject: RE: a brief baseball message from Thomas Miller Good to see some raw emotion over sport again. Getting sick of the sanitised clinical corporate image many sports are getting these days. In Australia we have Australian Rules Football (or footy as we call it) and its friggen good when you have 95,000 roaring fans watching a brutal close game....makes you remember why you fell in love with sport in the first place. Hope the sox pump the yankies Btw...keep up the great stories, we are forever grateful for your effort. Cheers, Ben Sartori Go Sox!
From: John Schuler Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 Subject: Food for thought Thomas, you cannot begin to imagine what your writing has done for me. After a long term relationship break up, I found myself re-examining many aspects of my life. One of the things I had given up for that past life was my gaming and fantasy reading. You and your adventurers brought that joy back into my life and daily, while I am supposed to be working, I sneak away to read another chapter, even if it is the third time through. I have a had a few ideas along the way though. I send them only as food for thought. I never expect to see any of them in print, However, one never knows where a stray ideas may lead. 1. Parekh is mentioned in an episode as having a partially constructed mithril golem. Would this not be the super match of all time to have this going toe to toe with the iron dwarf? 2. While Belphanior is always seeming to be the primary target, if I were evil and seeking vengeance against Belphanior, Otto would be my most likely target. No magic use, a background in Perrenland that could come back to haunt him, and a plethora of evil dudes he has pissed off as much or more than Belphanior. 3. It really is time for Lyra and Alyndiar to have children. I am thinking twins, male and female, each of course prodigies. Okay, bosses now circling like buzzards. I may have been discovered. :D John Schuler The mithril golem...I'd forgotten about that. Get your tickets now...the battle of the century! As for Belphanior and Otto and revenge on of the things I try pretty hard to have Belphanior do is to not leave powerful enemies alive. As for the drow and kids...remember, though they act like adults, they are basically in the younger stages of their centuries-long life and children might not be in their thoughts yet. Think of them as your occasional couple who doesn't want to have kids anytime soon.
From: Ronald L Steinke Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 Subject: Home page Ya got the wrong team picture on you home page! ZzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...
From: Keith Nagai Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 Subject: new material I first noticed when I wanted some D&D style fiction to read but had no money. I searched for 'adventure' and got 'Adventurers.' The first episode I read had some good guys and bad guys facing off and this brilliant move where a wizard had his golem loaded with iron cannonballs to throw at this high-end lich fella. I soon went through all available material, and came back for more. Now that same wizard guy has been on his own for a while now, and his companions are off with new problems and events. Point is, I've read a lot of books in my relatively short time, and I can see an author improving over years of material and continuity. You've gotten better. kmn Thanks! Glad you're enjoying them. I know for sure that I've improved over the years, hopefully that trend will continue.
From: Robert Ericksen Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2004 Subject: RE: chapter #845 of The Adventurers Thomas, I like how you are proceeding with this, Belphanior is just so smart and wise to the ways he certainly should be able to find out the information he needs. I also think it is good you are pointing out his dependance on magic items rather than his skills, that should definately cause him some problems somewhere if his is to learn anything from this ordeal. I certainly hope he is going to search the wizards's house and he certainly should find plenty of money and more importantly, magic. He should have asked the wizard where his spell book was before he killed him. I would definately check the body too since I'm sure he's wearing something magical... I also think it is very important for him to not leave any survivors or witnesses. He can't afford that in his condition without his stuff and his companions... Keep up the great work, Bob Ericksen 850 comes out around the time that this fan mail appears on the site, so let me know what you think of the outcome of the arc.
From: Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2004 Subject: Adventurers 845 Thomas: Really enjoying ALL story arcs, so much different from so many fantasy books where when the main group gets split up into three groups there are two that you don't really care about -- perhaps because one story arc is so overpoweringly good and the others suffer by comparison. I truly am enjoying all the arcs and I don't really see how people can be dissatisfied with the work you've been doing. As long as the Adventurers make small cameos in each others lives every now and then, they don't have to go out together in a big group. Regarding 845, I suppose that those thieves were low level hirelings, but this wizard seems to be a bit more substantial. Belphanior will loot his spellbooks and other magical items so he's going to get a bit more powerful very soon. He'll get some spells memorized, some scrolls, wands, a ring or two, things that will substantially assist him in his quest to recover the remainder of his items. Unless that guy was powerful more due to family connections/reputation/wealth rather than actual ability. We'll see how long it takes for the Council of Slavers to miss this guy. Also, I had no problem with Belphanior killing those guys after getting the information he wanted, even though they believed if they talked they would be spared. It's who he is. I am mildly surprised he used Blackrazor, as opposed to a dagger, as perhaps they should be entitled to some consideration for making his job a bit easier. I can rationalize using Blackrazor on the thieves, as he would need their force to go after the wizard. But after the wizard he appears to be done, except for the looting. Of course, if he trips a trap while looting, he may need the extra life force. Finally, it will be interesting to see if the name given really is a superior, or if Elkazaar saw Belphanior as an opportunity to get rid of a rival. Although I suppose for slavers, chaotic evil types (I know, we aren't using alignments anymore), superiors likely are rivals. I guess what I'm saying is, maybe the guy Belphanior is going to see was involved in his capture, or maybe not. I look forward to the next chapters. Keep up the good work! Robert Agreed on how they all don't have to spend the rest of their lives together - some of my readers still don't understand why not. As you've seen by now, I didn't have Belphanior increase his power with the slain wizard's stuff - all readers must remember that these are stories, not AD&D campaigns. There are no players behind the actions of these characters. As for killing the foes, well, Belphanior doesn't really care much how they die, as long as they do die.
