Chapter #510

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                    +      THE ADVENTURERS      +
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                        +      Epic III     +
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+  Belphanior  (14th)^3 level elven warrior/wizard/thief       (CN) +
+    Otto        8th/10th level dwarven warrior/thief          (CN) +
+    the wispy thing                                                +
+  Peldor       20th level human thief                          (N) +
+    Tanya       5th/11th level female human warrior/thief      (N) +
+    Bosco      12th level halfling thief                      (CN) +
+  Date:        9/3/576 C.Y. (Common Year)                          +
+  Time:        nighttime, hours after dusk                         +
+  Place:       somewhere in the Griff Mountain range               +
+  Climate:     cold and breezy                                     +
+  "What sharp little eyes you've got!"                             +
+  "Wait 'til you get to my teeth."                                 +
+                                             - from _Thunderball_  +

             DX.  The Path of Least Resistance

  After extensive exploration and scouting, the adventurers are
ready to execute their assault on the jermaline of Cynder's lair.

Belphanior:  (silently glides up behind a bored jermaline guard)
jermaline guard:  (gapes silently as his throat is slit wide open)
Belphanior:  (gives an all-clear signal to the others)
wispy thing:  (flies by, stopping briefly to regard the dying
  jermaline)  Pfsss.

  Otto, Peldor, Tanya, and (last but not least) Bosco followed,
entering the narrow cave which served as one of the jermalines'
many entrances to the mountain.  Somewhat predictably, there were
four more of the diminutive humanoids snoozing in the cavern
proper - a situation which was quickly and ruthlessly rectified
by Otto and Belphanior.

Peldor:  (frowns as lives end before his eyes)
Belphanior:  (eyes the human, wondering if he's going soft in his
  old age)
Otto:  (regards Peldor, thinking that he's definitely gone soft)
Bosco:  (deftly sidesteps a corpse, examining a stony wall with
  his x-ray vision)
Tanya:  (picks up a medium-sized gemstone, turns it over in her
  hands, then discards it with a frown)
wispy thing:  (exchanges glances between the gem and the woman)

  Almost immediately, Bosco discovered a concealed doorway built
from the very rock itself.  A simple sliding-protrusion mechanism
served to open the barrier and provide entrance.  Eschewing the
comfort of lanterns or torches (Belphanior had pointed out during
the planning phase that jermaline had notoriously sharp eyes) the
adventurers relied instead on infravision.  Peldor and Tanya, not
possessing this gift, merely brought up the rear, with only Bosco
behind them.

Bosco:  (looks around, pondering the weirdness of combined x-ray
  and infra- vision)
Peldor:  (keeps his hands on Belphanior's shoulders)
Tanya:  (keeps her hands on Peldor's shoulders)
Bosco:  (keeps his hands to himself)

  Belphanior had already told them that his new eye possessed
infravisual capabilities superior to almost all others (as well
as a few other abilities inherent to the svirfneblin, those deep
gnomes who had given him the crystal eye as a gift.)  The elf
used this heightened vision to scan the tunnel ahead, ever-wary
of danger.  In addition, he had the ever-present soul-sensing
abilities of Blackrazor.
  The band moved slowly, carefully, down the cramped passage, in
which they were forced to walk single-file.  Otto was the point
man, a capacity in which he had served previously, and well.  The
dwarf held his crossbow before him, ready to shoot anyone and
anything that moved.
  Strangely enough, nothing of the sort appeared to challenge the
band's covert entry, and almost before they knew it, the group
faced a bare wall.

Otto:  (checking the wall for catches or other mechanisms)
Bosco:  (wanting to go help, but mindful of his value as an
  infravision-possessing rear-guard, he stays back)

  Presently, Otto found a sliding rock, which released some
barely-audible catch, causing a section of stone to pivot inward
several feet.  Otto and Belphanior tried to catch this, but were
unsuccessful in that the dozen jermaline in the dimly-lit chamber
beyond spotted them in the process.

