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+  Peldor       20th level human thief                          (N) +
+    Tanya       5th/11th level female human warrior/thief      (N) +
+    Bosco      12th level halfling thief                      (CN) +
+  Date:        12/7/576 C.Y. (Common Year)                         +
+  Time:        midday                                              +
+  Place:       the Free City of Greyhawk                           +
+  Climate:     cold                                                +
+  "The world is what you make of it, friend.  If it doesn't        +
+   fit, you make adjustments."                                     +
+                                      - Stella, from _Silverado_   +

                    DXXX.  Just Rewards

  The unpleasant business with Sharyn Messandier has ended, and
Peldor is once more free to concentrate on the work at hand.  In
this case, that work involves Peldor's pride and joy, the Green
Dragon Inn.

Peldor:  (pointing at a roped-off section of ground)  And that's
  the main foundation area?
Lindsellicus:  (nods)  I've designed it for maximum structural
Peldor:  I'm glad Ged told the rest of us about you, my friend.
  You're truly a master of your craft.
Lindsellicus:  Why, thank you.  I have worked hard to become so.
Peldor:  (gazes at the huge, empty space where his inn used to
  stand)  This time we're using brick.

  Peldor had talked with the architect months ago, commissioning
the man to draw up blueprints for a new Green Dragon Inn.  They had
spent many hours going over the details of what Peldor wanted, and
with a sizable down payment, Lindsellicus had been left to his work.
Now that Peldor was finally back in Greyhawk and his affairs were
settled, , it was time to move forward on the project.

Peldor:  Do we have all the necessary permits and paperwork?
Lindsellicus:  (nods)  All taken care of.
Peldor:  When can construction begin?
Lindsellicus:  I've taken the liberty of setting up the necessary
  shipments - bricks, wood, nails, plaster, and such - already.
  Given the funding, work can commence within the week.
Peldor:  Excellent.

  Things moved very quickly indeed, now; Peldor poured money into
the appropriate coffers, and the site soon became a bustling center
of activity.  Within two days, the foundation for the new inn had
been poured and dried, and the project was officially underway.
  Peldor was taking no chances with the security of the construction
site; he knew that he had enemies in the city, enemies who wouldn't
care to see another Green Dragon Inn spring up in place of the old.
For that reason, he'd gone outside normal channels when rounding up
guards-for-hire.  On the way back from Helgate, they'd stopped in
Dyvers, where Peldor was able to find a small mercenary company who
had a reputation for loyalty.  The Black Talons, it was said, had
never gone back on a contract.  Peldor paid them a hefty fee to come
to Greyhawk for a month, and now he had twenty seasoned warriors to
guard his construction - twenty men and women whose loyalty was at
least equal to that of anyone in Greyhawk.  Peldor had contracted
for their services at an unspecified time in the future, and now,
that time had come.
  Supplementing these guards were a few magical wards placed by
Alindyar and Lyra.  If anyone who wasn't supposed to be there showed
up, the drow would know immediately.  In addition to this, Peldor
was around the site frequently during the daytime, checking on the
small details and asking questions about aspects he didn't fully

Peldor:  (points to a stack of long iron rods)  What're those for?
Lindsellicus:  They'll be added to the foundation while it's still
  wet - extra strength and support.
Peldor:  Oh.
Lindsellicus:  (rubbing his chin)  It's an idea I've been tossing
  around for a while.  I don't see why it won't work, and I figured
  we'd try it out here.
Peldor:  Whatever - you're the expert.  (he looks around, eyeing the
  city, deep in thought)
Lindsellicus:  -you have another question?
Peldor:  Eh?  Err, no.  Continue on schedule.

  While he did what he did, Peldor had tasked his other people with
related jobs.  Leonardo was in charge of ordering and stocking food
and drink, a monumental task if there ever was one; he also had to
design the layout of the new and improved kitchen.  Vinnie was tasked
with tracking down and making offers to all of the inn's former staff.
Since Peldor had given each of them a sizable consolation fee after
the inn burned down, almost all of these people were happy to accept
job offers at the new inn, once it was finished.  Vinnie was also
in charge of recruiting additional bouncers, for the new Green
Dragon would need more than just one doorman.  Felicia was tasked
with arranging for non-perishable supplies, such as cloths, crates,
shelving, and the like.  Tanya went to work too, roaming the city's
other taverns and inns to find ways Peldor could make his place
superior to theirs.

  The work proceeded at a healthy pace, and within days the new inn's
foundation was taking shape.  Everyone kept busy - Peldor, his primary
staff members, and the workers.  Days turned into weeks, and progress
was easily visible...