From: Jayaram Veeraraghavan Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 Subject: Suggestion for Belphanior Hi, I just remembered the promise Ravel Disander of Greyhawk made to the adventurers when they got the water rune back. He promised that "all boccob's temples; wherever they are would give any help they can to the adventurers". So, why can't Belphanior get some stuff from the nearest Boccob temple to make things a bit more simpler for him? Thanks and Regards, Jayaram Veeraraghavan There are no temples of Boccob in a chaotic, lawless land such as the Hold of the Sea Princes.
From: Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 Subject: Belphanior's newest spellbook I had an idea...wanted to run it by you to see what you thought. Belphanior can't open the tome, but he wouldn't be opposed to someone else opening it for him. ;) He could even leave it out in the middle of a hallway or something that the sniveling servant of Tyros would walk down, hoping he would find interest and open it. ...or, he could just force someone to do it with the threat of death. Since he is going to kill all of them anyway, shouldn't be too far off base for him. Heh. Also, I think if Belphanior could find any way to use spells from that book that he would want to do it for the coming confrontation. I know I would and I think I have a little Belphanior in, maybe too much at times. :P Just an idea.. Trevor Bancroft LONG time fan. Keep up the good work, Thomas! Love the stories, love the rants. I think you're my social twin at times. Too late now for the book plan, though it would have been good.
From: JR Z Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 Subject: One of your stories is missing. Hello, I am one of readers who is intrested in your stories. I only started in June this year. While i was reading your stories, i came across a story in Epic III #431. I could not open the story in my webby. I wonder if this due to my explorer or is there anything wrong with story #431. Thank you for your time. Your stories are great by the way, just the way i like it. The story works for me...glad you like the other ones.
From: Curt Frye Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 Subject: Surrounded by Morons This article will clear everything up. Thanks for the thought. As my rants page reveals, I've recently ceased to care about the idiots out there.
From: Jason Cousineau Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 Subject: Question Tom, I know you must get plenty of mail, so I'll quickly say that I've enjoyed reading the Adventurers for some two or three years (including your well-deserved hiatus year). I was re-reading the older stories when it occurred to me, some time between Peyote and Halbarad leaving the party and the Rune Quest Peyote had to have gotten rid of the Rod of Life and Death. Is there an interesting story behind that? Or perhaps is that fodder for another "forgotten tale"? I may, of course, be wrong. But I remember wondering about it the last time I read through and figured I may as well ask. Thank you for your time and sharing your stories. Sincerely, J Cousineau I get this one a few times a year. Basically, I made that item vanish because it didn't fit with Peyote's personality. Having him get it in the first place was a bad call on my part as a DM.
From: Marita Silberbauer Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 Subject: Welcome back Dear Thomas I just thought why not give the old peldor site a go - you never know. It is to my immense satisfaction and surprise that I find that you have continued with the adventurers. I myself have been trying to write fantasy; practising writing rather than getting it down for the purposes of a book - ultimately that is the aim. Anyway, I am glad you decided to continue; all your fans ought to get an email from you as per the old email list letting them know. Thank you very much Rob I know that, with a little effort, I could turn my writing format into real prose suitable for book publishing. Since I enjoy writing them my way, though, I've continued to do that, and no more.