Otto:  Fuck.
Belphanior:  (sighs, and leaps forth into the confused mob)

  Before they knew it, two of the tiny humanoids lay dying in
pools of their own blood, courtesy of the elf's dark blade.  A
third soon joined his comrades, a bolt from Otto's weapon lodged
firmly in his throat.  Meanwhile, Bosco cast one of his light-
pebbles into the center of the cavern, lighting the place up and
disorienting the jermaline.

Peldor:  (gets in on the action, TKing a charging foe back into
  three others, toppling the lot)
Tanya:  (hastened by her magical boots, she moves into the melee
  as well, parrying a minuscule foe's blade before cleaving his
  entire body in half)  Ugh.
Bosco:  (flies into battle, trading blows with a chirping opponent
  who jumps to try and reach him)  Bosco, flying terror!
Belphanior:  Keep it down, dammit!  (he kicks a jermaline, sending
  it careening into a wall)
Bosco:  Sure.  (he defeats his foe with a sudden stab of his sword)

  The jermaline were worthy opponents - for someone of Bosco's
size.  Against these huge and well-skilled foes, however, they
quickly perished.  Apparently, no one thought to leave one alive
for questioning - everyone figured someone else would do it, and
worried about their own role in the brief battle.  Thus, every
single jermaline in the cavern lay dead, and no inside information
was forthcoming.

Belphanior:  At least we're all in one piece.
Peldor:  Are you kidding?  These guys were clowns...not even worthy
  to fight those who grovel before Peldor's boots.
Tanya:  He's right...about the clowns part, anyway.  These small
  foes may be formidable in large numbers, in places where they can
  use nets and other traps, but here, they were merely an annoyance.
Otto:  And not much of one, at that.
Bosco:  (wipes sweat from his brow)  I wouldn't go that far.
wispy thing:  (hovering near a steel-banded portal set into the
  cavern wall)  Pffft.

  The cavern was obviously not constructed by jermaline, given
its approximately ten-foot ceilings and similarly sized other
dimensions.  Even the door was man-sized.

Belphanior:  This place must've been something else, before
  Cynder took it over.
Otto:  (looking around)  I'd guess it wasn't built by dwarves...
Peldor:  (points to the door)  That's our path, though we'll have
  to be more careful now.
Tanya:  (nods)  Anyone with half a brain would have heard the
Bosco:  Or half an ear...

  They checked the door for traps, found none, and moved on.  For
a short while, the progress featured more of the same - rather lax
jermaline security - except that the adventurers actually surprised
the next big group.  Before that, they had to settle for a few
sporadic and sudden throat-slittings.
  After the second larger band (numbering about ten) was defeated,
they had a choice of two exits.  The one they picked led into some
kind of storeroom, which had a bordering chamber that was empty.
Retracing their steps, they moved into what had to be the humanoids'
central dining area - there were broken plates, dull knives, and
rotting bits of food strewn haphazardly about.  No jermaline lurked
here, though, and the party moved on.  Passing several small and
crude barracks, they eliminated the unfortunates in residence there.
At least, Belphanior and Otto did - the others checked for keys,
loot, and secret doors.  At one point, Bosco found a stash of gold
beneath a dilapidated chest; gold, while possessed in abundance by
the adventurers, was still gold.  Therefore, Bosco pocketed the
small but significant pile of coins.
  The almost boring pattern they'd been seeing abruptly shattered
as they slowly opened one door.  Beyond, in a large cavern, were
about fifty jermaline, armed with nets, tiny spears, bottles of
flaming oil, and other devious weapons.  Before anyone could attack
or retreat, though, Belphanior launched a fireball into the large