Peldor:  (staring at the complex network of bricks, beams, and
  walls in front of him)  Wow.  They've gotten a lot done here!
Tanya:  I told Lindsellicus to let the workers know that finishing
  by year's end meant a hefty bonus for all.
Peldor:  Good idea.
Bosco:  (prances over to them)  Casino!  Casino!
Peldor:  What?
Bosco:  Can I run the new casino?
Peldor:  Sure, Bosco.
Bosco:  (jumps for joy)  All right!  (he prances away)
Peldor:  Sheez.
Tanya:  He seems happy enough.
Peldor:  Yeah, well...he's Bosco.

  The new inn had (or would have) every improvement that they could
think of.  Besides its stronger foundation, it was to have many
features that made it better than the original, including:

- brick underneath the wooden exterior, and within all interior walls
- stronger, more durable wood for walls, floors, and doors
- thicker, better-constructed walls to muffle sound and trap heat/cold
- nicer, stronger windows in all rooms
- a new, waterproofed roof with a sturdy gutter system
- a central fireplace system that was more efficient and less risky
- a central linen closet and laundry area to make the maids' lives
- a larger, more sensibly laid-out kitchen
- larger, cleaner, nicer restrooms
- a spacious common room for the noisier crowds, complete with a full
  stage for performers, bards, jesters, etc.
- a separate set of booths for those who desired a quieter, classier
  dinner experience
- a casino above the common room, with but one entrance/exit to maintain
- more efficient space utilization in the lodging rooms, allowing
  more rooms of equal size that seemed larger than they really were
- a sprawling master suite, above all else, for Peldor and Tanya

  Peldor had talked with Bosco about whether the halfling wanted to
live in the inn as well.  Bosco had said no, however, adding some-
thing about not mixing work and fun.  Like Bosco, the head chef
Leonardo had opted to keep his living accommodations separate and
elsewhere.  Certain of the other staff, however, would live in a
separate wing of the inn.  This was a very convenient and desirable
perk, accorded to the following staff members:

supply master (Felicia)
head doorman (Vinnie)
assistant head doormen (3, one for each shift)
assistant head chefs (3, one for each shift)
cleaning staff supervisor
assistant cleaning staff supervisors (3, one for each shift)
spare/undesignated (6)

  The idea here was that senior staff of each type would have the
choice to actually reside in the inn, if they wished to.  As older
staff retired or left, the seniority would shuffle and someone new
would be hired.  It was Peldor and Tanya's hope that the majority
of their employees would stay around as long as possible.
  In addition to those staff members, the inn would employ a dozen
waitresses, a dozen cleaning staff, a dozen casino staff, a baker's
dozen cooks, half a dozen bartenders, and half a dozen additional
doormen (Vinnie preferred to call them "bouncers".)  Additional
staff would be hired as/if necessary, depending on the need for
them once the place opened.  Peldor was also considering hiring,
among others, a house bard, a house jester, a house magician, and
a house wizard.

Bosco:  What's the difference between a magician and a wizard?
Peldor:  The magician is for magic tricks, to amuse the audience.
  The wizard is for security and disaster prevention.
Bosco:  Oh.  (he thinks really hard for a moment)  Hey, I know!
  You should hire Alindyar!
Tanya:  (sighs)
Peldor:  You know, Bosco, we probably don't even need a jester
  with you around.
Bosco:  Nah.  It's no fun to act up if I'm getting paid for it.

  Seating and sleeping statistics for the inn, upon completion,
broke down as follows:

common room
  20 tables, each with 5 stools
private booths
  20, each could seat 6 people comfortably
  8 games, each was allocated 8 seats just in case (thanks, Bosco)
sleeping rooms
  40 (20 with one large bed, 20 with two medium beds)
staff rooms

  The completed inn would be three floors high, plus a spacious
wine and storage cellar.  There was no attic, this space instead
becoming part of the owners' suite's vaulted ceiling.  The first
floor contained all dining areas, kitchen, and some storage, plus
the quarters for those staff living in the inn.  The second floor
contained all fifty guest rooms, the linen storage and laundering
areas, and then the casino.  This layout was deliberate; it kept
the casino noise and traffic separated from the sleeping rooms.
The entire third floor comprised Peldor and Tanya's suite; this
series of chambers could only be reached publicly via a direct
stairway down to the first floor.  There were, of course, other
routes, known only to a select few.

  Just the other day, Peldor had secured an important measure of
security for his investment.  Several Oligarchs had stopped by to
take a look at the inn and ask questions.  They seemed pleased and
let Peldor know this in no uncertain terms.  What this meant in
practical terms was that word would get around:  the new Green
Dragon Inn had the favor of the city's rulers, and was to be left
alone.  Harmful actions directed at the place would bring down a
lot of heat.  In this manner, would-be thieves and saboteurs were
unofficially discouraged from plying their trade anywhere near the
building.  In return, of course, Peldor extended them certain perks,
such as preferred seating and group discounts, that weren't known
to the general public.

