Here are the twenty-five "lost" stories

WARNING all of these contain spoilers for some of the "regular" chapters! WARNING

Number   Title Description
Lost #01 The Coming of Blackrazor How Belphanior earned the sword
Lost #02 When Peldor Met Tanya The rogue convinces a barmaid he's worth a shot
Lost #03 The Opposition Alindyar and Lyra after the retributive strike
Lost #04 Yargan's Tor A turning point in Otto's life --- before he met Belphanior
Lost #05 Ruins of the Runes Halbarad, Peyote, and Gorin after the Star Rune exploded
Lost #06 Friendly Advice Mongo listens to Yod about life
Lost #07 Civilization Calling How Arnold came to be Ged's henchman
Lost #08 Summer Vacation Eduardo and Felicia spend time together
Lost #09 Initiation How Victoria came to be a vampiress
Lost #10 First Iteration Rillen begins his adventuring career
Lost #11 Birds of a Feather... What happened to Rob after that green dragon carried him off
Lost #12 Awakening Halbarad to the rescue
Lost #13 Circus of Fools Bosco and his brothers: the early years
Lost #14 Making the Grade Peyote attempts to become a full Druid
Lost #15 Legacy Calvin finds Ged's diary
Lost #16 Just Rewards Belgar's luck finally runs out
Lost #17 Passage Lyra's introduction to the surface world
Lost #18 Wild Thing Songa's life before she met Rillen
Lost #19 Reluctant Refugee Bosco's time with Silthis when he was solely a soul
Lost #20 Death of a City The tarrasque from the stars vs. the drow in Erelhei-Cinlu . . . any bets?
Lost #21 Feuerhauch That other group of adventurers take on a legendary wyrm
Lost #22 Folly Cynder shows that red dragons earn their alignment
Lost #23 A Wisp Adrift Everything you always wanted to know about the wispy thing
Lost #24 Birth of a Nightmare Everything you always wanted to know about the iron dwarf
Lost #25 Dark Destiny The most feared assassin in the land: Whisper