Otto:  Crap...(he slams the door shut, not a moment too soon as
  sheets of flame spray forth from its edges)  Dammit!
Belphanior:  Sorry about that.
Otto:  My boots are ruined!
Belphanior:  It was them or the jermaline...
Bosco:  (helpfully)  You can always get more boots.
Otto:  (muttering to himself)  Could be least they're
  not magical...
Tanya:  (watches the door as it smokes)  Er...are we safe in here,
  behind that burning door?
wispy thing:  (floating near the fumes)  Yrrrp.
Belphanior:  (touches the door, his hand coming away quickly)  Hot,
  but it'll hold.  I think.
Peldor:  (backs up a bit anyway, taking Tanya with him)  Neverthe-
Bosco:  (eyeing the door)  How long 'til the fire's died down?
Belphanior:  A few moments...(he readies his sword, which seems to
  be solid black)
Blackrazor:  (quite content with the night's activities thus far,
  it tingles)
Otto:  (listening at the door)  There's kind of a dull roaring...
Bosco:  Like in a seashell?
Otto:  (glares at the halfling)

  A short time later, they opened the door and looked upon the
results of Belphanior's timely spell:  the spacious cavern was
thoroughly charred, and bits of tiny bones could be seen, here
and there.  In the room's center (also the center of the blast
radius) there were no such remnants.

Otto:  (glances at Belphanior)  You have done well.
Belphanior:  (cracks a grin)

  Covering their mouths and noses with cloth or whatever was
handy, the adventurers proceeded through this cavern into a side
tunnel.  After winding back and forth for a while, this passage
opened into an even larger cavern.

Peldor:  This _has_ to be the dragon's lair.

  The chamber was at least five times the size of the last one,
with a ceiling that stretched out of sight above.  As the wispy
thing floated upward, chirping to itself, the others moved out
to explore the rubble-strewn place.  Lanterns were lit at last,
for infravision (while useful) couldn't pick out most nonliving
details and other important things, such as treasure.
  And treasure there was, in plentiful quantities!  Heaps upon
heaps of gold, silver, and copper; ingots of the same precious
metals; gemstones, bracelets, rings, crowns; paintings, fine
furniture, suits of armor crafted for kings.  It was all here.

Bosco:  (stands there, slack-jawed)
Belphanior:  (whirls about suddenly)  Looks like we're gonna have
  to earn it...

  Foes closed in from all sides.  There was little time to assess
the strength or nature of these new arrivals, for they attacked
without hesitation.  This would be a battle to the death!

Otto:  (fires a bolt at a five-foot-tall jermaline)  Good gods,
  I didn't know they made them that big!
Belphanior:  They don't.
huge jermaline:  (eyes the bolt in its shoulder without missing a
  beat)  Grrrr...
giant rat:  (bears down on Bosco)
Bosco:  Jeepers!  (he takes to the air)
giant rat:  (stop short, squealing up at the halfling)  Scrrrrt!
jermaline#2:  (hurls a dart at Tanya)
Tanya:  (hit in the arm)  Oww!
Peldor:  (TKs the offender straight upward)
jermaline#2:  Aaaaaaaa...
Peldor:  (lets him go)
jermaline#3:  (hurls a dart which misses Peldor, then rushes to
  the attack)  Yeeeeeeeee-
jermaline#2:  (falls on top of the other, crushing him in a tangle
  of broken bones and bleeding body parts)
Tanya:  Ugh...(she parries a tiny pike and slashes out)
jermaline#4:  (sheared in half, he dies badly)
jermaline#5:  (prepares to hurl a dart)
wispy thing:  (descends, appearing as if from nowhere, right before
  the humanoid's face)
jermaline#5:  Yeaaaah!  (it trips and falls over its own feet)
Bosco:  (swoops down, swiping with his sword)  Bosco, terror of the
jermaline#6:  (struck from behind, it falls with a sliced scalp)
giant rat#2:  (charges toward Peldor)
Belphanior:  (laying all about with his sword, he kills a foe at
  every blow, every turn - and his wounds heal even faster than
  they can be inflicted)
Otto:  (ducks under a swipe of the huge jermaline's axe, and stabs
  the mis-sized foe in the elbow)
huge jermaline:  Argh!
Otto:  (rolls to the side)
huge jermaline:  (grabs at the dwarf, somehow knocking his sword
  from his grasp)
Otto:  (caught up in a fierce bearhug, he feels bones bending)
huge jermaline:  Gra, ha, ha!
Otto:  (brings his arms up and boxes the thing's ears)
huge jermaline:  AARGH!
Otto:  (dropped, he sucker-punches the foe in the crotch)