  A few days later, Peldor learned that the protection extended to
him by those Oligarchs was more than just a measure of friendliness.
Nerof Gasgal, the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk, summoned him to a dinner
at a more expensive (if less friendly) tavern across town.  Sitting
in a private booth with one of the city's most powerful men, Peldor
couldn't help but wonder if he was finally going to get what he

Nerof:  You're probably sitting there wondering if you're finally
  going to get what you want.
Peldor:  (grins)  You know me well.
Nerof:  Not as well as my good friend Org did, and he always told me
  good things about you.  The praise has always proven well-founded
  and that's why I've talked to the other Oligarchs about promoting
  you to the position of Guildmaster.
Peldor:  (stops breathing for a moment, because of the actuality of
  this rather than any surprise)
Nerof:  Of course, you have to accept the offer.
Peldor:  Uh, er...sure.  I mean, yes!
Nerof:  Excellent.
Peldor:  (still somewhat dazed)
Nerof:  Do you need a week to prepare?  I know your inn is still
  coming along...
Peldor:  Yes.  I mean, no!  No, I can start any day.  Tanya and the
  others can oversee things at the site.  Everything'll be fine.
Nerof:  Now, are you sure you can handle the workload?
Peldor:  Absolutely.
Nerof:  And the political bullshit?
Peldor:  Sure.
Nerof:  As Guildmaster you're going to have a lot of attention focused
  on you...not unlike Sharyn did.
Peldor:  Let them watch.  I have confidence in my methods and people,
  and I have nothing to hide.  I'm already rich and own everything I
  want, so skimming and other corruption won't be a problem.
Nerof:  Bear in mind that you also won't be able to solve...problems
  like you did with Sharyn.
Peldor:  Not me.  In big political organizations where many foes and
  potential foes lurk, anybody can kill anybody.  Maintaining some
  basic level of trust is important, and I prefer to make and keep
  friends rather than enemies.
Nerof:  Makes sense.
Peldor:  Speaking of enemies, though...what's going to happen to
Nerof:  Well, she's in prison for now.  I'm not sure how it will
  work out, but I doubt she'll get executed or anything like that.
  Why, are you worried about retribution?
Peldor:  Always.  I don't want her dead, really - she's not evil,
  just misguided - but by the same token, I don't want to be looking
  over my back for the rest of my life.
Nerof:  I'll see what I can do.  Maybe exile would work.
Peldor:  Back to this Guildmaster business...would it be out of line
  to ask how close I won it by?
Nerof:  Yes...yes, it would, actually.  Are you wondering how one
  not native to Greyhawk could get the job?
Peldor:  Of course.
Nerof:  Let me put it this way:  you're as native as anyone else in
  line for the position.
Peldor:  Oh.  An adopted son of the city, so to speak?
Nerof:  More or less.  It wasn't looking good for you once upon a
  time, but that was when the false Org Nenshen spread all those
  lies about you.
Peldor:  (winces)  I remember.  But that's all in the past now, and
  everyone knows that those were lies.
Nerof:  True, quite true.  (he stands)  Well, I must be going - the
  Oligarchs have to be informed of your acceptance.
Peldor:  Thanks again.  (they clasp hands)  I won't disappoint you.
Nerof:  I never thought you would.  (he leaves)
Peldor:  Whew...

  The master thief had put a little more effort into his candidacy
this time around, making sure that people knew he was back in town
with a soon-to-reopen business and the beginnings of a family.  As
well, he'd done everything he could to remind people that the lies
spread by the false Org were just that - lies.  If nothing else,
those who mattered understood the truth of things.  Peldor's standing
among the Guild members wasn't bad, either.  The majority of Grey-
hawk's thieves, from the masters to the novices, knew who Peldor was
and what he stood for.  Fairness...discipline...order...these were
things the Guild hadn't seen since Org's reign.
  It looked like Peldor was finally going to get his chance to set
things straight and keep them running smoothly.  He had to formulate
a plan to inform the Guild's Quarter masters of the Corvis deception.
He also had to figure out who he could count on, who he had to watch
out for, and who to put in the vacant leadership spots.  These were,
however, matters for another time.  Now, he raced off to tell Tanya,
Bosco, and others the good news.
  The issue of existing and new Quarter masters was dealt with later
that week.  Peldor made it clear to the remaining master thieves that
he had no problem with any of them.  As long as they continued to do
their jobs and keep the best interests of the Guild and city in mind,
all would be well.  Four of the seven positions - those of Larrat,
Repnel, Pavel, and Gerald - were retained.  Peldor had his doubts
about Gerald, since the man had worked for Sharyn, but the Guild
needed his services and experience at the moment.
  This left the Guild leadership somewhat incomplete:

Artisans' Quarter       Repnel Porton
Foreign                    VACANT (Simpkin)
Garden                  Pavel Alektrion
High                    Gerald Sivadus
River                      VACANT (Corvis)
Slum                    Larrat Helfdene
Thieves'                   VACANT (Sharyn)

  Peldor next informed them that, keeping with both tradition and
practicality, he would retain control of the River Quarter.  After
all, he knew it well - both from his years of service under Org, and
his recent re-familiarization with the area.  He knew it, and it
knew him.
  As for the Foreign and Thieves' quarters, he wasn't sure what the
best course of action was.  Thus, he did what any good leader would
do:  he asked for input from his people.

