New fan mail

Feedback for episode #000:

Wow...makes me want to go read them ALL over again! :]

BTW, I meant to tell you that the choice and death of Ged was absolutely

nuff said.


This episode was cool. It reminded me very much of episode 1, but it was much
better written. I had almost forgotten about Krug, who's single active brain
cell misfired somewhere near episode 3 when he attacked the party, and quickly
died. You did a great job of breathing life (and interest) into him,
considering how little there was to go on.

Ged seems more arrogant and smug than he did in the original few stories, but
we're getting a chance to look into his psyche here, which we didn't back in
the early stories ;-).

How is it that Halbarad still manages to annoy me, even when he doesn't do or
say much?

Alindyar without Lyra seems odd, but then he did pick her up rather early on.

Peldor is, was, and always will be cool.

Thanks for this treat.


Just a quick note.  I really liked most of the individual intros.


hey thomas,

this was cool.

matt h.

ps.  wow.  i didn't realize peyote's height.  for some reason i pictured him
     as tall as halbarad or taller.  it's weird to find out he is nearly the
     shortest.  unless this was, as you said, a guide line that was changed
     in the final draft.  i did notice the alignment fluctuations with mongo
     and rob as well as some of the other obvious changes between the
     character stats...

  This looks pretty OK to me.  In some ways, it is this format that I
almost expected the final battle to have in 500. Hmmm....


Fun and games ... when do we find out why Peldor was asleep and naked in
the field?


        I loved your little surprise for all of us, Adventurers #0. Did you 
make it up from scratch, or had the players written the basics in some sort 
of character background? Anyway, it was nice to read. I enjoy the low-level 
stuff as much as some of the high level stories. Your writing style has 
gotten much better since then, but there is something about the early 
beginnings, of what has become a grand epic, that draws me to the old 
stories. I have all 500 (now 501 :-) stories and I love re-reading them. I 
can honestly say that I enjoy your stories as much or more than any of the 
other fantasy writers I read. I have recently read some of Gary Gygax's 
books, the Gord books-starting with greyhawk book1, and I think your recent 
stories are at least on par with his writing. And mind you, I enjoy his 
writing very much. He, like you, has no problem with some cursing, bloody 
combats, wenching by characters, and/or non-goody-goody characters. I think 
that is great. I don't look only for the above especially, but it does add 
flavor and color to the stories that they might not have if they had been, 
shall we say, sanitized. When I look back on the early stuff (the Gygax 
books were 1985-6) it amazes me how T$R has such a strict set of rules for 
novels now. I hope at least some of your modules/settings are accepted by 
T$R, your stuff is great and would be a good addition to the Greyhawk 
campaign world. When will you know about whether it is going to be accepted 
or not?
        I hope you are enjoying your sabbatical, you deserve a rest after 
500 stories in what, just over 5 years? I love your work and I look forward 
to reading your new stuff, Adventurers and otherwise in the coming months. 
Take care...


I enjoyed this!  Thanks!