  Even the biggest jermaline had its weak points, and this one
went down like a ton of bricks.  Otto didn't even bother with
his sword, drawing his knife instead as he straddled the dazed

Otto:  Sleep in hell!  (he stabs the humanoid in the eye)
huge jermaline:  (wails and flails, but settles down after a few
  more well-placed blows)

  Meanwhile, Peldor was struggling under the weight of the giant
rat, which had overborne him thanks to a loose chalice from the
treasure pile and an uncharacteristic trip.  Fortunately, Tanya
was nearby, and a deadly strike delivered to the animal's hairy
neck sent it into death-throes.

Otto:  (watches this, murmuring to himself)  Sometimes I forget
  she's a pro.
Peldor:  (leaps to his feet, TKing a foe that charges at Tanya)
jermaline#7:  (smashed into a cavern wall with neck-breaking force)
Tanya:  No debt unsettled, eh?
Peldor:  (grins)  Never!
Bosco:  (divebombs another jermaline)
jermaline#8:  (hurls a dart, catching the zealous halfling in the
Bosco:  Argh!  (he floats jerkily to the ground)
jermaline#8:  (draws a tiny sword and moves toward Bosco)
ferrets:  (squirming forth from Bosco's belt-bag, they fan out in
  front of the halfling, whiskers and tails twitching, and issue
  a low hiss)
jermaline#8:  (taken aback by these relatively huge animals, he
  pauses a moment)
Otto:  (uses that moment to sneak behind the humanoid and slit his
  throat)  (looking at Bosco's ferrets with wonder)  Those damn
  things distracted that jermaline intentionally!
Bosco:  (recovering his wits)  They hypnotized it...yeah, I've
  trained them to do that.  (he grins)  It's...the Amazing Bosco,
Otto:  (scowls)
jermaline#9:  (charges, then sees Otto protecting Bosco, and turns,

  Other jermaline were fleeing, as well - and with good reason.
While the others were fierce, Belphanior was in a blood-fury.
Perhaps his sword had slept too long, or perhaps he still had
some anger to work off.  Whatever the case, he stood in the center
of a pile of jermaline corpses, a score at least.  None could stop
him, and none could bring him down.  The fact that much of his
strength was derived from Blackrazor's properties was unknown to
the foes.  All they knew was that to approach the crazed elf was
to die.  After another trio had perished beneath his black blade,
the remaining humanoids turned and fled.

Otto:  (takes one down with a crossbow shot)  Can't have 'em
  regrouping and coming back...
Peldor:  (TKs several more of the fleeing foes up into the cavern's
  ceiling)  Good point.
Tanya:  (finishes a wounded jermaline with a clean strike to the
Bosco:  Urgh...(he sits shakily, bleeding from his leg-wound)
Tanya:  (moves to help the halfling)  The darts might have had
  some kind of poison...(she applies some of her magical ointment
  to Bosco's leg)
Bosco:  Ahh.
Belphanior:  The little varmints like to use sleeping poison.  (he
  takes three more fleeing jermaline down with a volley of magic
Bosco:  (to Tanya)  I'm pretty tough, you know.  It takes a lot of
  poison to put me down.
Tanya:  Rest and be quiet, Bosco.
Bosco:  (grimaces as she binds his leg with a strip of cloth)
wispy thing:  (sails after the remaining foes)  Spfff!
Belphanior:  (scans the chamber)
Otto:  (wipes sweat from his brow)  Now that's what I call a workout.
Belphanior:  We're going to need to figure a way to kill all the
  remaining jermaline before they do come back.
Tanya:  Or seal the cavern...
Otto:  What's that?
Tanya:  I feel a draft from above...there's got to be another exit
  up there.  So...why not just seal all the entrances at this level
  and use the upper one to get out of here?
Peldor:  That would keep us from having to rush, too.
Belphanior:  (nods)  Good idea.  Damn good idea.