Peldor:  I want a list of names - but not from each of you.  No, I
  want a list of names that you people worked _together_ to come up
Gerald:  (irritated)  What's the big idea here.
Peldor:  Teamwork.  Get used to it.

  He also told them the basic story of Corvis (omitting the particular
methods he'd used) as a reminder that he knew every trick in the book.
He wanted them to understand that he'd done what he'd done for the
good of the Guild and the city - and that he'd do the same thing, and
more, again if necessary.

  At the end of the month, the inn had its grand opening, a gala
event attended only by invitees.  Everybody who was anybody, plus
other somebodies who hadn't yet become anybodies, was there.  In
addition, certain friends of the owners (those who were in town,
rather than off gallavanting in the middle of nowhere) showed up
to join in the festivities...

Alindyar:  (looks up at the new inn)  Aie.  Marvelous!
Lyra:  (nods)  They've outdone themselves.
Deryck:  An impressive construction...and done in record time.
Nenya:  Especially for being in the middle of a crowded city.

  The broad oaken steps leading up to the inn's double front doors
were lined on either side with lanterns, atop metal posts planted
into the ground.  A hulking (but well-dressed and very polite)
doorman was on hand to greet guests and show them in.
  The inn had a strict but simple policy regarding weapons:  no
weapons were to be worn into the inn, or otherwise visibly seen.
Guests could keep their weapons in their rooms, with their other
luggage and goods.  Diners could keep smaller weapons in packs or
otherwise out of sight and mind; larger weapons could be checked
in via one of the doormen dedicated to this specific purpose.  As
for armor, the policy wasn't as strict; armor of any kind could
be worn, though normal people didn't tend to eat and drink while
garbed in armor.  To each their own, Peldor figured.
  The inn's remodeled interior was dazzling.  The walls and floor
were composed of deeply stained and polished wood planks.  The
ceilings throughout the inn were high, moreso in the common room
and casino.  The hallways sported arched ceilings, while the guest
rooms featured nine-foot ceilings.  In the larger, public areas,
chandeliers bathed rooms in light.  Each held a number of candles
(candles that some said were magically sustained) and were made of
elaborately-worked glass.  In hallways and rooms, light was given
off by oil lamps.
  The common room and private booth area each contained a large
fireplace of decorative brick.  Tables, booths, and chairs were
made from nice but sturdy wood; even the napkins and silverware
were better than common items of that sort, yet at the same time
not elaborate.  Peldor's goal had been to build a place that both
the rich and the commonfolk would feel comfortable at; it was
readily apparent that he'd succeeded.

Peldor:  (to Tanya, Bosco, and a host of others around him)  I
  couldn't have done it without you...all of you!

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notes:     Writing this episode reminded me in a way of my first
  job, back in the summer of 1985, in a new restaurant that was
  still being built.  I was the first one they hired, and for the
  first few weeks I was essentially doing construction work instead
  of food preparation, dishwashing, and cleaning.

    The essential facts about the new Green Dragon Inn remain the
  same as given in episodes 244-5.  You still approach it from the
  south, from Blue Boar Street.  It still has the same neighbors,
  and the dividing wall to the north.  The big difference now is in
  the layout of the place:  rather than a small building that grew
  larger through expansions, and thus had a cobbled-together look
  and feel, the new inn was designed exactly for its purpose, and
  its layout is simple and efficient.  And bigger!

    A brief comment on Peldor, and his new (and undoubtedly well-
  deserved) position as Guildmaster, is in order at this point.
  I have a certain tendency whenever I look around workplaces:  I
  see problems, mismanagement, lack of trust, unwillingness to back
  your own people, and so forth.  I tend to think about how _I_
  would run things if _I_ was in charge.  I tend to think about how
  I would eliminate all the bullshit.  So...I'm going to apply this
  to Peldor's new situation.  I'm going to try and imagine actually
  _being_ there, and have Peldor act in a sensible manner that will
  hopefully have the effect of making readers say, "Wow, that's what
  they should be doing where I work!"

    But enough about that - let's move on to more important things.
  Thanks to Leonard Bottleman (who definitely knows his stuff) we
  have a beautiful Green Dragon Inn menu to look at:


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