From: Philip Quan Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 Subject: RE: chapter #848 of The Adventurers - Thanks Hi Thomas, Fantastic story. It has been a long time since I have been gripped in such a tense situation. I find it really enjoyable to read with plenty of action, and surprises rather than the earlier short stories which seem to finish too quickly. The second reading was even better than the first as I was able to digest detailed information. I applaud you in portraying Belphanior in all his skills, quick wit, guiles and courage (the leap into mid air). I like the realism of how magic missles hit and kill the 2nd guard who is in the way. I love it. More please. Belphanior is really fortunate that Tyros is a bit mad and not stacking the odds in Tyros favour (e.g. healing, hasting, etc...). I like the way the Belphanior is surprised when his items are not working as planned, especially the wand of foam. I hope Belphanior managed to gather a few more wands and items into his coats. My head is whirring with questions such as (a) Surely Belphanior can not escape from this unless his friends turn up to save him or he manages to activate the cube of force in time (assuming he managed to retrieve it that is)? Perhaps he can survive the attack but would be badly beaten up. (b) How many and which of his items did he manage to recover earlier? (c) Will he be able to finish off Tyros now or come back later? I think either Tyros or Belphanior will die. (d) Will he be able to get back in the rubble in the future to recover his lost items? I can see that Belphanior will lose quite a few of items this time round but hope that you will allow him to come back here in the future to search and recover more lost items. Please keep this up this excitement and mystery. I also like your very last rant about being positive. I further agree that sandals are very bad taste, cheap and entirely inappropriate considering the cold weather. The problem is that people act like sheeps and if they think that sandals are "chic" and "a la mode" then they will just wear them without really "thinking" whether they match or appropriate to the occasion. I think this is the root of all your rants. Quite a few people are lazy and don't use common use to try to figure out things for themselves but rather follow the trend and other people's opinions. One main curse in this society is the question that most people ask of themselves "but what will THEY think of me ?" rather than "What do I think about this ?" or "what is the best way to resolve this problem ?" Many thanks for spending your time to give us all such pleasure in reading these riveting tales. With Best Wishes. Philip. Glad you like the story, and the rants. By now, you'll have seen the conclusion to the Tyros arc...
From: Ben Sartori Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 Subject: RE: chapter #848 of The Adventurers That was an incredible episode, one of your best yet. Awesome fury from Belph and insane power from the red wizard.......hope Belph lives through this and kicks his arse. Cheers, Ben Sartori If so many people like it so much, then I've done my job! Let it be noted that when I finished 848, I knew then and there that it was some of my best work ever.
From: Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 Subject: Current Arc of the Saga Hey, I'm really excited about the current Belphanoir arc of the story. Usually it seems that the stories get better and better when the Adventurers face overwhelming/challenging/impossible odds and bring the resources they have to bear on them. With the loss of his magical items, it's interesting to see Belphanoir actually have to resort to some of his thief skills (which he didn't use at all really after Episode 300-400 or so) as opposed to slinging spells or going after high-level foes in combat. I also enjoy thorougly that you're moving away from the 2E rules towards a more reality-friendly system. I'm hoping this trend continues, as the party has been significantly fleshed out to the point with this rules set. The rules system for 2E, though thorough, doesn't incorporate a great many of the things they can do in combat, out in the field or during downtime. One last thing I'm interested in are the forums. Are they gonna be implemented? I would love to talk with the other Adventurers fans to see what they think of the current arcs and how they'll turn out. Thanks! Thomas Taylor Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, moving away from tangible rules was both necessary and good. Forums...I don't know, that is up to the webmaster...
From: Jan Stanek Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 Subject: & the Adventurers Hi there, I'm just dropping a note to say hi. I started reading the adventurers back in 1992 and then dropped off the net in 1993-4. I've just come back to reading the stories regularly and wanted to say thanks for all the fun. Cheers Jan You're welcome (and you have some catching up to do!
From: David Pope Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 Subject: RE: chapter #848 of The Adventurers Good one Mr. Pope! (I went to school with this guy.)
From: Basil Considine Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 Subject: What a cliffhanger! I just reread Chapter 848 and I have to say - this is one of the most dynamic and gripping fights I can recall reading. It's been great to see what Belphanior does without any magic, and now with bits and pieces; I am eagerly awaiting the next to see what happens next - does Belphanior live? Is this where the road finally ends? I really like this story arc. ~Basil See #850.
From: Lucius Chiaraviglio Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 Subject: Welcome back! I heard what you said at the end of Episode 800, and approved, but I can't deny that I am glad to see you back at it again! I have been away from that genre myself for a while. It was definitely worth the wait. For some reason, I'm having more fun writing the 800s than I did for the last few hundred...truly odd.
From: Evard Lindheim Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 Subject: RE: chapter #849 of The Adventurers A most intriguing and unexpected twist. I was firm in my belief that Belphanior would manage to get his items back, whatever he would meet in battle. To meet a full-powered and equipped mage - bah, seemed cake. Even when he fell under the final ice, I tought that he'd raise again. And win. Well, when Belphanior in effect was nothing more than a thief/warrior, with no magical support except his sword ... the outcome seems fair, I guess. I had half-expected that someone like Mongo or Alyindar would show up (despite them probably being on their own adventure), or even Peldor ... now I am, again, thrilled. Still five days to friday ... Cliffhangers: they work. Good job! -- Håvard Lindheim I made what could have been a trivial fight into a big I said above, I was really happy with 848 when I got up from my desk that night.