  A hasty aerial reconnaissance proved Tanya's hunch - there was an
opening above, leading to the outside through a narrow, winding,
and well-concealed (from the outside) tunnel.  It seemed that the
dragon, when ready to go out and roam, had simply shapechanged or
polymorphed into some smaller form and gone out from above.  The
adventurers now used this to their advantage; it was a simple matter
to seal the few entrances to Cynder's lair proper with boulders.
  The true challenge - a rather pleasant one, at that - lay in
choosing which items of treasure to take and which to leave behind.
Obviously, the heavy stuff (furniture, chests, the cheaper coins)
would have to be sacrificed.

Belphanior:  We'll make sure to get all the platinum, probably
  most of the gold.
Bosco:  (gleefully)  I'll take the gems, thanks!  (despite his recent
  wounds, he is already hard at work exploring the immense treasure-



 23,000 pp
 55,760 gp
124,600 sp
570,000 cp
73 gems totalling 120,000 gp:
  20x5000 gp
  18x1000 gp
  1x500 gp
  4x100 gp
  20x50 gp
  10x10 gp
26 pieces of jewelry totalling 80,000 gp:
  3 silver necklaces x 5000 gp
  1 gold and ruby necklace x 4500 gp
  1 platinum coronet x 7500 gp
  6 ornate rings: 1 gold and sapphire x 3000 gp
                  1 silver and agate x 2800 gp
                  1 platinum and topaz x 3800 gp
                  1 gold, silver and amethyst x 4000 gp
                  1 bronze and jade x 1300 gp
                  1 copper and jasper x 800 gp
  8 bracelets: 1 gold and emerald x 3000 gp
               1 platinum and onyx x 5500 gp
               1 steel and diamond x 2500 gp
               2 silver and jasper x 2200 gp
               2 silver x 1000 gp
               2 bronze and pearl x 1500 gp
  4 pair of earrings: 1 gold and pearl x 1000 gp
                      1 silver and platinum x 800 gp
                      1 steel and diamond x 1200 gp
                      1 bronze and garnet x 600 gp
  3 brooches: 1 gold, platinum and diamond x 5000 gp
              1 silver and bloodstone x 3000 gp
              1 gold and tourmaline x 1700 gp


1 set  dwarven chainmail
2 sets dwarven scalemail
5 sets dwarven platemail
1 set  dwarven full-plate armor
5      dwarf-sized great helms
4      medium metal shields (1xshield +5)
6      bucklers
6 sets human chainmail (1xchain +3)
3 sets human ringmail
2 sets human splintmail
2 sets human platemail (1xplate +2)
1 set  human full-plate armor
3      large metal shields
1      medium wooden shield
14     assorted human-sized helmets (1xhelm of brilliance)
7      battle axes (1xbattle axe +3, cursed berserking)
17     hand axes
21     short swords (1xshort sword +1)
12     long swords  (1xlong sword +3)
7      bastard swords
3      two-handed swords (1xluckblade +1)
10     spears (1 cursed, +1 backbiter)
11     javelins (1xjavelin of piercing)
31     daggers (1xdagger +2)
18     war hammers
9      maces
2      heavy lances
3 sets chain barding
1 set  plate barding
14     long bows (1xbow +1)
12     short bows
117    sheaf arrows (20xarrows +2)
67     flight arrows (12xarrows +3)
8      heavy crossbows
27     bolts
3      scimitars (1x500gp due to intricate artwork)
1      shortsword sheath, magical (cursed sheath of sticking)


war throne carved of stone (3,000gp)
wardrobe with 6 silk robes (100gp)
silver enlaid saddle (200gp)
magnificent white bear hide (300gp)
wand of fireballs (20 charges)
bracers of archery
cube of frost resistance
battle horn with gems (2,500gp)
barbarian maiden statue (was once a living woman - 4,000gp)
shaman's staff with opal (1,400gp)
potion of invulnerability
potion of super-heroism
potion of extra-healing
potion of rainbow hues
potion of brass dragon control
potion of esp
potion of oil of acid resistance
potion of oil of slipperiness
potion of oil of etherealness
potion of elixir of health
potion of flying
potion of oil of fiery burning
scroll 7 m-u spells levels 2-9
scroll 7 m-u spells levels 2-9
scroll 2 m-u spells levels 2-9
scroll 6 cleric spells levels 3-6
scroll protection vs. electricity
old parchment (map of nearby jermaline dens, magically preserved)
empty scroll tube
scroll tube containing shriveled snakeskin
scroll tube containing unreadable map to surrounding mountains
lodestone, magical (actually a stone of bad luck)
golden statuette of ancient Suel warrior (500 gp)
gold-plated statue of full-size princess, broken (800, 300 gp pieces)
27 assorted paintings (values range from 50 gp - 4300 gp)
7 rolled tapestries (40 gp, 110 gp, 300 gp, 400 gp, 700 gp, 2x1000 gp)


3 broken wagons
4 demolished carts (dwarven made)
2 small longboats
1 usable large square sail
34 various sized chests in numerable states of disrepair
8 barrels of ale (stale)
4 casks of wine (soured)
3 sets of silver dinning ware (40gp)
2 sets of brass dinning ware (15gp)
26 various sized copper pots (10gp total)
13 dirty rugs
2 cord of cut wood
49 cut wooden fence posts
8 bails of sheep wool
4 bolts of blue cloth
2 milk cans (curdled milk within)
7 boxes of coal
2 crates of iron spikes (30 spikes per crate)
12 50ft coils of hemp rope
7 usable backpacks
23 usable belt pouches
10 usable waterskins
6 pair of usable boots
2 usable cloaks
3 holy symbols
4 lanterns (3xbroken)
5 flask of lamp oil
17 torches
7 usable belts
22 usable sword harnesses
3 usable vests
1 usable bandolier strap

  Obviously, there was far too much loot for them to take it all.
They had to pick and choose, selecting the more portable items and
leaving behind the larger, bulkier ones.  Thanks to Belphanior and
his wondrous crystal eye, those treasures that were magical were
identified as such and put in a different pile.  Straws were drawn
to determine the choosing order...

Bosco:  (cackling to himself)  The long straw was mine...I'm such
  a Bosco!  (he snatches the cube of frost resistance)
Otto:  (grabs the wand of fireballs)
Belphanior:  (chooses one of the wizard scrolls)  Heh.
Tanya:  I'm no archer...(she takes the bracers of archery)  But
  there's always time to learn.
Peldor:  (knowing that he'll never master the two-handed sword, he
  instead chooses the longsword +3)  Because you never know when
  your main sword could get broken...

Bosco:  (promptly takes the two-handed sword, luckblade)  Ungh!
Otto:  You'll never lead troops into battle with that sword, Bosco.
  (he takes the shortsword +1, muttering)  Form over function...
Belphanior:  (chooses another of the wizard scrolls)  Heh heh.
Tanya:  (takes the medium metal shield +5)
Peldor:  (takes the helm of brilliance)  Appropriate.

Bosco:  (snags the battle axe +3)
Otto:  (takes the dagger +2)
Belphanior:  (chooses the third and last wizard scroll)  Heh heh
Tanya:  (takes the longbow +1)  Now all I need is some arrows, and
  I'm all set.
Peldor:  (chooses the human chainmail +3)  For those rare times
  when Peldor must spearhead the assault.

Bosco:  (takes the human platemail +2)  Aha.
Otto:  Bosco, what are you up to?
Bosco:  I figure I'll have a fire sale next time I see Rillen and
Otto:  Oh.  (he chooses the javelin of piercing)
Belphanior:  (with Aja in mind, he takes the sole scroll of priest
Tanya:  (eyeing the arrows)  Hmm.
Belphanior:  I'd suggest the flight arrows - they're easier for a
  beginner to shoot.
Tanya:  Shouldn't be a problem.  (she takes the 12 flight arrows
Peldor:  (for Tanya, he takes the 20 sheaf arrows +2, whistling)

Bosco:  (chooses the magical sheath)  My sword should fit nicely
  into this.
Otto:  (grabs the potion of invulnerability)  This'll be a tasty
  treat in some tough spot.
Belphanior:  (takes the lodestone)  A new magical stone...
Tanya:  (takes the potion of super-herosim)
Peldor:  (takes the potion of extra-healing)

Bosco:  (chooses the potion of brass dragon control)  Hey, ya
  never know!
Otto:  (chooses the spear +1)
Belphanior:  (chooses the potion of ESP)
Tanya:  (chooses the elixir of health)
Peldor:  (chooses the oil of etherealness)

Bosco:  (takes the oil of slipperiness)
Otto:  (takes the oil of fiery burning)
Belphanior:  (takes the scroll of protection vs. electricity)
Tanya:  (takes the potion of flying)
Peldor:  (takes the oil of acid resistance)

Bosco:  Guess that leaves me with...a potion of rainbow hues?!?
  What the _hell_ does that mean?!?
Belphanior:  Settle down, Bosco.  You'll find out.
wispy thing:  (flies out of some empty armor)  Pffft!
Otto:  (testing the balance of his new blade)  A good haul for all
  of us.
Bosco:  (juggling gemstones)  That was the easiest dragon hoard
  I've _ever_ gotten into!
Belphanior:  (examining one of his scrolls)  I hate to be the one
  to say it, but we owe you one for coming up with the idea, Bosco.
Peldor:  Oh, great.  Favors owed to Bosco are usually expensive.
Tanya:  Let's not forget that the hard part was getting rid of
  Cynder...and what that cost.
Belphanior:  I haven't.  In fact I was thinking about that...
Peldor:  How's that?
Belphanior:  It may be hot in the Abyss, but revenge is a dish best
  served cold...and I intend to serve it to a certain demon lord.
Bosco:  Huh?  Are you _crazy_?
Belphanior:  Maybe, but it's not over.  Not by a long shot.

  As for the monetary portion of the hoard, well...that treasure
wasn't divided along strict lines.  Rather, each of them simply took
what he or she could carry.  As with most dragons' hoards, there was
far too much to ever take it all; therefore, they had to be judicious.
The one exception was Peldor, who (possessing a bag of holding and
the wherewithal to use it) helped himself to as much loot as he could.
  It was five very happy adventurers (and one very happy wispy thing)
who emerged from the upper entrance to Cynder's lair as dawn broke on
the cloudy horizon.

Bosco:  (stretches lazily)  Mission accomplished.
Peldor:  And then some.
Tanya:  I wonder why his lair wasn't well-guarded?
Otto:  Jermaline...think about it.  If you lived under the wing of
  an old, powerful dragon, wouldn't you get slack and lazy as time
  passed?  Those little guys weren't worth shit, and Cynder knew
  it, I'd betcha.
Belphanior:  They probably still don't know where he is...
wispy thing:  (grins)

  Meanwhile, in the caverns below...

jermaline sub-chief:  Soggin dead now!  ME is the leader!
jermaline#2:  But-
jermaline sub-chief:  (smacks the offender aside)  To the depths!
  We go rest and get better!
jermaline#3:  What about Master?  Huh?  What then?
jermaline sub-chief:  (frowns thoughtfully)  Hmm.  Could be problem.
  Big problem.  (he shrugs)  We worry about that after all back to
jermaline#4:  No normal.  Master gets back, we all dead!
jermaline sub-chief:  I worry about that, you worry about finding
  all of troops and gathering.

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